LS1802 2000W Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer

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*Product Discontinued*


LS1802 dual 18-inch subwoofer
Big bass 2000W program passive sub. Excellent companion to one or two LS2153s For working bands in large halls and outdoor events.
American designed and built quality
The LS high-end loudspeakers are American made in San Diego, CA. Each enclosure is designed, tuned, and tested using computer software for optimum system performance. Multi-ply Hardwood offers the strength for professional service. Professional Mylar crossover capacitors, high current coils and Speaker Guard high frequency driver protection are just part of the top quality design.
Powerful subwoofer performance
The LS1802 is a powerful high Q subwoofer design to add extended low frequencies to any system. The dual 18-inch woofers provide solid low end punch. Excellent for adding subs to any system the LS1802 can be stacked for bigger evens and is the perfect choice to go under the LS2153's or LS153's where big bass is needed. The enclosure is constructed of CNC machined multi-ply Hardwood with heavy gauge steel powder coated front grills. Effective for both permanent and portable applications and covered in black DuraTuff™
  • medium to large club systems
  • House of Worship band systems
  • medium outdoor events
  • Working Band banquet hall systems
  • Rugged and light weight poplar cabinet ready for a beating on the road
  • Black steel grill
  • High SPL performance
  • 2 metal handles with round bar grip
  • Internal passive crossover and switch to by pass.
  • Jack plates feature two twist lock and two 1/4-inch phone jacks wired in parallel
  • Built in San Diego, CA.


System Type: Dual 18-inch Sub, bass-reflex
Frequency Response: 24 Hz - 265 Hz (-10DB); 30 Hz - 150 Hz (-3 dB)
Coverage Pattern: omni
Crossover: Low Pass
Crossover Frequency: 150 Hz
Power: Full Range 1000w continuous /2000w program /4000w peak
Recommended Amplifier Power: 1000 - 3000w
Sensitivity (1w @ 1m): 101dB
Maximum SPL: 137dB
LF Driver: dual 18-inch woofers
Nominal Impedance Full Range: 4 ohms
Enclosure: 15mm Multi-Ply Hardwood
Suspension/Mounting: none
Finish: Black DuraTuff™
Transport: 2 Recessed Handles
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel
Connectors: Two twist lock connectors and two ¼ TS phone jacks
Dimensions: 600mm (23.5") high, 1020mm (40") wide, 580mm (22.75") deep
Net Weight: 49 kg (99 lbs)



Dave "Jackson" Eason Santa Cruz, CA 
"Absolutely, positively the best "boom" for the buck available in retail pro-audio! I installed a single 1802N in my club...Powered it with a 2000 watt amp...It easily keeps up with my 6 15" 2-way mains which are powered by a 3,400 watt amp! Smooth, linear, low distortion bass...The published specs are accurate...My 1802N easily reaches down to a useable 30hZ. The efficiency ratings are no joke either...Easily reaches 120dB plus @ 1 meter with 1500 to 2000 watts of power driving it. I urge anyone in the market for passive subwoofers to seriously compare the 1802N to any other front-loaded dual 18" subwoofer cabinet at ANY price point and prepare to be thrilled. The Carvin 1802 is a hit! The 1802 is surprisingly light in weight, but it's no lightweight! Strong, sturdy cabinet and grille that's easy to move and easy to fit into tight spaces such as encountered in an installation application. I can't say enough positive things about the 1802...Great job Carvin!!! This is fine piece of equipment...Easy to pay for too, with great customer service and on-time shipping... Order this one from Carvin, you WILL NOT be dissapointed!"