EM900 960-Channel Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitor System


List:$429.00 $379.00

EM900 and EM901 have changed to 518-542Mhz Frequency operation.  This is not compatible with older 600Mhz frequency operating units.
Call us if you have any questions.


Package Includes:
- one EM901 960 Channel Receiver
- one EM900 960 Channel Transmitter
- one EM902 earbuds 

Whether you're playing live or rehearsing, you need to hear yourself to be your best. That's what the EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System is all about. Ideal for both on stage use and rehearsals, the EM900 is a terrific alternative to cumbersome floor monitor wedges, facilitating greater freedom of movement while enabling one to hear everything in either high fidelity mono or stereo. Performers can use as many as 16 complete EM900 systems simultaneously on stage and any number of EM901 stereo receivers on the same frequency. 

Carvin's new EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System delivers full 30 Hz - 15 kHz frequency response for the most natural audio quality possible - enabling the full dynamic range of the monitored signal to sound exactly as it should. To further ensure the most natural sounding audio quality, the EM900 includes a built-in limiter that keeps the sound quality of the monitored signal pure and intelligible - enabling the performer to hear like never before, even at lower volume levels. To further ensure pristine audio quality, this versatile monitoring system uses a PLL design that effectively eliminates annoying static without the need for a squelch control. 

Operating the EM900 couldn't be more intuitive. With 960 channels, finding an open frequency is never a challenge, even in RF (radio frequency) rich environments. Similarly, the EM900's transmitter features balanced XLR inputs for accommodating noise and hum free input signals - further ensuring superior audio performance. With clear, easy to read LCD displays on both the transmitter and beltpack receiver - including a low battery indicator - working with Carvin's EM900 is a pleasure. 

The  EM901 receiver offers a personal pan control that facilitates the mix of two signals - either mono or stereo. As a result, each performer can adjust a 2 channel mix in their ears. The mix will always have a minimum of 20% of the other side of the stereo mix, and can not be panned to listen to just one of the two channels without hearing a minimum of 20% of the other channel. The EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System includes flat response earbuds with three sizes of soft earbud tips to ensure the proper fit and comfort. The system uses braided cable and clear driver enclosures for reduced audience visibility. Combined with rugged aluminum enclosures - not plastic like some competing systems - for both the transmitter and beltpack receiver, Carvin's EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System is built to provide years of dependable service. 

- Hear yourself like never before - especially at lower volumes
- More selectable frequencies, 960 channels
- Articulate sound from the 20Hz to 20k Hz frequency response
- Built in dynamic limiter keeps the sound pure and intelligible
- The EM901 receiver offers a personal "Pan" control, allowing the mix of a mono, or stereo mix. Each performer can adjust a 2 channel mix in their ears!
- LCD display on both the transmitter and receiver - including low battery
- PLL (phase lock loop) eliminates annoying static - no squelch control required
- Flat response earbuds with 3 sizes of soft earbud tips. Braided cable and clear driver enclosures for reduced audience visibility. 
- Balanced XLR inputs 
- Sturdy aluminum case and belt clip - not plastic

The EM900 does not operate in the 700mhz spectrum, and is therefore unaffected by the recent FCC ban on wireless gear operating on this frequency.

System Specs:
- Frequency Response: 30Hz - 15kHz (-3dB) 
- Frequency Band: 518-542Mhz
- S/N Ratio: 80 dB (A weighted) 
- Image Frequency Rejection: 80 dB
- Channel Separation: 35 dB
- Input Level Switch: 0dB/-10dB
- XLR - 1/4" inputs
- AC Input: 100-240V (switch-mode supply)
- Battery Life: 12 hours (approx.)
- Net Weight: EM900 Base, 3.2 lbs (1.45kg); EM901 Receiver, 0.45 lbs (0.2kg)
- Dimensions: EM900 Base, 1.75" high X 8.35" wide X 9.00 deep (10.30" deep with antenna & AC cord); EM901 Receiver, 4.50" high X 2.75" wide X 1.00" deep (without belt clip) 

