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adobe pdf icon SCx12A User Manual 
  • The SCx12A is a 12-inch 2-way active enclosure perfect
    for smaller main loudspeaker applications and great
    for vocal stage monitors. The bi-amp 1000 watt active
    system delivers clear high SPL output with internal
    limiting to protect the drivers for years of service.


carvin scx12a 1000w powered loudspeaker for dj

Big performance, small footprint


The SCx12A features an amazing 1kW of bi-amped power. One amplifier powers the 12-inch woofer delivering powerful bass with plenty of headroom while the second amplifier powers the high frequency driver delivering crystal clear highs. 

Analog Devices DSP

We designed the DSP of the SCx12A around the Analog Devices ADAU1701 Sigma DSP processor to give you the best sound quality and DSP functions available. Choose from 4 user settings so the SCx12A can deliver the best performance for your intended use. Choose from LIVE, PLAYBACK/DJMONITOR or EXTERNAL SUB WOOFER


The LIMITING DSP protects the SCx12A from driver and horn damage due to unexpected peaks during the performance while maintaining transparent audio output to the audience. 

2-Channel Mixer Included

The SCx12A features a two channel mixer. For small gigs, you can plug directly into the speaker, adjust levels and you are ready to perform. Use the LINE/MIC button to adjust for optimal gain of the intended input source. Select between LINE 2 or the MIX signal to send audio to another loudspeaker via the LINE OUT.

6 Fly points

The SCx12A features 6 fly points for installation applications. Each point uses an M8-1.25 x 30mm eyebolt. Eyebolts sold separately. 


The SCx12A comes equipped with rugged deep pocket handles and a 1.5-inch (38mm) pole mount cup for using the SCx12A on top of the TRx3118A or other subwoofer as a satellite main loudspeaker.

115VAC - 230VAC

The SCx12A is designed to accommodate voltages from 115VAC/60Hz to 230VAC/50Hz so no matter where you live or travel to, the SCx12A is right at home in your environment.