C1648-PM15A Complete PA System


List:$1,799.00 $1,299.00

Package Includes:
- one C1648 16-channel mixer
- two PM15A 15" powered speakers
- two C50XLR cables
- two M68 mics & cables


The unveiling of the new C1648 Concert Series 16-Channel Console demonstrates Carvin's commitment to professional live sound. The C1648 includes more channel sends and additional EQ capabilities than our previous Concert Series boards, with a total of 8 channel sends: 6 monitors and 2 effects. The 4-band channel EQ features dual sweep parametrics with LO MIDS and HI MIDS giving you greater control of your sound. The four main buses (groups) feature their own compressor/limiter with a Link switch for tracking two compressors together, which a big plus for controlling drums, choir, etc. The Concert Series is designed for installations such as churches and performance venues, or for touring sound systems. Careful attention has been given to the features, sound reproduction and mechanical construction, making Carvin's new Concert Series mixers the ideal choice for most live sound applications. Professional features, unsurpassed sound, rugged construction and a price that can't be beat make the C1648 the ideal choice for your live setup, and best of all, it's made in the USA. 

Simplicity In Operation 
Ease of operation is incredibly important. The C Series consoles are designed with the operator in mind. Everything is logically arranged. Simply plug-in the channels, adjust the monitor levels and bring up the main L/R faders and you're up and running. If you need EQ (tone changes), simply dial in the sound you want. The C Series is designed on a small-scale platform making it easy to transport. No other console offers more channels per linear inch. 

USB Recording 
USB connectivity allows for ease of recording using a single cable to record your L/R stereo mix direct to your computer. The digital interface gives you the highest quality audio output for recording. You can send audio from your computer into the console via USB. Set-up playlists on your computer for hours of automated playback through your sound system. 

Onboard Wireless Capability 
The exclusive optional True Diversity USM16 built-in wireless systems allow the C1648 to have up to 2 wireless units, whether it be mic or belt-pack systems. The advantage of adding these options now or later is that the operator eliminates cable clutter and simplifies setup. The wireless units are automatically routed to channel 1 & 2 on the console plus the internal power supply and the rear antennas. Each system is connected with a simple plug-in connector.

C1648 Optional Onboard Wireless System
C1648 Optional Onboard Wireless System   

Quality Control 
Our Quality Control Department personally inspects every mixing console. After the physical inspection, the most critical and most important part of QC testing is running every channel, master section and connector through Audio Precision™ computers to verify every function. This means everything meets 100% of its specifications. This is great assurance that every EQ section, every output delivers the highest voltages with the lowest possible THD.

The engineering and design is what you'd expect from Carvin's high-end manufacturing. Ultra low-noise, high slew rate IC's for exceptional sound. Sealed controls and switches guard against the elements while the "SMT" Surface Mount Technology construction ensures the integrity of each component. The rugged chassis incorporates the integral SwitchMode™ 90V-260V 50-60 Hz power supply. The C1648 is made in the USA at our San Diego, CA facility. 

The PM15A powered speaker is designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker for small systems. The PM15A can be laid on it's side for a 60 degree angled stage monitor. Coupling the PM15 with an LS1501 15" subwoofer results in an ideal three way system with extended low end. Effective for both portable and permanent applications, featuring a 1-3/8" pole mount cup. 

The PM15A incorporates powerful Class-D amplifier technology powered by an efficient switch-mode power supply. The PM15A model also features a 3-Band EQ with Mid-sweep for final room adjustments, 3 channels with individual level controls, internal active multi-band limiters for LF and HF driver protection, and an 18db/octave low cut filter for a smooth low-end optimized to the enclosure. The input XLR can take in line levels or be switched to mic levels for direct microphone input. The output XLR parallel the input XLR for daisy chaining or it can output the mix of all three channels.

The PM15A incorporates premium components housed in a rugged water resistant enclosure, designed for crystal clear sound in small to medium size venues. The high power drivers feature large magnet structures for high efficiency producing more output per watt than systems costing two to three times more. The woofer is protected by a heavy gauge steel powder coated grill. Two XLR input jacks allow for versatile connections and chaining of speakers. Rubber foot pads on the bottom interlock with receptacles on the top for stacking two speakers. The bottom pole mount cup offers universal mounting to pole stands and mounts. 


PM Series Active Speaker Diagram Carvin's active PM15A speaker features a 3-channel mixer for connecting a microphone, instrument and tape/CD/MP3 player. This is ideal for solo or duo performances in venues such as coffee shops, small to medium size clubs or restaurants. Each channel has its own level control, and when used in conjunction with the 3-band EQ, allows you to tailor the output for optimal sound and performance. XLR, 1/4" and RCA inputs provide flexibility with the components you connect. An additional XLR output allows for easy daisy-chaining of additional active PM speakers for use as either mains or monitors.

C1648 Specs: 

- 6 monitor sends, 2 effects sends 
- 4 band channel EQ with dual mid-sweep parametrics 
- Two 5V USB power ports 
- 4 bus compressor with link switches 
Freq. response: 20-20k Hz ±1 dB 
THD distortion: .01% 20-20k Hz 
E I N: -117 dBm 
S/N Ratio: 90 dB 
Dynamic Range: 104 dB 
Mic Gain: 52 dB 
Line Gain: 30 dB 
Total Gain: 72 dB (balanced) 
Max Output: +28 dBm 
Power Req.: 90 to 250VAC 50-60Hz, 50VA 
Dimensions: 22.2" wide X 16.3" deep X 3.75" high (56.3cm wide X 41.5cm deep X 9.5cm high) 
Weight: 18.1 lbs (8.2kg) 
Made in San Diego, California 

PM15A Specs: 

System Type: Internal Active System, 15-inch 2-Way, bass-reflex
Frequency Response: 44 Hz - 18 kHz (-10DB)
Crossover Frequency: 2.5 k Hz
Coverage Pattern: 90H x 30upV x 45downV
Internal Amplifier full range: 400 Watts
Maximum SPL: 122dB / 128dB peak
LF Driver: 15-inch Woofer
HF Driver: 1-inch exit 1.5-inch VC Titanium Driver
Enclosure: Molded Polypropylene Plastic
Mounting: 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup with clamp
4 fly points (requires 10mm X 1.5mm fly hardware - not included)
Transport: 2 side handles
Grill: Black steel
Connectors: Two XLRs (one Male, one Female), Two 1/4 TRS phone jacks, Two RCA jacks
AC Power Requirement: 90-250VAC 50-60Hz
Dimensions: 17.87" wide X 13.87" deep X 27.87" high
Weight: 37.8 lbs 

Ernesto Zapata Hawaii 
"I love these speakers. I have used them from outdoor events to clubs. They have such a full and rich sound. Every note is well produced. I use them in conjunction with the C1648P. Just about every band that I run sound for have said they sounded unbelievable! I would highly recommend them to anybody!!" 

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