• How to 'Ring Out' Your Stage Monitor System: Part 1

    9 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    How to 'Ring Out' Your Stage Monitor System

    Have you ever struggled with stage monitor feedback that you couldn't control? Or maybe you found that you couldn't get enough volume and clarity out of your system without causing feedback? If so, you might want to master the lost art of 'ringing out' your stage monitor system. What does it mean to 'ring out' your monitors and how will it help you overcome feedback issues? I'm glad you asked! In this series we'll examine the world of live sound on stage and see how this essential technique can yield huge gains (no pun intended) in terms of quality sound on stage.

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  • Can’t Hear Yourself Sing Live? Try These Tips

    6 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Can’t Hear Yourself Sing Live? Try These Tips

    Singers in bands of all styles tend to face a very familiar problem: the inability to hear themselves when singing along with the band. This frustrating problem can cause vocalists to strain their voice trying to over project and have problems with pitch ultimately giving less than their best performance. The human voice has its own distinct limitations- unlike an electric guitar or bass, a singer cannot simply turn up the volume on his or her amp if they are not cutting through. However, taking advantage of technology can help vocalists hear themselves over the din of a loud band.

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  • How to Choose the Right Microphone

    5 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Singer with Microphone

    An often overlooked aspect of a band’s live or studio sound is the type of microphones that are being used for the vocals or to mic up the instruments and drums. In fact, the choice of microphone used for these applications is nearly as important as what amps, guitars, or drum kits are being played!

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  • Wired vs. Wireless- Should You Lose the Cables?

    0 comments / Posted by Joel Kiesel

    UX1200 Wireless System

    Connecting an instrument to an amplifier using a standard ¼” instrument cable has long been the classic, tried and true method. It’s simple, cost effective, and preserves the sonic integrity of your instrument, so long as you use quality cables. The wired method is not without its faults though. As reliable as it is, there’s no denying that it tethers you to your mic stand or instrument and restricts your movement around the stage. You can only go as far as your cable will let you, and if you like to move around a lot, you have to constantly be cautious of stepping on your cable, tripping over it, or tangling it up.

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  • Top Recording Studio Tricks

    0 comments / Posted by Joel Kiesel

    Top Recording Studio Tricks

    It has always been stressed that “a great music producer only frets over the most important things” and it can be rightly argued that the most imperative thing in music production is the recording. Contrary to widespread beliefs, garnering state of the art equipment won’t render such charms to your recording if you don’t know how to use them right. Sometimes, with prudent forethought, you can glean the best out of your ordinary paraphernalia, even in the confines of your home. Here are some top recording studio tricks that you would find handy down the road:

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