TRx3900 3.5-Inch Column Array Loudspeaker Pair


adobe pdf icon TRC Series Brochure
adobe pdf icon TRx3900 User Manual
  • TRx3900-Pair Features:
    »Two column array loudspeakers
    »High output column array
    »Premium Carvin Audio 3.5-Inch transducers
    »CDD™ Constant Delivery Dispersion
    »Wide 120º Horizontal Coverage
    »Lightweight – easy to carry, 23 lbs. each
    »Includes one 12ga twist lock connecting cable
    »Includes SS7 connecting pole set
    »Optional Carrying Bag - CB3900

    The TRx3900 Column Array is a high output, easy to carry sound reinforcement loudspeaker providing enhanced coverage with superb fidelity. Exclusively equipped with 9 Carvin Audio 3.5-inch transducers, it’s designed for all genres of music and venues, ranging from small to large events. The Constant Delivery Dispersion “CDD™” projects to the rear of the venue while averaging levels up front and its wide 120º dispersion covers larger audiences. The 10º vertical dispersion substantially minimizes feedback in reverberant environments. The TRx3900 power is supplied by the TRx3118A subwoofer delivering 1000W, 500W into each TRx3900, or by your own amplifier system. The tour-grade enclosure features multi-ply hardwood for the integrity of the cabinet while the DuraTec™ finish, a polyurethane outer skin, provides UV and moisture protection. Projecting far into your audience, the TRx3900 delivers the most pleasant, unfatigued listening experience, and offers high intelligibility from a compact column