EM902 Earphone Specs:
- Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20kHz
- Transducer Type: Dynamic
- Impedance: 16 ohms
- Sensitivity @ 1kHz: 114dB/mW
- Distortion: less than 0.3%
- Cord length: 58"

Matt Sigman West Virginia 
"I have been singing southern gospel for 16 yrs and have ALWAYS used floor monitors. After 2yrs of debate my wife and i finally decided to "take the plunge". WOW am i glad we did!!!! After our first concert, as we were coming of the stage my wife said "these are AWESOME"!!! This is coming from a woman who will not wear a bluetooth headset for her iphone. She does not like things in her ears thus the debate on making the IEM purchase. The earbuds provided are phoenominal and very comfortable!!!! I tried the EM900 with a set of sure ear phones i have and went back to the ones that came with the unit. Good freq response and you can wear them w/o any discomfort!! The belt pack is sturdy and and feels "safe". I like the fact that you have volume and pan controls rite on the body pack. Installation in my rack was a breeze and was able to basically "plug and play". 

Carvin has hit the one out of the park!!!! Great quality great sound and great customer service!!! One of the two packs we initially received had a static issue and i called Carvin cust service and they overnighted one from CA to WV so I could have it for a Sunday concert. The also sent a shipping lable for me to send the defective unit back. #1 ALL THE WAY!!!! 

Would strongly recommend this IEM unit for any one!!! Whether you are just starting in the IEM world or looking to upgrade, the EM900 offers the same features as the higher end shure, sennheiser, or audio technicas at a fraction of the cost!!!!" 

Bowdini Elk Grove, IL 
"Searched far and wide for a quality IEM for good price. There were many to choose from but let me tell you, this is a great unit. What impresses me the most is that the transmitter and receiver are housed in metal, not plastic like most if not all other brands. You can tell when you press the buttons, turn the knobs, or look through the LCD that the unit in made extremely well. The sound is very clear and the earbuds are very comfortable. I don't think they are the best quality since they are single drivers, but they seal in the ear so well that the volume doesn't have to be turned up so loud to hear the frequencies you're wanting to hear. My ONLY concern about this unit is that I hope and pray it is a unit that Carvin sticks with for the long road. I hate it when companies use a product and then make it obsolete or go with another product within a couple of years. Without a doubt the BEST IEM unit for the price, perhaps even if they were more expensive." 

Tom Tonawanda, NY 
"My singer and I have been using these for about a month now and are very happy with our purchase. In the past we used Shure inear monitor systems. We always had trouble with the signal breaking up. But with the Carvin systems we no longer have this problem. The clearity of this unit is amazing. No interference no breaking of the signal. It is the perfect monitoring system for any musician." 

David Lakeland, FL 
"I have wanted the EM900 for over a year, now that I have it all I can say is WOW. I am used to floor wedges, but these in-ears have made me a believer in the whole in-ear experience. The cost is amazing for as many bells and whistles as this unit has; this unit should sell for 3-4 times as much. I am a bass player and have heard, from fellow bass players, that the single driver does not provide enough punch/low end. I have heard from other players that the dual and triple drivers have that punchy/solid bass tone, but are heavy and bulky in the ear. My experience with the EM900 is that my bass is solid, tight, and punchy and I only have the volume, on my body pack, at half. My sound tech cannot believe the sound that is coming out of this unit, as he is able to monitor what I am hearing through the headphone jack on the front of the EM900's receiver, and said that this unit is a better quality than the high end units on the market today. My sound tech likes the earbuds so much that he will be purchasing some for himself and other members of his band. Another great feature is that I am able to pan two different mixes in both ears, I am running mono(looped into system) and have vocals on the left side and instruments on the right side so I am able to blend in the mix I want. I play on a stage with lots of wireless units and with the EM900 I have no problems with interference from the other units. The digital readout, on the body pack, is really nice and the unit is heavy duty; which is good because I tend to get clumsy. I am a return customer, as I have bought a Carvin bass, bass head/cabinet, and the V3 half stack. Again, I am amazed at the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that each Carvin product possesses. 

So, thanks Carvin! Thanks for making an in-ear unit that is affordable, without sacrifice in sound quality! 

