TRX3903 360W Vertical Array Speaker System


carvin trx3903 column array loudspeakercarvin trx3903 column array loudspeakercarvin trx3903 column array loudspeakercarvin trx3903 column array loudspeakercarvin trx3903 column array loudspeaker

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*Product Discontinued* 

Carvin's TRx 3000 Series feature column and line arrays loudspeakers accompanied by higher output flyable subs and regional tour level events. Like the TRx 2000 Series, these enclosures are made from road worthy multi-ply Baltic Birch and covered in weather and UV resistant Duratec™ coating. Steel powder coated grills, handles, pole mounts and flyware along with stacking dolly boards and shock mount, tour-duty amp rack cases. All protected by a 5 year warranty. 

The TRx3903 is the new era of high output, wide coverage loudspeakers with an incredible high output to size ratio. The TRX3903 is an ultra-compact column array element. Each column element consist of nine 3-inch high performance drivers with a 120 degree horizontal coverage. The CDD™ (CONSTANT DELIVERY DISPERSION™) technology used in TRx3903 produces a smooth linear phase response from 160Hz to 18kHz, and uniformly projects clear sound from up close and to the back of the room. For optimum performance, two column elements arrayed vertically per side with subs will evenly cover an area with high intelligibility and consistent SPL more effectively than conventional point-source designs. The TRx3903's slim 5-inch width, along with integrated top and bottom pole mounts make setup quick, easy, and visually unobtrusive. These columns are designed to be used with a subwoofer at all times. 

Add the optional 3903UBK U-Bracket and/or the SS7 short pole for additional stacking, rigging and flying options. Add the SS15 short speaker stands for temporary or semi-permanent applications. 


- System Type: CDD™ Column Array
- Frequency Response: 140 Hz – 18 kHz (-10DB), 160 Hz – 16 kHz (-3 dB)
- Coverage Pattern: 120H x 10V single cabinet
- Crossover: None
- Required Crossover Freq.: 160 Hz 24DB/oct
- Power (full range): 180w continous /360w program /720w peak
- Recommended Amplifier Power: 200w - 400w
- Sensitivity: 100dB (1w/ 1m); 97dB (1w/2m)
- Maximum SPL: 128dB Peak
- Driver: 9x 3-inch drivers
- Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
- Enclosure: 11-Ply Russian Baltic Birch
- Suspension/Mounting: 8 captive 3/8in-16 nut fly points; Two 1-3/8 pole mount cups (top and bottom)
- Finish: Black DuraTex™
- Grill: Black powder coated steel Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing
- Connectors: Two 4-pin twist lock connectors
- Dimensions: 31.5" high x 5" wide x 5.25" deep (800 mm x 127 mm x 134 mm)
- Weight: 21 pounds (9.5 kg)
- Rigging & Accessories: TRxHK3903 U-bracket; TCSHK10 3/8-16 Eyebolt; TCSHK58 5/8 Shackle; CB3903 carry bag for 2 TRx3903 plus SS7 and cables; SS7 7-inch pole for interlocking stacked TRx3903s or on Subwoofer; SS15 short Speaker stand pair in carry bag set
- Made in San Diego, California 


John Hudson Boston, MA 
"We purchased 4 of the 3903 column array speakers to use with our 2 TRX118 subs. We typically play in venues with up to 300 people and outdoor events. One of our concerns was that we always mic everything including full drums, bass, guitar and four vocalists and we may overload the enclosures. At our first gig at an outdoor event we were all amazed with the tone, clarity, definition, coverage and volume produced from these compact enclosures. Every thing about these cabs is stellar. The vocals and instruments are clean and detailed. Coverage and dispersion from front o back, left to right of the venue is even and clear. These cabinets virtually eliminated hot spots and dead spots in rooms. After using them for one gig we were all convinced. Every once in a while we purchase a piece of gear that stands out. These 3903s are that kind of gear. They have far exceeded our expectations and have made a huge improvement in the sound quality of our band. Their small size is great for an unobtrusive look on stage. They are easy to plan lighting around and allow more viewing area of the band." 

Abraham Diaz Marquez Vista, CA 
"I bought two TRX3903 and I am more than impressed with the sound quality of these speakers. In fact, I was thinking of buying two QSC K12's, but now I am happy I found the TRX3903 because they sound really good with my two 18 subs. I love speakers that sound good, look good and that can handle the pressure at high volume. The TRX3903 has all those qualities, therefore, I give them five stars and soon I will be buying more. :)" 

Tony California 
"This particular system is very compact and was loaded into a mini-van with the whole system occupying about half of the cargo space. This includes the mixer, mics/ mic stands, and all cables. With the two of us, it took about 25 minutes to setup and make noise. System tuning required almost no additional equalization. The TRx3903 system performed better than any system I have ever used at this venue in previous years. We measured a very comfortable 96dB average at the rear of the venue.(approx. 80 ft) The Column Speakers covered the entire venue with a very clear and even sound field. The most notable was this systems ability to throw decent SPL to the rear of the venue and not blow-out listeners in the close proximity to the stage. In the past we would occasionally get complaints from the attendees that expressed that it was too loud up front or that they could not hear well in the back. This year, there was zero complaints and many compliments. There was a hired DJ on hand that commented "I use Nexo speakers for my events and it doesn’t cover the area anything like the Carvins do". 

Danny Gray USA 
"I have been using the TRx3903 column arrays with subs for about 5 months and I thought I would take a few minutes and send you some feedback. I get compliments on the sound at almost every show from patrons, promoters, artists, and priests. These aren’t your run of the mill comments like “sounds good”, they are comments from people that make an effort to show their appreciation. There is a guitar player that comes to our finger style shows that has played with many artists from the Nashville area including Elvis Presley that expressed how much he appreciated the new system I selected. For the Nick Charles show, I set the arrays so that he could hear the house as well as the monitors and he indicated that he felt very comfortable on stage. I have also used them as satellites to compliment the TRx3210, about 3000 people. A concert promoter for the Czech Republic like the sound so much that he asked me to come to his country to provide sound for his concert series (not clear what this would involve). 

Some the artist I’ve provided sound for using TRx3903 are Keiko Matsui, Liz Story, Adam Miller, Christ Cathedral (satellites, formally Crystal Cathedral), Eric Marienthal, Dave Koz, Nick Charles, Giovanni, Gonzalo Bergara Quartet, KSBR Breakfast with Gary and Kelly, Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb, Peppino D’Agostino, and Lord of the Strings Concerts Series. Most, if not all, have mentioned how they liked the sound. Some shows that are coming up that I will use the TRx3909s are Pete Hutlinger, Jonathan Butler, Laurence Juber, Spencer Day, and Doyle Dykes. 

Set up is fast and requires little to no eq. I really, really like the Carvin column arrays."