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  • The FDR60 - Filter Direct Box or DI box (Direct Injection Box) as it is sometimes called is a gig bag essential. Featuring a quarter inch input and balanced XLR outputs, the FDR60 is lightweight, compact, and built to last. It converts your instrument’s line level signal into a balanced XLR signal to send to a mixing board. Need to route your bass to the front of house and your amp at the same time? Simply plug in your bass, connect one output to your bass amp and the other to the mixing board and you’re good to go. It’s also perfect for use with keyboards, synthesizers, and acoustic guitars equipped with piezo pickups.

    The FDR60 helps to eliminate ground buzz and hum and keeps your tone strong over long cable runs, ensuring that your performance goes off without a hitch. For added peace of mind, this unit also comes with an input attenuator and a ground lift.

    1/4-Input & 1/4-Output
    Adjustable Attenuator
    Balanced XLR 3-pin male output
    Ground Lift with on/off switch
    Road worthy black anodized housing
    FDR60 Specifications :
    Input: 1/4-Inch 50k ohm unbalanced
    Outputs: 1/4-Inch (parallel with input) , XLR 3-pin male 600 ohm Balanced
    Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20kHz
    Attenuation : Yes , -20dB or -40dB
    Dimensions: 3.3” W (85mm) x 3.6 D” (92mm)
    Warranty: 90 Days