• Carvin Audio Speaker Impedance Calculator App

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    Carvin Audio Speaker Impedance Calculator App

    Carvin Audio offers a free impedance calculator application that calculates the total impedance of all cabinets in your load. So if you want to double check your math or just don’t want to do math, this handy app is a lifesaver! 

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  • Think Your Bassist’s Rig is Overkill? Here’s Why It May Not Be

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    Think Your Bassist's Rig is Overkill?

    Aside from drummers, bassists generally have the most weight to carry at load-in. Bassists stand out among the rest of the band with their huge, heavy bass cabinets that often take two people to move and have a huge onstage footprint. Of course, smaller combos do just fine at smaller venues, but there are still some bassists who prefer the headroom of a “big rig” in nearly any gigging situation. These players, contrary to popular belief, are not necessarily egocentric showoffs who like to have the biggest rig onstage and the loudest instrument in the mix- in fact, there are many reasons why a big rig can help support the overall sound of the band.

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  • Extension Speakers: Quick Tips for Musicians Part 2

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    212 Extension Cabinet

    In the first part of this article we learned the basics of configuring extension speakers- as long as you know the total impedance load of your cabinet(s).

    So How Do You Calculate the Total Impedance Load?

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  • Extension Speakers: Quick Tips for Musicians Part 1

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    VX112 Extension Speaker

    No matter which speaker configuration you select, if you're playing in different venues chances are you'll eventually want to use different cabinets or an extension speaker. Perhaps you chose a combo amp for the convenience and portability, but your next performance will be on a wide stage where you might not be able to hear your amp from the other side. An additional cabinet on the other side of the stage could be a very nice solution (and your bandmates who play over there might appreciate being able to hear you without having to add you to their crucial monitor mix). At first glance, it seems simple enough, after all your amp does have an extension speaker jack, so you might wonder, "Can't I just plug in there and crank it up?" In general you usually can do just that, but there are some things you need to know to get a good result and to protect your amp from damage. Before we look at how different speaker combinations affect the impedance load your amp has to carry, we need to know what's going on.

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  • Do Fifteen-Inch Speakers Have More Low End Than Ten-inch Speakers?

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    10-inch Bass Speaker Cabinet

    Many bassists looking to get more bottom out of their bass rig have considered adding a bass cabinet with a bigger speaker, such as a 1x15 (or maybe even a 1x18)! Cabinets like these have a popular reputation for providing more low end than their smaller counterparts, such as 2x10, 4x10 and 2x12 cabinets. Similarly, it’s commonly perceived that smaller speakers have more high-end and a quicker response, so players looking for a more articulate sound may gravitate to a cabinet equipped with smaller speakers.

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