About Us

We provide musicians and sound professionals with simple to use, great sounding gear that allows them to focus on their performance. Since our launch in 1946, we have specialized in designing and selling premium amplifiers and audio equipment for the professional musician and sound engineer. Carvin Corporation is family owned and operated.

Our History

Carvin Corporation was founded by Lowell Kiesel in his Los Angeles garage in 1946. The first tube amps were produced in 1948, with later models featuring 6V6 and 5Y3 rectifier tubes. Mother of Pearl covering and hand wired chassis were the norm of that day with Jensen speakers introduced a few years later. Dedicated bass amplifiers began in the 1960s. Popular models in the 1980s included the X100B guitar amp, which was used by Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and Craig Chaquico. Other popular models in the 1990s included the Quad-X preamp, Redline bass amps, Nomad, Belair and Steve Vai’s Legacy amplifier which lives on through the Legacy Drive tube preamp pedal. 

1950's brown amp r21950's tube tester
1950's in house metal punching 1980's Frank Zappa
1980's Steve Vai 1980's Steve Vai
magazine add in the 1950's

Carvin Amps and Audio began manufacturing pro audio gear in the early 1970s, which became popular with many artists. In the mid 2000s, TRx loudspeakers were introduced, providing high-end audio to live audiences. In 2012, we released the flyable TRx3000 series, consisting of a wide dispersion line array, column array and large subs. 

Carvin Amps and Audio continues our 70+ year legacy by providing great sounding gear for musicians and sound professionals.

In memory of Lowell C. Kiesel

Lowell Kiesel, founder of the Carvin Corporation, was born on a farm in Eustis, Nebraska on February 22, 1915. As a young man, he spent time in Wichita, Kansas, where he developed an interest in musical instruments; specifically, Hawaiian steel guitars, resonators and the newly-emerging electronic aspects of these instruments. During his time in Kansas in the 1930s, he performed live on local radio stations with his Hawaiian steel guitar. However, like other innovators in the burgeoning industry of that era, he found that he had an equal passion for building instruments and equipment as he did playing them and that passion would become his life's work.

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Lowell C. Kiesel