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Guitar legend Steve Vai makes an exciting video announcement that something new is coming soon. Click below to watch the video. If you would like to be one of the first to find out what Steve is talking about, enter your email below. 


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  • Posted On February 13, 2017 by zztopoftheworld

    Looking forward! You folks do it all and are so great at it. Steve’s the icing for y’all. Keep up the great work.

  • Posted On February 12, 2017 by David Rogers

    Anything having to do with Carvin, AND Mr. Vai is bound to be big!!

  • Posted On February 11, 2017 by tom chambers

    I love Steve Vai.

  • Posted On February 11, 2017 by Burt

    I look forward to seeing Carvin come out with a programmable amp with MIDI presets and complete MIDI control. Calvin is already halfway there with that Legacy and the V3 series. I want to see an amp where i can store EVERY knob setting and control volume with any 3rd party MIDI controller. For that matter – Carvin, already making multi effects units, could get into the guitar multifx game and do it better than anybody else… combine the SX amp technology with presets and MIDI. I’d buy another SX amp (I owned two SX60’s back in the 80s) if i could run a MIDI controller in it, have a bank of sounds recallable by PC# and have volume controlled by CC#7 and maybe a wah controlled by CC# ___ . All the technologies necessary to pull this off are those Carvin is already doing. MIDI, effects units,

  • Posted On February 10, 2017 by Geoff

    It’s the drive preamp by Steve via hopefully it’s affordable because it sounds great turns any amp in to a legacy 3 or maybe even 4? If the rumors are right I want one if I guess right send me one my way I’m a broke musician literally love carvin!

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