We have an awesome online service center where you can download product Manuals and Schematics, diagnose problems with our Troubleshooting guide, learn how to Setup your Carvin product, or order Replacement Parts for the gear you already have!

Also take note of our Service & Exchange Program that lets you send in your “out of warranty” guitar amp, bass amp, power amp, or pro audio equipment for a new replacement, which may be the same or a current model (as noted in the program).  Some things to know about this program.
  • Not every product is available for exchange or service.  Only those listed.
  • Products 10 years or older need to be serviced by outside repair agencies. No services or exchanges are available on these products.
  • Exchanges are to be for like items, except where noted in the Service & Exchange program.
  • This program does not include enclosures or speakers.
  • All exchanges come with a new factory warranty.
  • All exchanges have to be returned first, before a replacement is sent out.  Please follow our Return procedures.

For repairs on Carvin Amps IN or OUT of warranty, please read about RETURNS and follow the procedures.  For the price of OUT of warranty repairs, check out the “flat rate” list in Service & Exchange.  Some electronic items can’t be services because of our Exchange program.
  • If we receive your repair and no problem is found, 50% or the flat rate price will apply.
  • Service is not available on equipment older than 10 years, and if it not shown in the “flat rate” list.
  • Service is not available on abused, modified, water, or smoke related damaged products.

Our products also come with limited warranties.
  • ELECTRONICS:  All guitar and bass amps, pro audio electronics, and microphones come with a 1 YEAR warranty. All HD and DCM power amps are warranted for 3 YEARS against manufacturer defects.
  • SPEAKER SYSTEMS:  All active and passive loudspeakers come with a 5 YEAR warranty against manufacturer defects.  All other speakers and speaker systems are warranted for 1 YEAR against manufacturer defects.
  • WIRELESS PRODUCTS AND TUBES:  Wireless products and tubes are warranted for 90 DAYS against manufacturer defects.
  • The CARVIN LIMITED WARRANTY covers all manufacturers’ defects.   The warranty does not cover: speaker or driver failure due to an open or rubbing voice coil, or failure caused by an influence from misuse, dropped, dents, scratches, chemicals, paint, dust, wind, smoke, fire, water, liquid, moisture, salty or corrosive environment, and normal wear and tear.

If you wish to return an item, start by filling out the RMA RETURN FORM. However, before you start, be sure to review the TROUBLESHOOTING guide to verify that you have a real problem. Thoroughly check everything. Over 25% of our returns are unnecessary because the product was not understood or operated correctly. Sometimes it's as simple as a switch in the wrong place.  If it's determined the product does need servicing, proceed with the RMA RETURN form, printing a copy for yourself and including one with your package. Be sure to fill out the "Problem Description" on the form and include a copy of "Proof of Purchase (invoice)" if the product is still under warranty. If you do not have a copy of your original invoice, email to obtain a copy. Be sure to provide complete details on the invoice you need (your name, address, product, etc).
  • Be sure to properly pack your return. It's recommended that you save the original carton as it provides the best protection. CARVIN or the shipping company is not responsible for damage resulting from improper packing.
  • If you have a combo bass or guitar amp, you can remove and return just the chassis, saving shipping cost and possible damage to the cabinet. If it's a tube chassis, remove the tubes, rap individually and carefully place into your package. Be sure the chassis is not loose in the carton. No Service or Exchanges available on these products.
  • Repairs normally take two weeks after received. If there is a required payment, or problem that's not covered under warranty, you will be contacted by email. Prior to shipping, all repairs must be paid for in full. You are responsible for all shipping charges. However, Carvin will pay shipping both ways for the first 90 days after the purchase providing it's a bona fide failure.
  • All repairs are warranted for 90 days against the same problem.
  • All items are shipped UPS "Ground" unless other arrangements have been made.
  • An email will be sent to acknowledge the receipt of your return.

Customers who are in need of warranty repair service by Carvin should note the following shipping policies and procedures:
  • For gear requiring warranty service within 30 days of the original invoice date, Carvin will issue a call tag for UPS to pick up the equipment at Carvin's expense. Carvin will also pay the return shipping to the customer.
  • For equipment requiring warranty service work beyond 30 days of the original invoice date of the item, the customer is responsible for shipping of the item to the Carvin factory in San Diego, California. Shipping insurance is strongly recommended, as Carvin will not be held responsible for damages incurred in transit. If the item is being returned for warranty service less than one year from the original invoice date, Carvin will pay for return shipping to the customer (ground).
  • For all equipment requiring warranty service or other work beyond one year from the original invoice date, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges both to and from the factory. If you are returning a product for any reason other than service/repair, such as an item damaged in shipment or the wrong item shipped, please download and print the RMA form, and include it with your return shipment to speed processing.

Some Items we recommend not returning:
  • SPEAKER ENCLOSURES are not recommended for returning because of the potential damage to the enclosure and the high cost of shipping. If it's a bad component, follow the TROUBLE SHOOTING guide for removal. With help, determine the defective component (active power amp, speaker, horn driver, crossover, etc). These components have connectors for easy removal without soldering. In some cases it may only be an input jack that is defective, which if under warranty will be replaced at no charge upon receiving the defective connector, or go to REPLACEMENT PARTS to purchase on-line.
  • Do not return electronics that are older than 5 years, except if you are exchanging the chassis in our EXCHANGE PROGRAM. For older units, please use the SCHEMATICS and REPLACEMENT PARTS for repair.
  • Non-serviceable items: cables, microphone, wireless products or other manufactures' products.
  • CARVIN products outside the USA are not accepted for repair. Consult your local dealer.

RETURNS ARE TO BE SENT PREPAID TO: CARVIN,16262 W. Bernardo Drive, San Diego, California 92127.

If it’s needed, you can contact our repair departments by emailing: