PM5-B High-End Near Field Monitor Demo Video

January 09, 2019 1 Comment


The Carvin Amps and Audio PM5-B is a high-end near field monitor that delivers reference quality sound for use in project studios, commercial buildings, schools, boardrooms, restaurants, and home theater/home stereo applications. The excellent bass performance is due to the tuned port design. The water resistant design allows for outdoor use in patios and backyards. The PM5 comes standard with a microphone stand mount built in and mounting slots built into the molded enclosure allowing for optional mounting brackets to be installed. PM5 speakers are available in black. The speakers are also paintable to match your custom color schemes.

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Rob H.
Rob H.

April 30, 2020

I’ve got two of these for myself to use as monitors onstage and the other guys in my band ordered theirs after hearing them. These speaker are crazy good sounding; clear, clean and rich. The volume output for their size is remarkable, and I’ve sometimes turned one of them toward the audience if I sense we need a little more dynamic cut-through. They really are good enough to use as reference in a studio. Kudos, Carvin!

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