VLD1 - Legacy Drive Preamp Pedal


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VLD1 - Legacy DRIVE
Create your own Legacy with the VLD1 Legacy DRIVE tube pedal. The VLD1’s  tube technology with simple, yet comprehensive and modern features delivers the sound of Steve Vai’s Legacy amplifier in a preamp pedal. Incorporate the VLD1 in your rig as a preamp, a pedal or by going direct.


Steve Vai using the - VLD1- Legacy Drive pedal live


Steve Vai wanted his Legacy tube tone in a format he could pack in a carry-on.
Take your tone anywhere with the versatility and portability of the VLD1 Legacy DRIVE.

Showing 12AX7 tube inside the VLD1 Legacy driver guitar pedal


The ability to reproduce the true Legacy sound could only come from real 12AX7 tubes, utilizing the full Legacy preamp circuit. The four gain stages and tone stacks are faithfully incorporated, running at the same operating conditions as they do in the full Legacy 100-watt amps.


The passive BASS, MID, TREBLE, and PRESENCE tone controls are the same tube driven tone circuits used in the Legacy amplifiers. The great range of these controls comes from the use of high impedance 1 Meg-ohm sealed potentiometers. The Drive channel’s PRESENCE control is designed to adjust the “edge” on your sound. Its range allows for warm, thick sounds at lower settings or turn it up to cut through. The Clean channel’s PRESENCE switch adds sparkling clear highs to clean tones.

Two full channels of tube tone circuits
Tour ready with solid all metal construction the way Steve needs it


Precision machined all metal chassis with easy to see recessed control knobs and solid foot switches. Tour Ready the way Steve needs it, in your rig.



Vintage Guitar "Legend In A Box" Review"legacy drive pedal review by vintage guitar

"I just got off stage after using the new pedal for half the show in Calgary. I went back to the amp for the other half just to compare.
They are very very close, but my sound man likes the new pedal version better. 

This is going to make my life a lot easier. Thank you thank you thank you."

-Steve Vai

"Great Addition to Guitar Arsenal. Phenomenal!"

-David Fullerton

Guitar player plays the VLD1 legacy drive pedal.Guitar player Magazine's Editor and chief, Michael Molenda, tackles a '78 punk song with a hot-off-the-presses Carvin Steve Vai Legacy Drive pedal.



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