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Archive- Carvin Audio XP800L Lightweight Stereo Powered 500W 8 Channel Mixer

Carvin Audio XP800L Powered Mixer

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The ultra light XP800L Stereo 8 Channel powered mixer features 8 inputs and an impressive 500 watts RMS (750 watts peak) power from 2 amplifiers all in a compact 10 lbs enclosure. Each XP800L features a USB power port for an MP3 player or LED panel light. Each amp delivers 250w RMS (375w peak) at 4 ohms or 140w (210w peak) at 8 ohms. Left and Right power amps can be switched to Main/Monitor driving both main speakers and floor monitors. With this much power, the XP800L can cover audiences up to 300 people. The high efficiency "Green" Class D power amplifiers conserve power so they are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate. Two 1/4-inch speaker connectors are featured on the front panel for fast set up. 

SUPERB SOUND is derived from the extremely low distortion, "high headroom" design. State-of-the art, low noise, balanced XLR preamps from our Concert Series mixers provide common mode rejection better than 78 dB, which means that any noise that may come over your cables is virtually eliminated. Distortion is nearly non-existent with THD below 0.1% from input to output, guaranteeing the purity of your sound. Hear the difference. 

LIGHTWEIGHT/EASY TO USE Controls are logically laid out making the XP Series simple to use reducing errors during setup and performance. Its compact size and weight of only 10 lbs. makes it the lightest, most powerful mixer in its class. 

2 HIGH CURRENT "GREEN" CLASS-D AMPLIFIERS each produce 250w RMS, 325w peak at 4 ohms or 140w RMS, 210w peak at 8 ohms. Class D amps not only run cooler, but their power efficiency is outstanding. This means they demand less power from the wall to sustain the power needed to drive your speakers. Speaker outputs accept standard 1/4"connectors for secure connections. 

HIGH CURRENT "GREEN" SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLY conserves power by operating at higher efficiency. The DC voltage supply is recharged 100,000 times per second, delivering continuous high current to the power amps. 

24-BIT STEREO DSP EFFECTS allow you to assign your channels to your choice of effects. The effects are adjustable to your stage monitors so you can hear yourself with full effects. The effects processor with 256 effects includes reverbs, choruses, flanging and echoes with fully adjustable parameters for damping, decay, depth, speed, regeneration and time. 

ACTIVE 3 BAND CHANNEL EQ provides easy adjustment for the tone you want. The 80Hz LO frequency control delivers a solid non-flabby bass. A simple adjustment with the MID band control brings out the best sound for vocals or guitar by affecting the very important 750Hz frequency range. The 11.5k Hz HI treble control adds sparkle to your top-end without adding harshness. Both the LO and HI controls are "shelving", which means they are effective from 20Hz to 20kHz. 

STEREO 7-BAND EQUALIZER provide precise adjustments to fine tune your overall sound and to help control feedback. The EQ tracks with the main power amps either to the LR main outputs or monitor/main outputs (mono). 

XP880L USB Light

USB Panel Light

ENGINEERED TO LAST Every XP Series mixer incorporates a rugged steel chassis with protective side panels. Continuous full power is assured from high-grade 6063-T5-aluminum heat sinks. Sealed controls and switches guard against the outside elements while heavy-duty connectors provide a positive connection to your cables. Hidden deep in the heart of these mixers is the "SMT" Surface Mount Technology that utilizes surface mounted components to prevent parts from shaking or vibrating loose. Precision 1% tolerances guarantee your settings will be accurate every time. Fire retardant FR-4 military spec circuit cards feature double-sided copper to guard against noise and radio frequencies (RF). The XP Series is made in the USA for years of dependable service. 

Frequency Response: Mic or Line Inputs: 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than .1% at nominal levels
Equivalent Input Noise: 150 ohm source: -117dBu
Output Noise: -90dBu Master Line Out (All Levels Minimum)
Output Headroom: +20dB
Maximum Gain: Mic in to Master Line Out: 70dB
Crosstalk: Adjacent channels: -60db at 1KHz
Common Mode Rejection: -78db at 1KHz
Phantom Power: 48volt @ XLR Mic channels
Channel EQ 3-band active: LOW: 80Hz ±12dB, MID: 750Hz ±12dB, HI: 11.5KHz ±12dB
Power Output: 2x250w RMS@4ohms, 140w RMS@8ohms
Power Req.: 120VAC 60 Hz or 240VAC 50 Hz auto switching
Dimensions: 13.5" wide x 9" deep x 7.5" high
Weight: 10 Lbs

Matt Kendrick USA 
"I am frankly surprised at how good this amps sounds. I play my upright bass through, mic an upright piano and vocals. Works very well. The XP800L is a great little amp. Its flexibility with 2 amps is nice. Sepreate monitor volume controls for each channel is helpful." 

Jerry Overmyer USA 
"When I received this powered mixer I couldn't believe how small and light it was! I thought there is no way this would be enough power for my PA. Wrong! It sounds and performs great! I am able to get a separate mix for mains and monitors and the built in reverb is perfect! We mic vocals, violin, kick drum and percussion and I am able to get a great mix. Thanks again Carvin for a great Made in the USA product!" 

JT Littlefield Ocean Beach, CA 
"This is the perfect, portable mixer for small to medium sized venues and churches. Easy to use, good sounding effects, decent power output, and low cost make this unit a no brainer. I've done a lot of research and can not find a better deal than the XP800L. The competitors sell similar units for hundreds more, and my previous positive experiences with Carvin power amps and basses made this an easy choice. If you have the luxury of living near a Carvin showroom, then go check it out. If you don't, then order one - I guarantee you won't send it back!" 

Derek Dixon Bay City, MI 
"BIG power with lots of versatility. I am knocked out by this products ability to out-power the competition. I have used other products with less options and with a great deal less power for the same price. I have used the XP800l in the following settings without fail: DJ/Karaoke, practice P.A., Emcee host and as an amp to power my bi ampable 10" x 15" bass cab. To sum it up: a light little package with HUGE versatility and a BIG sound. I'll be back for more!"