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2017 LA Guitar Show

Demo Carvin Amplifiers at the 2017 LA Guitar Show, April 22 and 23, 2017 from 10am - 6pm in Room 1010. You will be able to play our new Legacy Drive Preamp Pedal and our other guitar amps, acoustic amps, and bass amps and cabinets. Click here for more information.


  • Posted On July 22, 2017 by Glenn Ralph

    I forgot to include some very pertinent info about the Carvin Rig I just bought. Most 4X12 cabinets are built out of Particle Board, or some similar cheap material. My Carvin Cabinet is made from Baltic Birch!! Heavy as hell but wow!! What a great sound and strong as hell!

  • Posted On July 22, 2017 by Glenn Ralph

    I recently bought a Carvin V3 100 Watt head along with a 4X12 Cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30’s( small upcharge for the Vintage 30’s but Well worth it! Man, I have owned just about every big name brand Amp over the years but this V3 is really something special! If this rig were to be available at the Big name Music stores it would be Incredibly expensive, but, since we buy Direct from Carvin it was only $1800 Delivered. This is far better than amps Twice the price and that is Not an exaggeration! Do yourselves a big favor and try Carvin. I sold my Marshall and am thinking about keeping the BlackStar Combo only because I like having a smaller Amp BlackStar HT60 2X12 available when the Big Heavy Bad assed Carvin isn’t needed. If I would have just tried the Carvin Combo first? I would have saved a lot of $$. I will know next time.

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