Archive- Carvin DCM2004L Ultra Light 4-Channel 2000W Power Amp

carvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifiercarvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifiercarvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifiercarvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifiercarvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifiercarvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifiercarvin dcm2004l 4 channel 2000w power amplifier


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If you want an amp that delivers exceptional sound/reliability, ultra-light weight, models from 200w to 3800w and made in the USA quality, Carvin's DCM-L Series is the answer. You should seriously consider the ultra-light feature, which comes in part from its heavy-duty aluminum frame. Aluminum is more expensive than steel, but worth every penny to keep your rack as light as possible. Expect 2/3 to 3/4 savings over conventional amplifiers - 50 lb to 60 lb amps becomes 15 lbs. High power, uncompromised sound and maximum reliability is at its best for both touring systems and fixed installations. Each amp is Audio Precision™ tested, which includes a burn-in under full load to assure reliability & specs. The concert stage is the ultimate test of professional audio and for the last decade the DCM has made its mark serving top artists and concert venues night after night, year after year. The DCM is a proven American made workhorse backed by over 60 years of manufacturing excellence. 

The DCM2004L has 4 channels, and is ideal for applications that require 4 high-powered amps in one package. 

DCM2004L Features
- Ultra-light 10 lbs
- Highest value, lowest priced lightweight amp
- Power supply designed for superior bass
- Go "Green" - save energy and cost
- Quiet hum-free operation with noise less than -106dB for studio applications
- Ultra-low THD: 0.03% at 8 ohms
- Handles difficult mismatched or reactive loads
- Soft-start power-up prevents tripping AC breakers
- Speaker Guard™ protects from harmful DC
- Multi speed fans - rear to front flow for cooler racks
- Distortion-free limiters to help protect drivers
- Independent thermal overload protection
- Recessed front to prevent control damage
- Percentage of power, clip, bridge, protect and power indicators
- Balanced XLR inputs
- Speakon™ outputs
- Convenient Ground Lift & Parallel Input switches
- Shock-proof SMT reliability
- Heavy-duty galvanized steel chassis
- Fit all racks - only 266mm (10.5-inch) deep
- Full 1-year warranty (USA) - Made in the USA 

Applications: Mains/Monitors/Subwoofers, Concerts, Events, Houses of Worship, Clubs/Restaurants, Auditoriums, Convention Centers, Mobile DJ's 

COOL EFFICIENT DESIGN - A high efficiency heat transfer system offers the most advanced cooling, which is one of the keys to reliable power. Five high ratio 6063-T5 flow-through aluminum heat sinks remove heat fast with multi-speed fans that runs quiet under 2 ohms loads. Air is pulled from the rear and exhausted to the front to keep the rear of your rack cool. R & D designed a "direct mount" system for the power output devices to be directly mounted to the heat sink, which eliminates any thermal barrier to keep your amp running cool. 

ACCESSORY GROUP - The accessory group features recessed front controls with status indicators that won't get bumped or easily moved. A rear "Ground Lift" switch eliminates ground loops. A "Parallel Input" switch eliminates the "Y" adapter typically used for paralleling channels. The limiters are available at the push of a button to help control peaks protecting your drivers. Connecting is done with balanced XLR inputs. The soft-start circuit gently turns the DCM on to prevent AC breakers from tripping.


- Power: 4 channels at 300w X 8 ohms, 500w X 4 ohms each channel
- Output Topology: CLASS D
- Power Supply: Switchmode
- Peak Power: 2800w (2 cycle pulse power) 
- Frequency Response: +0 / -3 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- THD< 0.1% @ 50% output, <0.2% 20-20 kHz @ 90% output
- Damping Factor: >500
- Sensitivity (@ 8Ω): 1.4 Vrms
- Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 106 dB
- Input Impedance: >20K ohm balanced
- Speaker Guard™ protection circuit immediately disconnects your speakers 
- Over-Current: protected
- Under-Voltage: protected
- Thermal: protected
- AC Input: 120VAC 60HZ
- 2RU
- Each amp is Audio Precision™ tested, which includes a burn-in under full load
- 3.5" high X 10.5" deep X 19" wide
- 10 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California


ose L. Tarin Lindon, UT 

Gabriel Barteck Oregon, OH 
"AMAZING!! Was playing gigs around town with over 100lbs of traditional amps in a separate rolling amp rack. I decided to try this 4 channel Class D installed right in my mixer rack for easier setup on small-to-medium gigs. Well, after some trial testing at home and two gigs later... we have a WINNER. These amps sound GOOD (I wouldn't believe that amps sound much different, but for some reason this sound at least as good or BETTER than the Class AB other brand amps we were playing through.) Now I don't have to worry about hauling the heavy amp rack up stairs to the occasional 2nd floor gig. We also have more room on stage, and setup is faster and simpler. We don't push these below are within specs. Got one each 8ohm mains on Channels 1, 2. Have 2 each 8 ohm monitors (Carvin!) on Ch 3, 4... so 4 ohm loads. PLENTY OF VOLUME and HEADROOM. 

If your situation is like ours, try it... I think you'll be thrilled! THANKS CARVIN... AGAIN." 

Bob Ingram Shreveport, LA 
"This one amp took the place of two amps. But wait, there's more!!! The two amps my new DCM2004L replaced were not as powerful as one DCM2004L and occupied two 6-space racks (open spaces above and below for convection cooling). Each one of those racks weighed in at 50 pounds. Now I have a great sounding, more powerful, 10-pound amp in a single 4-space rack doing a better job. How cool is that??? I also have 2 DCM1000L's, and I am totally convinced these new Carvin lightweight amps are the best deal in America today!!!" 

Levi McGee Kansas 
"This power amp is awesome. The first great thing is that it slowly starts up, this way it doesn't trip breakers, which is a major problem for travelling bands. Next, it has an automatic shut off if it overheats. Better to crash the sound then waste 600 bucks. 

It is also extremely light. I can pick up our 12-space rack with these in it easily. 

It can handle a load without overheating. My band runs two LS2153s and two LS1502s off of it at one time. 

These Carvin power amps aren't just good for the money, they are used by professionals. You will get a great product if you buy this." 

Richard Likness USA 
"I do sound for hire to the tune of 75-100 shows per year. This amp cut my monitor amp weight to 10lbs and reduced my rack requirements. It sounds great and after 4 shows has not cut out, overheated or caused any grief at all. Love the power and headroom! It's powering 4 LM12's and 2 LM153's. An awesome monitor system, the weight savings allows me to pack 6 monitors for less weight than the 4 Yammie's I had with no sacrifice in audio quality."