Archive- XB412 100W Half-Stack Amplifier

XB412 100W Half-Stack Amplifier

Package Discontinued 2016- See X100B and VX412T

Package Includes:
- 1 X100B 100W Head
- 1 GX412T Slanted 4 X 12 Cabinet
- 1 C5S Cable 

The X100B series tube amps were a mainstay on many arena stages and MTV videos throughout the 1980's. Artists such as Frank Zappa, Craig Chaquico with Jefferson Starship, Warrant, Warren Cuccurullo with Missing Persons, and Steve Vai all played X100B amps. Frank Zappa raved about the Clean channel on this amp. Steve Vai recorded a song called "Blue Powder" featuring the X100B. The release of Series IV includes a master volume switchable to boost mode and a 4 button optional footswitch with LED indicators (Channel, Effects, Reverb, Boost). As a tribute to the original X100B amps, the new Series IV is badged with the vintage Carvin logo. 

X100B Rear Panel (click to enlarge) 

"The Carvin X100B amp is a real workhorse. It delivers pleasantly smooth yet punchy clean tones, old school tube crunch rhythm sounds and richly detailed lead tones. I used one exclusively on my very first album. I asked nicely to borrow it from my Dad. If he was using them on stage they had to be good. Try one for yourself, they are quite user friendly!" 

- Dweezil Zappa 

Carvin offers a wide assortment of colored coverings for speaker enclosures and guitar amp heads.