UX600M Hand Held Wireless Microphone


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UX600M Wireless Microphone
The UX6000M hand held microphone is Carvin Audio's finest wireless microphone for vocals. The UX600M mic element boasts a response of 50 Hz - 16 kHz, which is more than ideal for both male and female vocal ranges. The durable wire mesh windscreen will protect against explosive breath while also protecting from unwanted excessive moisture on the mic element. The unidirectional polar pattern will help eliminate feedback on stage while providing superb sound when the mic is held in line with the vocalist's mouth. The smooth finish provides comfort if handheld for long performances.

The UX600M works with both the UX600R and the UX1200R receivers.
UX600M Wireless Microphone Specifications
Polar Pattern:   Unidirectional
Audio Frequency Response:   50-16,000Hz
RF Power Output:   10mW or 50mW setting
Stibility:   ± 10kHz
Frequency Deviation:   ± 48kHz
Spurious Emissions:   < -50 dBC
Battery:   AA 1.5V alkaline qty 2
Current Consumption:   30 mA typical
Battery Life:   Approx. 2.5 hours
Dimensions:   10.3”L x 1.97” diameter
Net Weight (no battery):   12.5 oz.

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