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V3M212S 3-Channel All Tube 2 X 12 Slanted Micro Stack

V3M212S 3-Channel All Tube 2 X 12 Slanted Micro Stack

*Product Discontinued*

Package Includes:

- V3M Micro Head
- 212S 2 X 12 Slant Cabinet
- C5S Speaker Cable


The V3M amp was a huge hit at the 2011 NAMM Show, with players raving about the amazing sound and versatility. It was awarded Best of Show.  The small size and selectable power output makes the V3M ideal for dorms, apartments, as well as live performances and recording when mic'd or connected directly to the board.

This package features the V3M head and a 212S speaker cabinet. The 212S is a closed back cab but features a removable rear panel.

The stock speaker is Carvin's GT12. The cabinet can be custom ordered with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and covered in a custom tolex color.

The 50 watt V3M amp is the musician's dream, delivering awesome power with incredible tone including lush reverb. Nearly half the size of the V3L

100w head, the V3M offers nearly the same features. Its powerful 50w output easily drives a 4 X 12 half stack while the 7 or 22 watt setting delivers sweet saturation at low levels. 

The all tube channels can be engaged with your footswitch for normal "Pristine Clean" for shimmering highs and deep bass. Switch the channel to classic rock with the deepest metal crunch or continuous sustain. Or, switch to another channel for rich harmonics infused from the "Soak" control for rich Jazz or country blues. Each channel incorporates its own character drive switches - "Bright to Soak" and "Thick" to "Intense" with EQ switches expanding the tone. Never before has there been so much tone and power from a micro series. Don't forget to include the optional FS44L-V3M foot switch when purchasing the V3M amp. The foot switch allows for full switching of all channels, reverb and the boost.


- POWER & STANDBY (switches)
- Channel Select: 1 & 2 (switches)
- Channel Select: SELECT & CH3 (switches)
- CONTROLS for each of the 3 channels:
   - DRIVE
   - BASS
   - MID
   - INTENSE/THICK- 2 ch’s (switches)
   - INTENSE/SOAK - 3rd ch (switch)
   - EQX - Ch 1-3 (switches)

- Tubes: 4 EL84, 4 12AX7
- POWER MODE (switch)
   - 50, 22, 7 watts
- IMPEDANCE (switch)
   - 4, 8 & 16 ohms
- LINE OUT cabinet voiced (jack)
- EFF LOOP send/receive (jacks)
- MASTER BOOST (adjustable control)
- FS44L-V3M or FS22 FOOT SWITCH (jacks)
- 120 or 240 VAC 50-60 Hz (switch)
- Made in the USA

Note that while custom cabinets, enclosures and heads are covered under our 10-day trial and are fully refundable, the cost of the colored vinyl is not. 

- Channels: 3
- Power: 50W/22W/7W selectable
- Impedance: 4/8/16 ohms selectable
- Tubes: 4 EL84, 4 12AX7
- Lush reverb
- Speaker Outputs: 2
- Line Out (cabinet voiced)
- Effects Loop
- Master Boost Control
- Optional Footswitch: FS44L or FS22
- Blue or Red Backlit LEDs (selectable)
- 120 or 240 VAC 50-60 Hz (switch)
- Dimensions: 15" (38cm) wide X 8.5" (21cm) deep X 7" (18cm) high
- Weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kgs)
- Made in San Diego, California 

- 200 watts
- 8 ohms
- Open or closed back design
- Covered in black vinyl
- Two GT12 speakers
- 26 inches high X 10.25 inches deep X 17 inches wide
- Weight: 40 lbs.
- Made in San Diego, California 


Kevin Michael San Diego, CA
"18 months ago I played through the original V3L for the first time. I was sold before I ever got it out on a gig, but as I had time to work with it in the weeks that followed, I realized it was hands down the best amp I'd ever played through! 

I have several vintage amps available including a '64 Super Reverb, Plexi Marshall, and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Over the years I've played Mesa Boogie, Ampeg V4 & Reverberocket, Marshall JCM800 amps that were all amazing. But the V3L tops them all!! 

I play in three bands: a retrofunk review, a classic 80's-90's club band, and a national-level original alternative metal band. The great thing about my V3L is it can get any tone I want and the EQ's and gain structure are so versatile and interactive that now that I've learned the amp I can get any tone I want from bone-crushing crunch to spanky clean to classic Fender style overdrive with only a quick adjustment. 

Fast forward to the last 3 weeks since I picked up the V3 micro: All I can say is wow! Anyone who has searched for the perfect amp knows its rare to fall in love with an amp like I did with the original V3L. And if you ever tried out a new amp on a gig, you know its always a little nerve-racking because you never know if its going to perform under the heat of battle. I tried the V3 micro on a recommendation from the guys at Carvin because I needed something easier to cart around for the club gigs than the V3 half stack. What happened?? 

To my amazement the V3 micro is just as incredible as the original V3! Same fantastic gain structure options, selectable EQ stacks and preamp options as the original, but with the smaller power amp I was able to turn up and get the amp to open up without bringing the roof down. The V3M has slightly different characteristics with its EL84 tube compliment, but the EQ's are so good I can still get all my favorite V3 tones, plus with the power amp working harder it really 'pops' in the mix and additionally gets some other flavors quite easily including the classic midrange saturated Boogie tones and is even more authentic for clean breakup sounds like Stevie Ray or the Stones! With the built-in reverb and a little TC chorus I didn't need my rack, and the whole rig easily fits in my trunk (including guitars) and can be set up and ready to play in about 45 seconds! 

