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Archive-Carvin MB1215 Micro Bass Amp 3-Way Stack

carvin mb1215 bass combo with MB12 and 115MBE bass extension cabinetcarvin mb1215 bass combo with MB12 and 115MBE bass extension cabinet


Carvin MB12 300W 3-way bass amplifier comboCarvin MB12 300W 3-way bass amplifier comboCarvin MB12 300W 3-way bass amplifier combo

adobe pdf      BX250 & MB Series Product Manual

Package Includes:
- MB12 Micro Bass Amp
- 115MB 15" Extension Speaker
- C5S Speaker Cable

The MB12 3-Way Micro Bass is a 12- inch system that covers the complete audio spectrum for bass guitar. The 12" driver offers the deep bass efficiency of a bigger driver but retains the compactness of a micro amp. The woofer is also angled down 45 degrees to retain the compactness of the amp, and to bounce the bass sound off the floor or stage to generate a natural delay. The 6.5" mid-range reproduces all the tones that woofers don’t capture. The Titanium tweeter adds to the upper harmonics enhancing your overall sound. The micro size is only 17" wide x 12" deep x 18.5" high and weighs just 30.5 lbs. The MB12 is the superior Micro bass combo. 

Micro Bass Features 

The internal BX head delivers 250w RMS at 4 ohms (with 8 ohms extension speaker) and 200w RMS into each of the 8 ohm Micro Bass models. The Class D power amp is 94% efficient delivering not only its full RMS but doing it very efficiently taking less AC power from the wall. Typical THD is less than .1% for ultra low distortion keeping your bass clean and the tone pure in every respect. See the BX250 for more details. The BX pre-amp is the state-of the-art with a Drive knob to control the harmonic content (clean to clipping) and dual Parametric EQ to select all the sweet tones of your bass. The Contour, Bass and Treble controls deliver deep bass and brilliant highs. Includes Active and Mute switches. The pre amp Direct Out XLR is pre or post selectable for the house PA or recording and includes a ground lift and Level control. The Master level controls the speakers while the DI level controls the pre-amp output including the Phone/Tuner. The tweeter features a DIM switch to control the brightness of your sound. Poplar plywood enclosures covered with optional colors. 

115MB Extension Cabinet 

Add additional low end to your rig with the included 115MB extension cabinet. The 15" woofer provides additional beef to your sound, and the quality cabinet is designed to fit right under the MB12. Covered in black, with optional colors available. 



MB12 Micro Bass Amp:
- Power: 200W @ 8 ohms, 250W @ 4 ohms (w/ 8 ohm extension speaker)
- 12" woofer
- 6.5" mid-range speaker
- Titanium tweeter
- Frequency Response: 50 - 20Khz
- Convienent top-mounted panel
- Outputs: Direct XLR out, phones/tuner, 1/4" external speaker
- Controls: Drive, Contour, Bass, Treble, Master Volume
- Seperate DI level
- Built-in compressor
- Dual parametric EQ
- Covered in black vinyl
- Dimensions: 17" wide X 12" deep X 18.5" high
- Weight: 30.5 lbs 

115MB Extension Speaker:
- 15" woofer
- 8 ohms
- 400W
- Frequency Response: 60 - 5Khz
- Covered in black vinyl
- Dimensions: 17" wide X 12" deep X 19" high
- Weight: 30 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California 


Will Patton Vermont
"I got the MB12 amp a few hours ago and have been playing with it since - there's so many things Carvin got right on this amp. I've played thru so many amps, the Fenders, Ampegs, SWRs, and my David Eden, but this is my new favorite. I've been tweaking the way the drive control interacts with the EQ and the compression with my active fretless - lots of color there. And the parametric really dials in a smooth sound with my string bass thru my pre amp. i don't quite get the contour knob, that 350 Hz never seemed that problematic to me. 

Lots of power, weighs like, nothing, ground lift and DI output control - this will be the amp that leaves home with me on probably 75% of my gigs - this Carvin amp is a hell of a deal here." 

Eric Sargent Detroit, MI 
"A great little amplifier. Lightweight and easy to dial up great sound." 

David A Swiecki Blanchard, ID 
"I wanted an amp that was smaller yet from my BRX212, which I love. The BRX was a little big for some of my gigs. When I saw the MB12 I knew it was the answer. But to my surprise, that little box was a beast. The 200 watt rating seems low to me; this amp gets loud if you want it too. It's very easy to dial in a great sound. Starting with the contour knob and following with the bass and treble knobs. Finally dialing in the parametrics and you are ready to go with a great sound in just a few minutes. Carvin, how are you going to top this one?" 

Kresimir-Keko Horvat Zagreb, Croatia 
"I bought recently Carvin Micro Bass Combo MB12 and so far I'm very pleased! I use it for a stage monitoring when playing with my band's 3.5 kW PA support. We play small/medium sized gigs, mostly weddings and party stuff, and the MB12 gives me great stage cut through of my bass and allows me great separate DI level control including nice blend of built in compressor when in DI post switch mode. I'm especially delighted with concept of 3-Way neodymium speakers and I think that 6.5" mid driver is most important here for best bass tone definition. It's extremely lightweight and great for quick setup before gigs, but still loud enough!" 

David Damme Prior Lake, MN
"This little amp is everything I hoped it would be. Really excited about the lite weight. I can now walk into a gig with all my gear and be plugged in within minutes. This little amp really puts out some clear tones with fantastic bottom end for it's size. Worth every penny. The tweed covering I ordered looks great." 

Steve York Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
"I've owned this amp for about a month now. This amp holds it's own against the high end amps that I already use but costs a fraction of the price! I just used it a Latin Jazz gig and was excellent - clear and punchy with plenty of headroom for soloing. But I was blown away when I added a 12" extension speaker at home. I was so impressed that I just ordered the BX250 head to use with two larger cabs for louder gigs! Also I travel a lot and I am based in Mexico where the power can be erratic so the international voltage is a huge plus for me. Great product!" 

Patrick Munsterman Rialto, CA
"A versatile tone-flexible little giant. I use it for rehearsals (and save the BX1200 head and 2x10 BRX Neo cab for gigs). Very impressed with the pro features. Perfect for smaller venues. I'm happy with its response to rigorous demands. Outstanding!"