Carvin Audio Announces 75th Anniversary

March 10, 2021

Carvin Audio 75th Anniversary Logo

Carvin Audio is pleased to announce our 75th anniversary. Since our launch in 1946, we have specialized in designing and selling premium amplifiers and audio equipment for the professional musician and sound engineer. 

Lowell C. Kiesel

Lowell Kiesel founded the company in his Los Angeles garage in 1946. The first tube amps were produced in 1948, with later models featuring 6V6 and 5Y3 rectifier tubes. Mother of Pearl covering and hand wired chassis were the norm of that day with Jensen speakers introduced a few years later. Dedicated bass amplifiers began in the 1960s. Popular models in the 1980s included the X100B Guitar Amp, which was used by Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, and many other top musicians. Other popular models in the 1990s included the Quad-X Preamp, Redline Bass Amps, Nomad, Belair and Steve Vai’s Legacy Tube Amplifier, which lives on through the VLD1 Legacy Drive Tube Preamp Pedal. The classic X100B tube amp is currently available in a pedal format as the X1 All Tube Preamp.  

Legacy Drive Tube Preamp Pedal


Carvin Audio began manufacturing pro audio gear in the early 1970s, which became popular with many artists. In the mid 2000s, TRx Loudspeakers were introduced, providing high-end audio to live audiences. The TRx Series has advanced with the high-powered TRC Powered Column Array Systems, available in 2000W – 8000W configurations. We also specialize in wireless products, such as the EM900 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System and the WG5 Wireless Guitar/Bass System

TRC600A 8000W Powered Column Array System


Carvin Audio continues our 75-year legacy by providing great sounding gear for musicians and sound professionals worldwide. The company is still owned and operated by the Kiesel Family. 

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