TRX3010A Powered 2500W Subwoofer

 Carvin TRx3010A 2500W active dual 10-inch subwoofer with dsp controlCarvin TRx3010A 2500W active dual 10-inch subwoofer with dsp controlCarvin TRx3010A 2500W active dual 10-inch subwoofer with dsp control

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*Product Discontinued*

The TRx3010A is our highest power to weight ratio subwoofer. Designed to be a large sound system in a very small footprint. Placing the TRx3010A vertical has a mere 16x18 inch footprint while powering and supporting two TRx3903 columns.

Active module

The TRx3010A’s amplifier module features X-Drive™ DSP processing and 3 channels of bullet-proof DCM power amp technology using FR4 double sided circuit boards in a fan ventilated, internally sealed aluminum structure for solid construction and durability. The X-drive EQ, crossover, dynamic limiting and alignment delay processing is preset optimized for powering TRx3903’s and provides a preset for user adjustable crossover for the internal sub and the external amplifier.

Versatile positioning and stacking

The TRx3010A’s small vertical footprint is ideal for tight spots and lowering stage obstruction. A second pole mount is provided for pole mounting TRx3903’s in the horizontal position. In the horizontal position, up to four TRx3010A’s can be stacked creating a cardioid array for wider forward dispersion and lower rear projection. Foot print cups lock the cabinets together and these are compatible with the TRx3210 and TRx3210A line array elements.


The TRx3010A’s enclosure is constructed of CNC machined 11-Ply Premium Russian Baltic Birch and covered in our weather resistant black DuraTec™ coating. Two deep, corner located ports along with internal bracing produce a very strong structure and coherent sub frequency output. The added strength and rigidity of the corner ports increase the efficiency of the speaker’s output into the room, not wasting energy on vibrating the cabinet’s walls.

Made in the USA.


TRx3010A Powered Subwoofer Specs: 

System Type: Active 2500W, X-Drive DSP controlled, Dual 10 Inch Bass reflex 
Freq. Response: 40 Hz – 1.5K Hz (-10DB), 43 Hz – 1K Hz (-3 dB) 
Coverage Pattern: Omni - Cardioid in 8x Arrays 
Crossover: Active DSP design 
Crossover Freq.: Preset or Adjustable frequency at 24dB/oct. 
Input Sensitivity: Variable 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, and 2.0 Vrms settings 
Power: Internal Sub 1500W 20mS pulsed, External amplifier output 1000W 
Maximum SPL: 128 dB Peak 
Driver: 2x 10 Inch, 2.5 Inch extended Voice Coil 
Enclosure: 15mm Russian Baltic Birch 
Suspension: Two 1-3/8 pole mount cups 
Finish: Black DuraTec™ 
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel, Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing 
Connectors: One XLR male and One XLR female, Terminal block for remote volume/ mute. 
Dimensions: 15" high x 23.5" wide x 18" deep (381 mm x 597 mm x 458 mm) 
Net Weight: 57 lbs (26 kg) 
Made in USA