TCS Audio TC4018A Active 18-Inch Sub woofer

TCS Audio TC4018A Active Sub Woofer
*This product is discontinued*
Compact single active 2500W subwoofer
  • 1500W into subwoofer and 1000W for external speaker
  • TC rigging interlock sliding plates for quick and secure TC column setup setup
  • Rigging point for flying
  • High power, peak efficiency design
  • Black DuratecTM UV & weather resistant finish
  • Russian Baltic Birch construction

The TC4018A is an active 2500W, DSP processed, low profile single 18-inch powered subwoofer system featuring additional power output for up to two TC4300 columns. The high power, cast frame Faital Protm 18-inch driver provides outstanding deep bass performance. Optimized presets for the TC4300 columns are factory programmed for simple setup. The 2500W active DSP processed module provides a 1500W bridged amplifier pair for the internal 18-inch subwoofer and an additional 1000W amplifier output for up to two TC4300 columns. The internal DSP processing maximizes performance output and protection using up to 48DB/oct crossover filters, parametric EQ, alignment delay and limiters. The TC4018A features the TC rigging plate, 20 captive 3/8in-16 nut fly points and a pole mount cup.

System Type:   Active 2500W, X-Drive DSP controlled, 18 Inch Bass reflex 
Freq. Response:   32 Hz - 1.5K Hz (-10DB), 38 Hz - 1K Hz (-3 dB) 
Coverage Pattern:   Omni 
Crossover:   Active DSP design 
Crossover Freq.:   Preset or Adjustable frequency at 24dB/oct. 
Input Sensitivity:   Variable 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, and 2.0 Vrms settings 
Power:   Internal Sub 1500W, External amplifier output 1000W 
Maximum SPL:   131 dB 
Driver:   18 Inch, 4 Inch Voice Coil 
Enclosure:   Russian Baltic Birch 
Suspension:   Pole Mount, TC rigging plate, Fly points 
Dimensions:   23.5" high x 23.5" wide x 23.5" deep (597 mm x 597 mm x 597 mm) 
Net Weight:   75 lbs (37 kg) with hardware 
Accessories:    DB4018 Dolly Board / Lid 
Built in USA