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Archive- Carvin C2040 20 Channel 4-Bus Mixer w/ 6 Ch Sends, 3 Band Ch EQ

Carvin C2040 20 Channel Mixing Console

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The Carvin Audio C2040 Concert Series 20-Channel Console demonstrates Carvin's commitment to professional live sound. The C2040 includes a total of 6 channel sends: 4 monitors and 2 effects, and the 3-band channel EQ features LO, MID and HI controls, giving you greater control of your sound. The Concert Series is designed for installations such as churches and performance venues, or for touring sound systems. Careful attention has been given to the features, sound reproduction and mechanical construction, making Carvin's new Concert Series mixers the ideal choice for most live sound applications. Professional features, unsurpassed sound, rugged construction and a price that can't be beat make the C2040 the ideal choice for your live setup, and best of all, it's made in the USA. 

Simplicity In Operation 
Ease of operation is incredibly important. The C Series consoles are designed with the operator in mind. Everything is logically arranged. Simply plug-in the channels, adjust the monitor levels and bring up the main L/R faders and you're up and running. If you need EQ (tone changes), simply dial in the sound you want. The C Series is designed on a small-scale platform making it easy to transport. No other console offers more channels per linear inch. 

Onboard Wireless Capability 
The exclusive optional True Diversity USM16 built-in wireless systems allow the C2040 to have up to 2 wireless units, whether it be mic or belt- pack systems. The advantage of adding these options now or later is that the operator eliminates cable clutter and simplifies setup. The wireless units are automatically routed to channels 1 & 2 on the console plus the internal power supply and the rear antennas. Each system is connected with a simple plug-in connector.


Quality Control 
Our Quality Control Department personally inspects every mixing console. After the physical inspection, the most critical and most important part of QC testing is running every channel, master section and connector through Audio Precision™ computers to verify every function. This means everything meets 100% of its specifications. This is great assurance that every EQ section, every output delivers the highest voltages with the lowest possible THD.

The engineering and design is what you'd expect from Carvin's high-end manufacturing. Ultra low-noise, high slew rate IC's for exceptional sound. Sealed controls and switches guard against the elements while the "SMT" Surface Mount Technology construction ensures the integrity of each component. The rugged chassis incorporates the integral SwitchMode™ 90V-260V 50-60 Hz power supply. The C2040 is made in the USA at our San Diego, CA facility. 

Recommended Applications 
Touring - Theatres - Houses of Worship - Music Venues - Musicians & Bands - Recording & Mixing 

Key Features

- L/R Assign switches
- L/R MAIN faders (XLR)
- MONO output (XLR)
- 4 MONITOR levels (XLR)
- 2 EFFECT levels (1/4")
- 1 USB Power ports
- 10 segment VU meters
- VU & PHONES switches to monitor: PFL, L/R, 4 Buses, Mono
- Stereo HEADPHONE level (1/4") 

- 6 SENDS-4 MON, 2 EFF
- 3 Band EQ- MID sweep
- Bal. Mic inputs (XLR)
- Stereo CH (1/4"/RCA)
- Bal. LINE inputs (1/4")
- INSERT/DIRECT outs (1/4")
- +48v PHANTOM power
- 60mm FADER 

- 2 built-in 24-BIT Effects: reverbs, chorus, echos, flanging
- 256 Effects each
- 2 master Effect levels
- 2 Effect PEAK indicators
- 2 Effect MUTE switches
- Effect level to MONITORS


4 monitor sends, 2 effects sends 
3 band channel EQ with mid-sweep parametrics 
5V USB power port 
Freq. response: 20-20k Hz ±1 dB 
THD distortion: .01% 20-20k Hz 
E I N: -117 dBm 
S/N Ratio 90 dB 
Dynamic Range: 104 dB 
Mic Gain: 52 dB 
Line Gain: 30 dB 
Total Gain: 72 dB (balanced) 
Max Output: +28 dBm 
Power Req. 90 to 250VAC 50-60Hz, 50VA 
Dimensions: 22.2" wide X 16.3" deep X 3.75" high (56.4cm wide X 41.5cm deep X 9.5cm high)
Weight: 18 lbs (8.16kg)
Made in San Diego, California


Mark K. USA 
"Just a quick note on our recent Sound System purchase. It arrived on schedule, as promised. We got it unpacked and made sure everything was functioning. All was in order but we did not have a chance to use it in a "working situation" until our gig on Sunday. 

Well the system Rocks!!! Three bands played at the event. One on Saturday night, our group middle day and a third followed. The Carvin set-up easily out performed the other guys' systems. Our vocals cut through the mix and got out there!! 

Kudos to you folks over there at Carvin!!" 

Andy Alberto East Northport, NY
"Have you ever wanted to sell all your gear and start over with a brand that just blew you away? Well Carvin did that to me and my band!!!! This mixer with its ability to mix 4 different monitors is a Godsend when you have musicians that you could never before satisfy. No more complaints, everyone gets exactly what they want. I originally bought the C1240 and was so happy with it I wondered why I didn't spend the few extra bucks to get the C2040, after calling Carvin I now have the C2040, they made me a deal I couldn't refuse! Great, products, great prices and GREAT customer support. And it's ALL AMERICAN!! I also have 2 DCM1540L amps and 2 LS1202M floor monitors that ROCK. Thank you Carvin!!!!!!" 

Bob Dutczak Quincey, MA
"I have been an avid Carvin fan for many years and this is my latest purchase that I got about five weeks ago I have used it several times since then and like all of their other gear it has performed beyond my expectations. I have checked out several other mixers but there is nothing close to it in quality, price range, dependability and features such as a USB gooseneck worklight which also doubles iPod charger and four monitor sends, dual effects engines and much more. And it's made right here in the USA not in China like those other brands. I ordered it on a Monday afternoon and it arrived about 4 PM on Friday just like they said it would, with enough time to test it and load up a large Carvin sound system and get it to the gig in Plymouth that night. That was the first big sound show I had done with the Groove Doctors, a seven piece band with horns and they loved it and now they hire me anytime they need a sound system. Bart and the crew at Carvin are very helpful and knowledgeable, it is a pleasure doing business with them. They have cut out the middleman so you get it direct from the factory and that a deal that just can't be beat. Here is a partial list of some of the national bands I have done sound for just to qualify me as a pro soundman: Muddy Waters, James Cotton band with Matt 'Guitar' Murphy, James Montgomery Band, Kool and the Gang, Steppenwolf, Iggy Pop, Public Image LTD a.k.a. The Sex Pistols, and many more. Do yourself a favor try Carvin; you won't be disappointed." 

Scott McKone Halifax, Nova Scotia 
"I have yet to use all the features this board has to offer, but it's most immediate benefits so far are it's build and sound quality, number of inputs, built in effects, the sub groups and it's plain-ness. Yes, plain-ness. 

The board does have a ton of controls, but due to good design, all knobs are easy to adjust and markings are clear. The focus seems much more on substance than style, and that's as it should be. 

It's a really great board, and despite a ton of features, is pretty easy to use and get great sound from."