GX412T 4 x 12 Closed Back Speaker Cabinet (Top)

GX412T 4 x 12 Closed Back Speaker Cabinet (Top)

*Product Discontinued*

As used on our XB half and full-stack amps. Loaded with 4 GT12 speakers. Closed back design. Made from premium multi-laminate plywood for light weight and durability. Covered in black. Slanted front. 


- Slanted front 
- Closed back 
- Loaded with 4 GT12 speakers
- Impedance: Stereo, 8 ohms; Mono, 16 ohms
- Heavy duty handles and corner protectors
- Constructed from premium multi-laminate plywood
- Dimensions: 30" wide X 14.5" deep X 30" high
- Weight: 90 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California


Gary Wells Atlanta, GA 
"Received my Carvin GX412T Slant Top 4X12 Cabinet. This cabinet really rocks. The Celestion Rocket 50's have a nice warm overdrive tone, good bottom end and matches my 1986 Carvin X100B amp perfect. This Carvin cabinet is built like a tank and will probably outlast me and be handed down to my heirs. The Celestion speakers with the shiny doped edge cones, the metal grill, the top quality bronco black tolex with white trim looks very professional."