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  • Carvin Audio’s TRC SYSTEMS are our finest sound systems, offering high SPL levels that project up to 400’ with exceptional clarity. Unsurpassed high frequency and deep bass response will place the audience in the center of your performance.


Clear Powerful Audio

CARVIN Audio has developed the TRC™ System, a state-of-the-art, high-powered active column array system for live sound and installations. 9 3.5-inch transducers per column array, 18 per side, deliver pristine intelligibility designed for all genres and venues from small to large concerts.

The Multiple Source Dispersion MSD™ technology projects out 400’ while greatly reducing front hot spots and feedback. Its wide 120º coverage requires fewer loudspeakers for the same audience up to 1000 with dual subs per side (TRC600A System).

Expect impressive deep bass from 18-inch subs and silky-smooth highs that will impress your audience with high resolution transparency from Analog Devices™ DSP processing. CARVIN AUDIO's TRC™ Systems feature easy setups with the ultimate in portability. Hardwood construction with precision CNC machining speaks quality since 1946.

"We were all amazed with the tone, clarity, definition, coverage & volume produced from these compact enclosures. Everything about these cabs is stellar. The vocals & instruments are clean & detailed. Coverage & dispersion from front to back, left to right of the venue is even & clear - virtually eliminated hot spots & dead spots." - John H. Boston, MA


(2)TRC600A systems provide sound reinforcement for a large church gathering in southern California

Powerful can be portable

The TRC System fits in a compact car. Shown is a Prius with a TRC400A System and mixing console. TRC400A features two TRx3118A 18-inch subwoofers and two TRx3900 column array speaker pairs.

Three system configurations

TRC200A - 2000W System Includes: 1 TRx3118A sub, 1 pair of TRx3900 tops 

TRC400A - 4000W System Includes: 2 TRx3118A subs, 2 pairs of TRx3900 tops

TRC600A - 6000W System Includes: 4 TRx3118A subs, 2 pairs of TRx3900 tops

TRx3118A 2000W Subwoofer

The TRx3118A is an active compact subwoofer that extends the low frequency to 37 Hz providing exceptional impact for any sound system. The high excursion TS18C 18-inch cone and 4-inch (100mm) voice coil produces tremendous force from the direct radiating, ported bass reflex design. The high 131 SPL capacity and powerful bass projection make this an ideal subwoofer for portable live sound applications and installations.

»Bass Reflex design delivers a loud 131dB
»High-efficient, high power TS18C woofer
»2000W CLASS D amplifiers for sub & tops
»High current, lightweight switching power supply
»DSP processing by Analog Devices™

TRx3118A Power Module

Simple setups are done through 4 presets for LIVE, PLAYBACK, SPEECH and SUB ONLY. Everything is managed by the Analog Devices™ DSP to maintain high headroom, distortion-free performances. The amplifiers deliver 2000W, 1000W for the 18-inch sub and 1000W for the HF SATELLITE output for the TRx3900 column arrays through a twist-lock connector. Featuring Powercon AC input, this system is tour ready.


The TRx3900 Column Array is a high output, easy to carry sound reinforcement loudspeaker providing enhanced coverage with superb fidelity. Exclusively equipped with 9 Carvin Audio 3.5-inch transducers, it’s designed for all genres of music and venues, ranging from small to large events. The Constant Delivery Dispersion “CDD™” projects to the rear of the venue while averaging levels up front and its wide 120º dispersion covers larger audiences. The 10º vertical dispersion substantially minimizes feedback in reverberant environments.

»9 3.5” drivers deliver exceptional levels from a single enclosure
»Projection up to 400’ from 1 TRx3900 stacked pair
»CDD™ Constant Delivery Dispersion technology eliminates front row blare & feedback
»Wide 120º horizontal coverage
»Requires fewer loudspeakers for the same coverage

CB3900 Carrying Bag

Padded Carrying Bag for TRx3900 column array speakers. The CB3900 holds two column speakers that are up to 5”W x 5.5”D x 35”L in size. Heavy duty velcro closing flap and two deep side pockets will provide the storage and protection you need for your column array loudspeakers.