Nothing can beat the tone of my V3L for the high volume alternative metal gigs. But the micro is my new weapon of choice for those small venues around town that we play to keep our chops up. We're playing again tonight, and I can't wait to plug into this fantastic new amplifier!!! 

Prepare yourself to discover world-class guitar tone and astonishing versatility with the most intuitive and easily optimized amplifier around. 

To all my friends at Carvin USA- thanks for your incredible support and congratulations on creating a new iconic 3 channel amp which in my opinion puts all the others to shame without breaking a sweat! You guys rock!!! 

I've also included a photo of some of my Carvin gear, this one is live in concert at 4th & B in San Diego with Skid Row, featuring my smoking hot CT324 and the V3L half stack." 

Bernie Woodland Hills, CA 
"I was invited to purchase a V3M out of the Carvin showroom inventory and am thrilled I did. This amp is amazing and amazingly deceiving. The V3M has the clean headroom of a twin and the wooly shred of a brit. I already own many amps but am getting too old to haul combos, half stacks and racks. This little thing fits into my sports car and cranks in any playing setting. For the money, the best new equipment buy I ever made (and I've been at it for 35 years). I can't say enough about it except "Buy this amp! You will not be disappointed." No surprise that it won NAMM 2011. American made, headroom to the moon, versatile and portable. Well done." 

Ryan Maiden, NC 
"I received my V3 Micro today and wow! I only played it for a couple hours but I can say once again Carvin has hit it out of the park! I just played the 7 watt setting but that is plenty of enough for what I will need for the most part (with 1 12" cab). It is everything that I ever wanted in an amp - great tone, versatility but easy to use, power output options, made in the USA, visual appeal, more great tone, and a price tag that my wallet can handle. Thanks again Carvin. When it comes to guitars and amps I will only buy from you." 

David Crouch Antioch, CA 
"Carvin has created a powerful and versatile guitar amplifier in a compact size. The V3MC is going to be a great addition to my guitar equipment arsenal. I am very impressed with the features and power of this model. I opted for the upgraded speaker package loading the amp with a Celestion Vintage 30 and it sounds amazing. Thanks Carvin!" 

Todd Borntreger Scipio, IN 
"Just wanted to thanks for making great products for such an unbelivable price. This little amp is unbelivable much better than any of the botique amps on the market. Beware this thing can get very loud, last band practice used it on the seven watt setting and I still had to keep my guitar volume rolled off a little to keep from drowning out everyone and I play with a very loud drummer. Very solidly built amp, the tone is very complex , very touch sensitive, and cuts through very well. Can't stop playing it , the line out is also very useable and sounds just like the cab running it through my board, overall just one spectacular little amp and cab." 

Paul Hagenow Warner, NH 
"Well first of all I've been hacking at guitar for 20+ years and it's only a hobby (good thing I have another job). I've had many solid state amps and one Mesa (.50 caliber +). In my opinion, for the money (and probably beyond the $$) this amp is what an amp should be. Even if my 40's I'm still pretty much a metal guy, which is the stuff that I still try to learn which this amp is a great match for. Guys all like new toys to play with, but as far as an amp I just want to plug it to it and get good hard metal distortion and great clean sounds. This amp does both very very well. The Mesa was a great amp which I got used at an amazing price, but to replace it with anything close I was looking at $1500 to $2000 (and that was a 1x12 combo). I got the V3M micro head with the 2x12 cab, which you might find with some imports but then your probably looking at only 2 channels. Maybe this amp will get me to the point of saying I'm sort of a musician because this is the first amp I've had where I actually could hear the tone differences between guitars. They all produce good crunch through it, but the are all very different. My guitars are are bolt on neck Ibanez RG's and Jackson's (except for my Carvin Cobalt C850), and the personality from each is very different through the V3M even compared to the Mesa. I will be doing some pickup swap outs for the Carvin's which I have in an Ibanez RG520. They are very inexpensive and yet have high $$ tone quality. So where this is a hobby for me I don't have an expert opinion, other than, made in the USA, very affordable, and the amps sound "blanking" great for metal to country buy if you're looking and return it if you're not happy (although I'm sure you will be). Now that I have a Carvin acoustic, pickup, and a Carvin amp my next step is to order a maple neck-fret board C66 guitar in trans-green :) You guys are great at Carvin, keep building here in the USA. Keep up the great work and I hope something I said will encourage a potential buyer to look further into your products because they are awesome." 

Haskell Folsom San Antonio, TX 
"This little amp is perfect. I play blues, country, classic rock and the clean chime is perfect with all styles. The drive channels are killer and I love the boost button on the pedal. No need to fiddle with guitar volume knob at all, just a click and I'm in solo heaven. I have a three piece band. The guys can't believe I don't have any pedals at all!. Perfect amp for me. Thanks Carvin!" 

Jeff W. Portland, OR 
"The Carvin V3M head and 2x12 cab sound great, did a gig Friday night and had killer tone, the other guitar player was very envious of the tone I was using and wished he had the same set up that I was using. Thank you very much!"