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X-Drive Software support page


To install the X-Drive software on your PC: 

Download X-Drive software for Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7 by clicking here file, 3.4MB) or by clicking the "Download" button. 

1. Unzip the files to a directory on your Hard Drive. Double-click the file "Setup.exe". Follow the steps to install the X-Drive software on your computer. 

2. The software will be installed to thec:\Program Files\Carvin X-Drive folder. It is recommended that you do not change the install folder. 

3. You will be asked if you would like a Desktop shortcut icon created. It is recommended to do this to allow easy access to the program. 

4. You may now run the software by double-clicking the X-Drive Serial Control icon on your desktop, however when linking to the X-Drive hardware, the device should be connected and powered on before the software is used. 

To install the X-Drive software on your Mac:

Download X-Drive software for Mac OSX 10.5 or higher by clicking here file, 3.4MB) or by clicking the "Download" button. Note that depending on your configuration, you may need to temporarily disable your virus protection and be logged in as an administrator to install the software.  

1. Open the file, and double-click the ".dmg" disk image file. 

2. You must install the included Serial Port Driver (FTDIUSBSerialDriver) before installing the XD360 software. This allows communication with the X-Drive hardware through the USB port. Double-click the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install. 

3. Next, drag the X-Drive icon onto the "Applications Alias" icon. This will install the software in the Applications folder. 

4. You can now run the software. Make sure to connect and power on the X-Drive hardware before running the software. 



XD88 program for PC only: Carvin Zip file)