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Archive-Carvin MB15 15-Inch Micro Bass Amplifier Combo

Carvin MB15 15-inch micro bass combo amplifier with 15-inch wooferCarvin MB15 15-inch micro bass combo amplifier with 15-inch woofer

adobe pdf      BX250 & MB Series Product Manual

The MB15 Micro Bass is a 15-inch system that is not much larger than the MB10, but has a fuller sound from a 15" woofer. The MB15 delivers the results you would expect from a more powerful 15" bass system, thanks to the 250w of clean RMS power. The titanium tweeter adds to the upper harmonics enhancing your overall sound. The micro size is a pleasure to carry because it's only 17" wide x 12" deep x 18.5" high and weighs in at only 32.6 lbs. You will be impressed with the MB15 performance! 

Micro Bass Features 

The internal BX head delivers 250w RMS at 4 ohms (with 8 ohms extension speaker) and 200w RMS into each of the 8 ohm Micro Bass models. The Class D power amp is 94% efficient delivering not only its full RMS but doing it very efficiently taking less AC power from the wall. Typical THD is less than .1% for ultra low distortion keeping your bass clean and the tone pure in every respect. See the BX250 for more details. The BX pre-amp is the state-of the-art with a Drive knob to control the harmonic content (clean to clipping) and dual Parametric EQ to select all the sweet tones of your bass. The Contour, Bass and Treble controls deliver deep bass and brilliant highs. Includes Active and Mute switches. The pre amp Direct Out XLR is pre or post selectable for the house PA or recording and includes a ground lift and Level control. The Master level controls the speakers while the DI level controls the pre-amp output including the Phone/Tuner. The tweeter features a DIM switch to control the brightness of your sound. Poplar plywood enclosures covered with optional Tolex colors. 


- Power: 200W @ 8 ohms, 250W @ 4 ohms (w/ 8 ohm extension speaker)
- 15" woofer
- Frequency Response: 60 - 20Khz
- Convienent top-mounted panel
- Titanium tweeter
- Outputs: Direct XLR out, phones/tuner, 1/4" external speaker
- Controls: Drive, Contour, Bass, Treble, Master Volume
- Seperate DI level
- Built-in compressor
- Dual parametric EQ
- Covered in black vinyl
- Dimensions: 17" wide X 12" deep X 18.5" high
- Weight: 32.6 lbs 

Neil Duresky La Crosse, Wisconsin 
"Love the amp. Use it for a Fender Reggie Hamilton jazz bass and a Yamaha Silent Bass. Super for any room from a nursing home community room to a large lounge to the great outdoors for a medium-size fund raising setting." 

Terry Fugate Chattanooga, TN 
"As a 5 string fretless bass player and a guitar player, this amp is amazing. I've owned almost everything under the sun, but nothing can really touch this. With a an E-H Holy Grail reverb pedal and a True Grit distortion pedal, I can do everything with one amp. Being able to switch off the tweeter for guitar issues is an enormous plus. Dump your 100-150 lb rig and buy this one. Nothing about it is less than perfect." 

Nick Mayes Poseyville, IN 
"Great bass amp. Sounds perfect with my Carvin Icon 5. Couldn't be happier with the tone!" 

Robert Lanuza San Diego, CA 
"I just wanted to thank the Manager Jorge Camberos for recommending this great little amp. I've been playing smaller venues lately and I need something easy to carry and lightweight. I was looking at amps that are 3 - 4 times more expensive, heavier and not as loud. I did a brunch gig at Humphreys and the sound was perfect. That night I did an outside gig and this small amp was able to keep up. You really have to try it to believe it. I also have the Carvin BX500. What a great amp. I always carry it in my gig bag because it is so lightweight." 

Steve Greene Rantoul, KS 
"I recently purchased an MB15 bass amp and am very happy with it. I wanted something portable that sounds GOOD and this one really works for me. Great features and layout (I like the controls on top where you can easily see & access them while you play). I would really like to see a matching extension cabinet for this amp. It would make a great light weight mini stack for small gigs and battle with loud guitar players! I have a Carvin RX1200-LM153/LM12 PA & a Carvin B4 fretless bass and I am very impressed with the sound & quality of both. When I need new gear I always check my Carvin web site first!" 

Robert Lewis Lockport, NY 
"Excellent quality-worth every penny for made in USA product. I have it paired with a Carvin cabinet with 2 10 inch woofers and compression tweeter. Kicks butt for $700.00 total price." 

Sean El Paso, TX 
"I just picked up a new MB15 last week, and used it for a show that very night. All it took was some quick tweaking of the EQ, and I had "my sound" within minutes. It held up very well at two weekend shows, even with my band's typical high stage volume. As an added bonus, it's ably replacing a 600W combo weighing north of 100 lbs, so my back is grateful. My one piece of advice is to play around with the sweepable mid frequencies. This amp is very flexible and provides fantastic output, especially for the size and weight. Finally, the staff at the San Diego store were ridiculously nice. Thanks guys, and thanks Carvin!" 

Larry Cox Washington 
"Your new MB 15 w/ 115MB has REPLACED all my other Bass Amps! I no longer need to leave a heavy amp at the practice studio and one at my home. I can just pack my Carvin like a suitcase wherever I go!! What a GREAT American Made Product! You Have Saved my Back!" 

Jason Texas 
"I had a redline 600 Carvin combo that was 100 lbs. and another brand's small 60 watt practice amp. I recently started playing at local nursing homes and I needed something with more power than my practice amp, but much more compact and light than my redline. I was able to sell my huge amp and buy the MB15 without paying any money out of pocket. I now have almost 4 times the power of my practice amp, in an amp that is almost the same size, and it weighs 7 pounds less than my practice amp. Thank you Carvin for providing an affordable microbass amp with the power to actually go out and perform for people without breaking the bank or my back. I opted for the brown tooled tolex and for the little extra money it is awesome. It really gives my amp a unique look. I plan on selling my practice amp now and buying the extension cabinet to extend the flexibility of this great little combo amp." 

Ken Pomaiba East Fallowfield, PA 
"Picked this amp up for Praise Team and, as is typical with Carvin equipment, am thrilled with it! Especially love the DI Out which allows me to send Pre or Post EQ signal to the house while using the Master to set an independent monitor volume for the stage. The Contour brings out a great slap/punch that gets held down properly with the variable Compression, and all the other controls are effective and predictable. Paired with my LB75, if I can't get a sound out of this then I probably don't need to! I was surprised to hear how well this amp also works with acoustic guitar, as the tweeter grabs the highs well without being tinny. And all this at just over 30 lbs. As usual, Carvin provides another winner at a winning price!" 

Marty Breznay Cleveland, OH 
"Amazing little amp! I purchased it mainly for a portable practice amp with hopes if it had enough power I could play small venues. Well this amp has MORE than enough power for practice, small to medium sized clubs. It cuts through drums no problem, and it sounds great going through our Carvin RX1200L powered mixer. Thanks Carvin!"