EM901 Extra Receiver for EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System


List:$389.00 $279.00

EM900 and EM901 have changed to 518-542Mhz Frequency operation.  This is not compatible with older 600Mhz frequency operating units.
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Add an Extra receiver for the EM900 wireless in-ear monitor system. 

NOTE: Does not include earbuds. For earbuds, order EM902 under the "Accessories" section below.

- Receiver Power: 2 AA batteries
- operating frequency: 518-542Mhz
- Battery Life: 12 hours (approx.)
- Net Weight: 0.45 lbs (0.2kg)
- Dimensions: 4.50" high X 2.75" wide X 1.00" deep (without belt clip)

Pitzer Stoffel Nashville, TN 
"Just got these today and I'm already blown away by the sound. I played my bass along with my ipod through these all night and loved the way I could hear myself. I was able to hear so many things that got lost in the mix before. I actually think these might make a huge difference in my performances. I was a little concerned about going to iem's but the sound quality is so good with these and the ear buds are so comfortable it's a no brainer. I highly recommend you give these a try." 

Thom Edmonds Anderson, SC 
"My sound tech purchased the EM901 IEM system and asked me to give it a try. All I can say is WOW!!! I am so used to the whole drum monitor mix thing (18" sub with a wedge on top) and I was just concerned that the earbuds wouldn't deliver the bottom end and clarity I was used to. WRONG!!! They were fantastic. I am hooked on Carvin gear from now on...Congratulations on a great product." 

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