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Archive- Carvin BRX10.2 Bass Speaker Cabinet

Carvin BRx10.2 Bass CabinetCarvin BRx10.2 Bass CabinetCarvin BRx10.2 Bass Cabinet

adobe pdf icon          BRx Series Data Sheet

The Carvin BRX10.2  delivers tight punchy bass and crisp articulation of your mid and high frequency ranges. Designed for the rigors of touring, this 2x10-inch bass cabinet is sure to please any bassist. 

• 2 heavy-duty 56 oz cast frame 300w 10” woofers
• 1” Titanium compression HF tweeter
• 6-position horn attenuation: -3, -6, -12, -24dB, off, or full on
• Impedance: 4 ohms, power handling: 600 Watts
• Reproduces Frequencies from low B (28 Hz to 22k Hz)
• Frequency response 35 to 18kHz +/- 5DB
• Sensitivity: 101dB @ 1w and 129 dB @ 600w
• Size: 24.5” wide x 15” deep x 17” high
• Weight: 57 lbs