TRX12N 12 Inch 2-Way 300W Monitor


Carvin TRx12N 300 watt 12-inch coaxial monitor with celestionCarvin TRx12N 300 watt 12-inch coaxial monitor with celestionCarvin TRx12N 300 watt 12-inch coaxial monitor with celestionCarvin TRx12N 300 watt 12-inch coaxial monitor with celestionCarvin TRx12N 300 watt 12-inch coaxial monitor with celestionCarvin TRx12N 300 watt 12-inch coaxial monitor with celestion

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*Product Discontinued*

The TRxN offer professional hi-end Neodymium driver technology. Now considered the best, Neodymium is offered exclusively in the finest live sound systems on the market today. These high-end loudspeakers are American made in San Diego, CA. The TRxN enclosures feature trapezoid boxes and narrow 60x40 degree horns for multi-cabinet medium to long throw systems. Each enclosure is designed, tuned, and ported using LEAP™ software and measured with LMS™ software for optimum system performance. Multi-ply Hardwood offers strength and durability for long life. The DuraTex finish is tough, UV protected, and water resistant. Professional Neutrik™ Speakon connectors, Mylar crossover capacitors and Speaker Guard HF driver protection are just part of the top quality design. The highest crystal clear audio obtainable is accomplished with the TRxN Loudspeaker Series. The TRx12N's unique 12-inch coaxial driver provides on axis alignment in a small package. With the Neo horn driver mounted to the back of the 12-inch woofer, all the sound comes from the same source - providing smooth reproduction both on and off axis. The compact, 30-degree tilt design fits in tight spaces for installations on the stage or as the main system using the pole mount. There is no monitor that offers the performance to size ratio that the TRx12N provides.


System Type: 12-inch 2-Way
Frequency Response (-10dB): 65 Hz - 20 kHz 
Frequency Response (-3dB): 70 Hz - 18 kHz
Coverage Pattern: 80 round
Crossover: 2-Way with Speaker Guard™ HF protection
Crossover Frequency: 2.5 k Hz
Power: 300w Continuous / 600w Program / 1200w Peak
Recommended Amplifier Power: 450w - 900w
Sensitivity (1w @ 1m): 96dB
Maximum SPL: 121dB
LF Driver: 12-inch woofer
HF Driver: 1-inch Neodymium 1.5-inch VC
Nominal Impedance full range: 8 ohms
Bi-amp LF: 8 ohms 300w / 600w / 1200w
Bi-amp HF: 8 ohms 60w / 120w / 240w
Enclosure: 13-Ply Premium Russian Baltic Birch
Suspension/Mounting: 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup
Finish: Black DuraTex™
Transport: 1 Recessed Handle
Grill: Black powder coated 16-Ga steel
Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing
Connectors: Two NL-4 Neutrik Speakon™
Dimensions: 14.5 in high (370mm) x 15.5 in wide (395mm) x 19.5 in deep (495mm)
Net Weight: 33 lb (15 kg)
Made in San Diego, California


Don (Dondi) Weiss Prescott, AZ
"As a professional sound engineer, I've used nearly every PA system brand out there and by far, my cabinet of choice is the Carvin TRxN. The sound quality is outstanding! It always amazes me that as they get jostled around in the back of the trucks moving from city to city for the next show, they come out looking and sounding like the day they were born. I used them at the 2008 MCAS Miramar Air Show and they sounded clear, powerful and HUGE. That's TRxN."

Miguel E Espinosa Yonkers, NY 
"My church just purchased a TRX12N for use as a monitor. I'm the guitarist (HF2 owner!!!) for the worship team and we could not be happier with the smooth, non fatiguing yet detail sound we were getting. It's compact design is perfect for removing stage clutter. The added bonus for me was that my guitar sounded great through this monitor whether clean or over-driven!!!" 

Greg Minard Illinois 
"I purchased two TRX12N speakers and a DCM2000L amp for a stereo guitar rig. The speakers sound fantastic and are very compact. This setup has crystal clear cleans and can handle all the distortion you can throw at them. I thought the amp would be too powerful but it works great with no noise, and offers all the head room I'll ever need. It even sounds great at bedroom volume."