P.S. I am looking forward to the future purchase of a Cobalt :)" 

Anthony Hinton Tulsa, OK 
URL: http://www.eventhedogs.com
"I have been using the product for almost a year. As the drummer for Even The Dogs I need to be able to hear and this product delivers night after night. The customer support is great also. Good job Carvin." 

Bill West Bend, WI 
URL: http://www.coldbrewrocks.com
"I play lead guitar in a hard rock band and really was looking for an in-ear solution for these reasons: 
1. I wanted to lighten the load we had to carry.
2. My hauling vehicle is limited on space so I needed to reduce the load.
3. I have some hearing loss and wanted to protect my ears as much as possible.
4. I obviously need to be able to hear the whole band on stage.

I have bought numerous Carvin items in the past and have always been pleased, so after significant research I decided to try the EM900 IEMs. If I was limited to a one sentence summary it would be 'why didn't I get these years ago?' 

For the money you can't go wrong. It's built rock solid, decent sound quality, and I love the features...especially the Mono / Stereo feature. Now I just need to talk the rest of the band into getting their own too." 

John Paul Stephenson Saint Albans, WV 
"As a bass singer and a sound tech I think that CARVIN has outdone themselfs with this IEM. We purchsed this unit a while back and I have to tell you they are free and clear of any hiss or hum to distort the ear buds that come with them you have to turn them up so loud you cant stand them in your ears. I will buy them again if the need comes. I use a cond mic and these IEM's reproduce what you put in them no need to spend lots of your money on ear buds when these do more than what the average ear needs." 

Dave Starns New Orleans, LA 
URL: http://www.sgtpeppersbeatlestribute.com
"I had an important gig coming up so I ordered the EM900, thinking that if the receiver turned up before the gig, I could return it. But when it arrived, I tried the earbuds. I was blown away. They put my Westones (and the other band members' Shure E-5's) to shame. And the unit itself is great, too--clear as a bell. One of the other guys in the band has the $900 Sennheiser, and after a/b'ing them during soundcheck, we agreed that the EM900 is AT LEAST as good (actually, it edged the other three guys' systems out, due to the better-sounding earpieces). The limiter is smooth and unobtrusive, and the sound is clean and static-free. Why in the world would anybody pay $500 to $1000 for a multi-channel wireless monitor system, when this one is selling for under $400? If you're in the market for a good wireless system, don't hesitate simply because Carvin isn't one of the big three wireless monitor makers. The EM900 is beautifully built and sounds great." 

Austin Hicks Clayton, OH 
URL: http://www.austinhicks.net
"Just purchased a set of these IEM's for myself and the band. We have been lucky enough to work with some quality wedge monitors and guys that know how to mix them, but the move to these monitors has far exceeded our expectations. The right mix for everyone and the vocals blending better than ever. No more over singing to hear myself above the stage noise or standing in a "monitor zone" to hear myself. The freedom to move around and have the perfect mix all the time has really helped enhance the stage show as well." 

Daniel Waters Elkhart, IN 
URL: http://www.myspace.com/neveroctober
"Bought this product atfer hearing great reviews from a bandmate. This has to be the best sounding in ear system I have heard! Sound is clear and precise. If your looking for a awesome in ear system, this is it....and the ear buds that come with it are simply the best!!!! Don't waste your money on anything else for in ear monitoring, get the Carvin EM900 today!!" 

Tim Brunett Canton, MI 
"Good unit, great range, good stability, sturdy. The ear buds are simple and solid, and the plug is standard 1/8\" so you can use other head sets. AA Batteries last a long time. Very nice product." 

John Fitzgerald Franklin Park, NJ 
URL: http://www.oldscoolgigs.com
"I am really pleased with my decision to purchase the Carvin EM900 wireless in-ear monitor. I did have the opportunity to demo other systems from Shure, Audio Technica, and AKG - which were much more expensive. The EM900 was within my budget so I went for it. It's built better than several of the other units I tried and have used it on several gigs already and loving it. I am a lead singer in my band and it does the job very well." 

