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TRx3810A VELA Line Array System

Experience a superior audio performance and easy deployment with VELA, a vertically engineered line array element with a unique design that combines line array and column array technologies. VELA systems quickly adapt to your needs from private events to regional performance-sized systems. Each VELA is a full range single cabinet system, but with just four cabinets forms an array of over ten feet. VELA’s unique design produces fuller audio spectrum array projection with fewer cabinets than a standard line array. The internal 2500W amplifier with preset digital processing and SlideLock™ flyware ensure a quick setup and easy deployment.

TRx3810A VELA Line Array

The TRX3810A VELA 

Three preconfigured VELA systems are available for purchase as a package: The VELA2 for small venues, bands and DJs, which is composed of two VELA cabinets and two TRx3018A single 18-inch active subs. The VELA4 for larger venues has four VELA cabinets for two stacks and four TRx3018A active subs. The VELA8 is the largest system with eight VELA cabinets and six TRx2218A active dual 18-inch subs for large venues and outdoor events up to 2500 people, hanging 4 VELA cabinets per side.

VELA8 Column Array System

VELA8 System 

VELA’s unique vertical design combines line array and column array technologies, with 2x 10-inch Neodymium drivers and 8x 3.5-inch drivers. Its longer, lightweight design works as a full range single cabinet and in hangs up to 4 cabinets, covering more ground than conventional cabinets, curve arrays, and short loaded line arrays. Its use of column drivers and high power 10-inch drivers adds low mid punch to column arrays and lengthens line array hangs. The internal 2500W, digitally processed power amps have presets for single cabinet use, for stacking two, and for hanging three to four- just select the preset and deploy. Additional processing on single and stacked systems can be selected to match your music material with Live 1, Live 2, DJ/Playback 1, and DJ/Playback 2 contour settings.




An eight cabinet system does large outdoor events and can be reconfigured into two medium systems or four club or DJ rental systems.  Achieve superior audio and easy deployment at every event with VELA, the versatile system that covers all your needs. 

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