Guitar Amplifiers




Carvin Audio and Amplifiers has been designing and building guitar amplifiers since 1946 with all tube designs, solid state designs and blends of both.  Our amplifiers have been used by many artists, session players and working musicians with years of solid performance.  The all tube 100 watt V3 and 50 watt V3m series provides two high gain channels and a clean channel. The all tube 100 watt Legacy 3 series, designed with and used by Steve Vai, provides 3 channels of Steve's signature sound and versatility for any player.  Our Vintage series brings back the classic tone of the dirty blues players and singing clean guitar.  The X100B, a reissue of our 80s and early 90s flagship amplifier, is the perfect blend of preamp tube tone, solid state equalization, and all tube 100W power amplifier.  The Acoustic series provides amplification for acoustic instruments and includes microphone and play back channels for the all in one amplifier and PA system when needed.  The TS100 provides a 50/50 watt stereo all tube power amplifier for rack guitar systems, and allows you to add more cabinets to our other guitar amplifiers as Steve Vai has done.




Carvin V3M Micro Series Tube Guitar Amplifiers

V3M Series

The V3M Series amps take many of the popular features of the V3 Series, and incorporate them in a small light weight package that packing 50 watts of power from four EL84 power tubes. The 50W/22W/7W adjustable power allows you to get the high-volume sustain and crunch you want at lower volumes. The versatility of the V3m comes from the all tube gain, three tone characters on each channel and the EQ expansion switch covering many genres and playing styles. An Internal lush reverb compliments the overall sound of the V3m.  Available as the V3MC single 12-inch combo design, the light weight head design, the V3M Micro Series is the guitarist's dream for tone.



Carvin V3 Series Tube Guitar Amplifiers

V3 Series

The V3's tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch for all styles of music.  It's four EL34's produce over 100 watts of output power and can be throttled back to 50 watts or 20 watts with the power attenuation switch. The three channels of expanded tone circuits and three tone characters on each channel cover many genres and playing styles, from rock and metal to blues and country. Compatible with standard MIDI controllers for easy control of channel switching, boost, and SmartLoops™ technology. Set the internal LED lamps to a variety of killer colors to match your attitude on each channel. Master your tone with the V3 and VX series Birch cabinets.



Carvin VX Series Birch guitar cabinets with dual porting

VX Series Birch cabinets

You pour your heart and soul into the music you create. The VX series guitar cabinets are all premium Baltic Birch construction, with finer lines, a larger cabinet size, thicker fronts, and black grill cloth, to project your passion in both tone and style. The larger cabinet size gives new detail and body to your tone. The VX series includes a unique dual (single on the VX112) removable port open back system providing new ways to shape your tone. Choose the single port VX412 tuning for extended 8 string low end output. Five models are available from singe 12-inch to four 12-inch cabinets.



Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 Series Micro Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Steve Vai Legacy 3 Series

The 100W all-tube 3-channel Legacy 3 guitar amp is the result of countless hours of design and development by Carvin engineers, working closely with Steve Vai. The Legacy 3 features a master volume controlling the volume of all 3 channels without affecting the tone, a master boost control, channel-assignable reverb; and internal LED lighting were a different color can be assigned to each channel.  The Legacy 3 also features MIDI control compatible with standard MIDI controllers. Leave your own legacy... Your every note will be heard loud and clear with the expressive, detailed tone of this legendary amplifier. Let the crowd remember your performance for a lifetime.



Carvin Vintage Series Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Vintage Series

The all tube Vintage Series guitar amps reflect our devotion to tone. Rich, thick harmonics with creamy smooth mid tones define the superb sound of these amps. Matched EL84 output tubes and 12AX7 tubes react to the subtlest touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. If you drive the amp hard, it rings out with rich tube harmonics. Available in a 16 watt with dual EL84's, a 50 watt with quad EL84's, single 12-inch and two 12-inch speaker combos and head-only configurations with matching extension cabinets. Loaded with GT12 speakers. Covered in vintage tweed vinyl.  When you need vintage this series delivers.



Carvin X100B Series Guitar Amplifiers

X100B Series

The tube X100B Mark IV is the classic master volume tube amplifier, with it's unique active tone controls and 5-band graphic EQ, allowing any sound to be achieved. The X100B Series IV model is based on the original X100B used by legendary artists such as Steve Vai, Frank Zappa & Craig Chaquico. It has two channels (clean & lead) and is equipped with four EL34 power tubes for a full 100 watts of all tube output. Complete your X100B rig with the VX series Birch cabinets.



Carvin Acoustic Series Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic Series

The AG acoustic series are premium acoustic instrument amplifiers with a compliment of features providing a complete sound solution for solo and small group performances in coffee shops, small auditoriums. Three channels support acoustic or electric guitars, both stand up and bass guitars, keyboards, media players and microphones. On the AG200 and AG300, channels 1&2  includes an XLR input, 3-band EQ with mid-sweep and 1/4" input instrument preamps with a Hi-Z impedance switch to get the most from piezo or magnetic pickups. Channel 3 has an XLR input and a 1/8" input for a media player or keyboard. All three channels have volume, bass, treble & effect controls.  Dual DSP effects with adjustable echo, reverb and chorus are tailored to add great ambience to any performance.  With up to 250 watts and versatile tone control you will be covers at your next acoustic gig with a Carvin AG amplifier.



Carvin TS100 Rack Mount Tube Guitar Amplifier

TS100 Rack Mount Amp

The TS100 rack-mount all tube stereo amp produces pristine clean tones via it's warm tube performance. It is equipped with 4 12AX7 and 4 EL34 output tubes. Internal bias selection switches are available for both channels. Front controls include power, stand by, volume and presence controls. 4, 8 & 16 ohm switching with bridge, parallel and ground lift switches. Premium built with steel chassis, chrome colored front panel and brass bushings for controls.