Reyes Sanchez Fort Worth, TX 
"I am a working drummer and I purchased these about 3 months ago. Wow...the ease of setup and EQing is amazing. The sound quality is unbelievable! The battery compartment was a little hard to work with at first and the instruction could be a little more clear. Overall, however, this was a purchase I will treasure and for a great price! Keep it up CARVIN!!" 

Eric Mt. Airy, NC
"I bought the EM900 In-ear personal monitor system for myself and I am so glad I did. I have used Shure in-ears before but they don't compare to these for the price. You are getting a very high quality product for low quality price. The only minor downside is that the wireless pack is a little heavy. I wish it were a little lighter so you could move more freely on stage. However, the wireless pack is more sturdy than other brands which I guess is a fair tradeoff. Overall, this product is awesome." 

CJ Conklin Orlando, FL
"Just purchased the EM900, It's been 3 weeks and let me tell you how amazing these are! I bought three of these systems for our front group of the band which is me and two other singers, 

I work for a company that does pro audio and I have used mid range Shure systems, and the high end Sennheiser IEMs. And thus our company being dealers I was going to purchase this for an amazing price. BUT! I came across this system and said, wow they are cheaper, have more bells and whistles than the other high end, I'll give them a try. 

All I can say is WOW! First, the Transmitter is great! Easy to configure, so many channels, we haven't had any probelms with frequencies, the loop through on the back is great if you are running low on sends on your mixers. The range we haven't tested, but in monitor world is where we place them and have had no issues. 

Secondly, this thing is metal! Unlike the Shure's cheap plastic these are great! The battery is easy to change, but we have only needed to change them every other day, they have lasted us 2 nights of 4 hour sets each night. 

Third, me being picky about my sound, I used the earbuds that come with it, and they sounded (at first) okay to me, but I was worried about what happens with the bass and kick drum when I mix them in. So I went to the local music store, tried on a pair of M-Audio $250 ear buds dual driver, and then plugged in the Carvins and believe me! I threw the M-Audio's back on the counter and said NO THANK YOU! The Carvin had much more bass response than the more expesnive pair, then I tried the Shure E3, again, Carvin out performed them. Then to top it off, the Carvin buds are the most comfortable out of all of them. I was going to go with molded custom, but hey why spend the extra money? These things dissapear in your ear! One hint: I like a little more treble, (the pack has the hi frequency boost, I turned it on and it sounded like gold) 

Well bottom line is: For the price it's amazing! But for the price and features, this blows all of them away. My band now is converted to all IEM and what a great sound we have now, the FOH engineers love mixing us, stage volume is low, feedback is gone and our vocals are tight and blend very well! 

Get These!" 

David Yim Midwest
"Works very well. No dropouts. Vocals are clear as a bell. Very satisfied. Would recommend for anyone interested in this type of monitor." 

Paul Damico Escondido, CA
"Wow! After using floor monitor wedges for over 30 years I am amazed at what I've been missing with the EM902 earbuds. We can hear every nuance of our sound while eliminating feedback and gaining the ability to roam the stage without having to remain in a direct line with floor monitors. This system has changed our lives for ever. Not to mention the fact that we travel lighter and setup faster." 

Arvell Keithley St. Louis, MO 
"We have fallen in love with our new IEM - they are great. And it's crazy how much better you can sing with IEM's plus we don't kill the guys in the back by turning up our floor monitors so loud. If you need IEM you can't go wrong with Carvin." 

Sammy Russo Denham Springs, LA 
"I've been researching for a while and checked the specs/features and price of competing units. The Carvin on paper has better specs then anything out there under a grand. So how does it perform? Not only is it built better than I expected it works great! My hearing and pocketbook thank you Carvin for building a unit that is a pro level that doesn't break the bank. I was so impressed with the quality I just purchased a BX500 bass amp. Lots of good reviews can't wait to check it out." 

Kelly Martin Winder, GA 
"We bought 4 of these for our plant church, we have to set up and tear down every Sunday this unit saves setup time. We have eliminated our wedge monitors and have taken our stage volume to nothing, and the best thing is the earbuds block out all the high volume from the mains, hence saving the hearing. We would definitely recommend this product!" 

Greg Yadzinski Fairfax, VA 
"I purchased one of these after my Shure PSM400 belt pack became so flaky it was no longer usable. I've had the Carvin system it for 6 months now with no problems. For the price, the EM900 is a truly incredible value AND is a superior system. Why? Let me count the ways... 

- It sounds better than the Shure with more definition in the highs and a better stereo image.
- The batteries last longer.
- Built in power supply! The external linear Shure supply created hum in my rack depending on where it was mounted.
- Dual size headphones out - nice touch.
- XLR / TRS inputs on combo jacks
- All metal receiver case and transmitter chassis - tested the range - with the transmitter in the house, I was still listening at more than 200' away. 

I opened it up to see how it was built (don't tell Carvin) and it's all pro. All surface mount, shielded power supply cavity in the transmitter. Well done!" 

Jason Potter Cincinnati, OH 
"As an engineer, I have enough to worry about with 24 inputs for a 4 piece band. Cramped stages & high spl's don't make things any easier. Our front man, who besides singing plays (Carvin) basses, Moog pedals, and guitars and naturally needs to hear everything well. THIS IN-EAR SYSTEM IS A GODSEND. It's built like a tank, and the LCD menu on the pack is a snap to program. On top of the benefits of a totally isolated mix, it enables him to fine tune his vocal delivery and, BONUS, save his voice. For all of you performers who think something "gets lost" with in-ears, try a house mix...and then kiss your monitor rack goodbye! Did I mention the EM900 is built like a tank? Thank you Carvin for delivering such a high-quality, low-cost piece of equipment." 

Tom Engeberg Elk Grove, CA 
"I have been using this system for over a year and it has never failed. I have had other units where there has been frequency interference but not with this unit. Also, the receiver uses AA batteries and that's a plus as opposed to 9v batteries. Been using rechargeable batteries and they last over 4 hours. Buy it, you won't regret it." 

Larry Reel Las Vegas, NV
"I have always been impressed with Carvin's quality, so I don't really know why I hesitated in purchasing the In-Ear-Monitors from Carvin. But I did, listening to the heard a bit I guess. Glad I didn't listen and bought the IEM from Carvin, A VERY WISE CHOICE! All of my friends with Shure systems all wish that had my system, and yes mine was $300.00 cheaper, and has more features and doesn't feel like a plastic peice of junk. Dropped mine the first week out of my truck to the concrete, still works like a charm. The dual channels that you can pan between is just freakin awesome!" 

Jeff Shamus Windsor, CA
"The EM900 is built like a tank. It feels very high quality, both the transmitter and the receiver. The ear buds are actually pretty good. I use them to listen to music on my Android phone but not for in ear monitoring. I got custom molds from Alien Ears with the ambient feature which I am also very happy with. The EM900 worked flawlessly for my first 2 gigs. It is easy to setup, crystal clear sound, and absolutely no problems. I thought I might have to get a Shure or Senheiser, to get the high end quality I was looking for, but this is definitely the ticket and for the price I am very happy. I can recommend the EM900 without hesitation." 

Matt Arkansas
"All I can say is THANK YOU!! I have used several other more expensive in-ear monitor systems and the Carvins perform right along with them. I have performed Christian music for 20 years. When I had the luxury of switching from floor monitors to in-ears I never looked back. It can take a little getting used to but once you do its easier set up, a cleaner stage, and a much better and more consistent sound... whats not to like? I toured full time for years and am now in a part time group so the more expensive brands were not an option but neither was performing without in-ears. I searched high and low for an affordable set of monitors and finally came across Carvins system. I ordered one to test it and could not have been more pleased. We have used 3 transmitters with 6 receivers for the past 2 years and have had excellent service out of them. We have them rack mounted and have flown them to numerous places in the USA and even out of the country and they have yet to let us down. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the high priced in-ear market but do not want to sacrifice quality than you should definitely give the Carvin system a try!!" 

