Guitar Amplifier Schematics

Schematic Name and Revision PCB Filename Rev Date
100W Mains Transformer 15-10714D Mains Transformer for 100W Tube Amplifiers
100W Amp System Master Rev D 30-01404 30-01404revD.pdf 11-01-2000
100W Amp System Master Rev F 30-01404 30-01404F.pdf 11-01-2000
3200 2CH 100W Master Tube Series Rev E F 30-32001 MTS3200 REV-E.pdf 02-02-1998
AG100 System Master Rev A 30-01019 AG100revA.pdf 08-07-1995
AG100D System Master Rev F 30-01019 AG100DrevF.pdf 04-06-1998
AG100D System Master Rev E 30-01019 AG100D Rev-E.pdf 04-03-1998
AG100D System Master Rev D 30-01019 AG100D Rev-D.pdf 03-11-1998
AG100D System Master Rev C 30-01019 AG100D rev-C.pdf 10-10-1997
AG100D System Master Rev K 30-01019 AG100D rev-K.pdf 05-24-2001
AG100D System Master Rev J 30-01019 AG100D Rev-J.pdf 01-30-2001
AG100D System Master Rev G 30-01019 AG100D Rev-G.pdf 10-12-2000
AG200 / AG300 Acoustic Combo 80-01030 Rev B
Classic 100 Rev D 30-10107 classic_100.pdf 09-28-1992
Compact Studio Guitar Amp X30 X60 Rev C n/a X30-X60-1987.pdf 11-01-1987
DSP Module Rev B 30-11774 Carvin DSP Module for X100B XP880 03-25-2008
FET100 Power Module Rev A 30-65208 01018 Power Module FET100 & FET200.pdf 10-25-1993
FET100 Power Module Rev I 3-100-FET-8 sFET1008I.pdf 01-10-1991
FET100 Power Module Rev C 30-FET100-8 S01018C.pdf 01-14-1991
FS33L Rev 001 N/A fs33_sch.pdf 03-09-1999
FS22  Footswitch
FS36-Old  2x 1/4 Oldest Version
FS36 mod to FS22 Modify FS22 to work as FS36
FS36 Last revision
FS44M Steve Vai VL300 Footswitch
FS44 SX300 and V3-no reverb Footswitch
FS44L-V3M V3M Footswitch
Midi Interface Rev D 30-00107 MIDI INTERFACE.pdf 03-04-1993
PB15 PB300C PB300 PB500 Rev G 30-02091 pb15_pb300c_pb300_pb500.pdf 12-06-1990
Quad X Amp - All Schematics n/a All Revisions 06-09-1992
Quad X Amp FS-77 Footswitch (non-midi) Rev A 30-00177 00177A25Feb92.pdf 02-25-1992
Carvin SX Series All Models SX50 SX100 SX200 SX300 SX300H All Models 04-21-1994
V3 Rev I 30-33101 33101ri_v3_blocked_full.pdf 12-04-2004
V3M Rev C OR D 30-33050 v3m_blocked.pdf 12-16-2010
Valve Master Rev G 30-77701 valvemaster77701g.pdf 12-14-1994
Valve Master Rev B 30-77701 valvemaster_rev_b.pdf 00-00-0000
Vintage Series - All Schematics- All Models Vintage16,33 50 Belair Nomad 02-11-2002
VL2100 Rev E 30-32201 30-32201.pdf 11-14-2008
VTR2800 n/a vtr2800.pdf 03-01-1978
X Amp EQ Rev A 30-01015 X-amp eq.PDF 12-05-1990
X100B IV 80-22101C
X-AMP Rev C 30-X100-4C X-Series Amp Schematic.pdf 09-22-1992
X-AmpSeriesIII n/a x-ampseriesiii.pdf 03-25-1982
X-Series Tube Amp Pre-Amp Section Rev A n/a x100a1981.pdf 01-16-1981
X100 EQ Rev D E 30-X100-5 X100-EQ.PDF 09-11-1990
X100A Rev H3 n/a X100A.pdf 05-26-1983