PS12-8 300W 12 Inch Speaker


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The PS12-8 12" speaker is ideal for sound reinforcement applications or bass guitar. 300W @ 8 ohms. 6 pound magnet structure.

- 12 inches
- 300W @ 8 ohms - Frequency Response 50 - 4.5k
- 6 pound magnet

Kevin Bradford Wichita, KS 
"I have been searching for the last three years for the right speaker for my Fender HRD amp. I have tried all the popular ones and some of the "hailed glory boys of old" off of ebay. I have spent way more on speakers than I did for the amp. I had some heavy mods done to my amp and had it set up for EL84's and as I was going through Carvin's web sight one day I saw an amp that carried this speaker that was a full range amp set up for bass, guitar and voice. "PRESTO" exactly the range in a speaker I was looking for, so I went and found it and thought Man I have been buying speakers that cost as much as $200.00 how can a $50.00 speaker match up to what I want? WELL IT DID and more. This is one of the best kept secrets at the Carvin factory, they might not even know about it. This is a great guitar speaker if you are looking for warmth, clarity and articulation. NO muddiness at all, and at 300 watts you can drive these babies hard. They sound fantastic with pedals for Rock, Country and BLUES (my favorite), straight and on the clean channel for for Jazz The're pure, articulate and CLEAN." 

Lee Dallas, TX 
"Ordered two and got them in a week. Decided to try them in a Marshall cab for guitar. Wow. These speakers sound great for lead guitar. Lots of punch and if you need crisp high just turn the treable up just a bit. The spec on these are very close to the old bassman speakers with a little more high freq... but they can handle 300w. For anyone who likes trying something new, I think you will be blown away with the sound. I tried open and closed back and works great in either. " 

Ziggy USA 
"I bought 2 of these to put into a vintage Sunn 2x12 cab - the white baffle diagonal design ahead of its time. I was interested as so much attention by bass players to 12s now and the cab was close to modern specs used by boutique companies. I was rewarded with quite a treat. The speakers take a real pounding from an Acoustic 370, I slide up the lower EQs and also use an active bass. They are a little weak on the ultra crisp highs and ultra lows. But 'not a problem' the power handling gives me room to EQ. 

My 2x12 now outperforms 1x15s easily. I put it against my Ampeg SVT 210 (2x10) and the Carvins held up better for mid range power handling. Actually on top of the rather Scooped SVT210 it was a killer rig! 

The pros are power handling and mid to lower range bass. The cons are wanting ultra crispy and ultra rumble." 

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