Robert Jackson, OH 
"Bought 2 of the wireless in-ear systems about 6 months ago to use with our touring classic rock and country band. We do about 125 shows a year and have done 57 shows since we started using these. We love them! They are clear and consise without giving ear fatigue. With their metal chassis they have held up extremely well to the rigors of the road. The earbuds that come with these are wonderful and have great response for single drivers. They can be incorporated into custom fit in ears too. And for the price ... why not? Just a great product that we now use almost daily that has never let us down. Oh yeah - the AA batteries are an added benefit!!" 

Steve Z. Orwigsburg, PA 
"Wow, where to start??? I've been using the complete EM900 system for quite a few months now - NEVER an issue. Crisp, clear, no dropouts, and pretty darn good on batterys. The EM902 ear buds were the icing on the cake. Matter of fact, they too are quite durable and should last a while with reasonable care -however I did rip the wire on my original EM902 set by a bone-head move on MY part. Didn't think twice about buying two more! One for use, one for BACK-UP! I don't use speaker cabs on stage any more. JUST THE EM900. In 40 years of playing live, I've never had it better! YOU CAN'T BEAT this PRODUCT!" 

Mike Orlando, FL 
"I usually don't write reviews for products but I was so blown away by this system that I feel like I need to share. The first thing that jumps out at you when you take this system out of the box is the build quality of both the receiver and transmitter. They are both incredibly solid. Truthfully, I wasn't really expecting that. The photos on the website can't really show how well-built this system is. The singer in our band has a Shure system (which isn't a bad system in itself) but it is all plastic, doesn't have a level meter on the transmitter (it's just a light that changes colors based on how hot the signal is), no separate headphone out, only has front inputs so we have to unplug it every time we put the rack cover on, so on and so forth. Not to mention that it was quite a bit more expensive than the Carvin system. 

The best feature on the Carvin is the ability to switch from stereo to mono mode and then use the L/R pan knob to blend two separate instruments to suit your needs. For example, a bassist and guitarist can be panned hard left and hard right (or be connected two different monitor outs) on the monitor mixer. Then, each person can use that knob to either get more guitar or more bass depending on their needs. In other words, you don't have to have a separate transmitter for each person. That is just great design. 

Finally, lets talk about the earbuds. When I first put them in I thought, 'Whoa...where is the bass?' But then after looking at the manual, I realized that I didn't have them in correctly. It takes a few times of taking them in/out of your ears to get used to how they should fit but once you get them in the correct way they sound really good. They aren't super-bass heavy but I don't think that you want all those low frequencies muddying your monitor mix. Drums sound incredibly clear in these. Are they the best sounding earbuds on the market? No, but they are a great value for the price. They fit really well and have plenty of isolation from the direct sounds from amps, drums, PA, etc. I'm in a metal band and I generally always wear earplugs at practice but, even with earplugs in, I usually have a very slight ringing in my ears when practice is over. When I use these earbuds, I go home with no ringing at all. On a side note, our drummer has a pair of $200 Shure earbuds which sound nice but they are always falling out of his ears unless he really jams them in (which probably isn't good for his ears). I recommended that he invest in a set of the Carvins and I'm actually thinking of purchasing a separate set for the gym." 

Paul Rideout West Plains, MO 
"I have been using Carvin for years now. Almost all of our PA is Carvin. I just got these in ear monitors and all I can say is wow. I have used them at rehearsal and I have even started using them in my studio. I am a drummer as well as a singer and it makes singing so much more enjoyable. I can hear all of the band but most important I can hear the vocals so clearly. The only problem is what to do with my Carvin monitors. Thanks Carvin for another great product that is a great value as well." 

Christopher Swaine Atlanta, MO 
"I bought this unit in 2009 and I've been gigging with it ever since. I love this product and have had no problems with them until last week when my receiver went on "mute" and wouldn't work. I contacted Carvin's service department and they are sending me a free replacement! Now that is customer service people!!! 

This is a great product, and the earbuds, even though they are only single driver, are better than a triple driver set of "Ultimate Ears" I bought for $350. Buy these IEMs you will not regret it! 

I will stand behind any Carvin product I have ever bought and I love to share this great company with all of my musician friends!" 

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