TRx 2218A Active Dual 18 Inch 2500W Subwoofer

Carvin TRx2218A 2500w active dual 18-inch subwoofer loudspeakerCarvin TRx2218A 2500w active dual 18-inch subwoofer loudspeaker


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*Product Discontinued*
The TRx2218A is our Active 2500W Dual 18-inch subwoofer system. The high power, 18-inch woofers feature a 4-inch voice coil with low temperature high peak power capacity. The box is designed with four deep large corner located ports producing a very strong structure, and coherent sub frequency output vertically and horizontally. The added strength rigidity of the corner ports puts all the force of the speaker out the front and into the room, and not wasted on the walls vibrating. This provides the idea low frequency coupling in multi box clusters, both in the horizontal and vertical positions. 

Active 2500W System 

The 2500W active X-Drive DSP processed module provides a 1250 watt bridged amplifier for each of the internal 18-inch subwoofers. The internal X-Drive DSP processing maximizes performance output and protection using up to high order crossover filters, parametric EQ and limiters. Turn on the Enhanced Bass and the ultra low end will come alive, lowering the cabinet’s frequency response by another 15Hz and boosting the 35-50Hz response. The DSP will control the output to keep this added response within the limits of the speaker. There are 16 crossover frequencies from 58-160Hz to choose from. There is a polarity adjustment to be in phase or 180degrees out of phase for alignments and cardiod arrangements. Choose from 1.0V to 2V input sensitivity to match your system and other top cabinets.

The TRX2218A also features foot locating holes on top for stacking another TRx2218A and for stacking up to 4 TRx3210 line array elements without hardware. Top centered pole mount for suspending a TRx2115A. The enclosure is constructed of CNC machined Premium Russian Baltic Birch with a heavy gauge steel powder coated front grill. The crossover includes two 4 pin twist lock high current connectors mounted on FR4 double sided circuit boards for solid construction and durability. 

Applications include: 
- Medium to Large Club System
- Large DJ system
- Outdoor events
- Medium to Large House of Worship


System Type: Active Dual 18-inch Sub, bass-reflex 
Frequency Response: 32 Hz – 2K Hz (-10DB), 38 Hz – 1.5K Hz (-3 dB) 
Coverage Pattern: omni 
Crossover: Active 2500W DSP processed module 
Crossover Frequency: Adjustable from 58-160 Hz 
Power: 2500W 20ms burst (1250W, 1250W) 3500W peak
Input Sensitivity: Variable: 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 2.0 Vrms
Maximum SPL: 137dB Peak 
LF Driver: Dual 18-inch Cast Frame 4-inch VC 
Enclosure: 13-Ply Premium Russian Baltic Birch 
Suspension/Mounting: none 
Finish: Black DuraTex™ 
Transport: 4 Recessed Handles, optional CTS44 casters 
Grill: Black powder coated steel, Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing 
Connectors:One XLR male and One XLR female, terminal block for remote volume/mute  
Dimensions (H x W x D): 23" high x 40" wide x 28.75" deep (585 mm x 1054 mm x 724 mm) 
Weight: 138.6 lb (62.8 kg) 
Made in San Diego, California