RX series 1600W powered mixers let you be the hero
RX Series
The RX series’ full featured, high powered portable mixing will give your fans more of what they came for…You! Connect the entire band quickly and power stereo mains and two monitor mixes with 1600W of dynamic power.


RX1200L 1600W powered 12 channel mixer
Sweet Sounding Controls
Professional mic-pre gain controls and 3-band EQ with perfect frequency centers for smooth adjustments. Add one or both of the built in dream like effects to any channel and even the last minute fill in will sound like one of the band.
Grab Your Freedom…Go wireless
For the ultimate in flexibility, add up to 2 channels of wireless microphones or belt packs. Belt packs can have wireless guitar/bass plugs, lapels or headset microphones. Freedom feels good, doesn’t it?
Ultimate INs & OUTs
We realize you need as many inputs as possible while remaining portable, so we gave you 12 XLR mic-pre input channels. We compromised nothing, giving you XLR line outputs and Speakon™ high current speaker jacks to bring your sound to the world.
Work Smarter not Harder
1600W of pure power to drive your stereo mains and 2 monitor mixes. Dial in your main sound and ring out the monitors with the four built in 7-band graphic EQs, because you don’t get paid more to carry big racks of gear to the gig. Faster set up and tear down makes you the smarter musician.
Give yourself a break
Shows require stamina and passion. Even the best musicians need a break. Keep the crowd going with the music break feature. Simply hit the break switch and all channels are muted except channel 12 with your break music.



The RX1200L 12 channel 1600w powered mixer and RX1200R 12 channel non powered mixer are built in The USA

RX1200L & RX1200R Feature:

  • 12 XLR and 1/4-inch professional input channels with:
    • Mic gain, 3-band EQ , two effects sends, pan, and two monitor sends.
    • +48V Phantom mic power.
  • Stereo inputs on channel 12.
  • Rack mountable into a 5U rack case.
  • Four 7 band Graphic EQ’s for Right, Left, Monitor 1 and Monitor 2.
  • Dual effects units with reverb, delay, chorus and flanger.
  • Optional Internal dual Wireless microphone or belt-pack, UX600 system.

RX1200L Powered Features:

  • 4 power amps – for Right, Left, Monitor 1 and Monitor 2, delivering 1600w RMS, 2400w peak power
  • Each amp delivers 400w RMS at 4 ohm, 300w RMS at 8 ohms.
RX1200L rack in a 6 space road case