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Carvin Audio XP1000L-1503 Powered Sound System Package

XP1000L Product Manual

Package Includes: 
- XP1000L 8 Channel Powered Mixer
- 2 LS1503 Speakers
- 2 M68 Mics & Cables
- 2 C50S Cables 

XP1000L Mixer: 

Unlike anything in its class, the ultra light XP1000L Stereo 8 Channel powered mixer offers 1200 watts RMS (1600W peak) power from 3 power amplifiers for Left, Right, and a third power amplifier for floor monitors. Each XP1000L includes a USB power port for an iPod™ (MP3 player) or LED panel light. What's more impressive is its high power in only 15 lbs using our light-weight DCM power amp technology. While at the same time, the high efficiency "Green" Class D power amplifiers conserve power. So not only is this a great high power lightweight mixer, but it is environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate. Each of the 3 amplifiers delivers 400w RMS (530w Peak) at 4 ohms or 300w RMS (400w peak) at 8 ohms. High current Speakon™ and 1/4-inch speaker connectors are featured assuring every watt gets to your speakers. Each amp has it own LED output meter plus peak indicator. 

Superb sound starts with 8 balanced XLR input channels, plus two channels with stereo inputs for a total of 10 inputs. Each channel features: professional low noise microphone pre amplifiers, Gain controls (first 6 channels), 3-band EQ, Effects, Main, and Monitor levels. The 6 continuously variable GAIN controls adjust the input levels to eliminate noise and input over-driving. Active Low Mid and Hi channel EQ controls plus three 7 band graphic EQ (R/L & Monitor) enhance intelligibility for Hi-Fi quality. The separate floor monitor graphic EQ allows the musicians to have their own EQ system and eliminate possible feedback associated with close monitoring. 2 internal DSP effects processors deliver over 256 effects each with independent level controls for both main L-R and for sending the effects back to the floor monitors. 

XP1000L USB LightOther features: 

- +48V Phantom power
- Music Break switch
- Durable all metal enclosure with protective end-caps
- Dimensions: 17" wide X 10" deep X 10.3" high
- Weight: 15 lbs
- Warranty: 1 Year
- Made in the USA 

LS1503 Speakers: 

The LS high-end loudspeakers are American made in San Diego, CA. Each enclosure is designed, tuned, and ported using LEAP™ software and tested with LMS™ software for optimum system performance. Multi-ply Hardwood offers the strength for professional service. Professional Neutrik™ Speakon connectors, Mylar crossover capacitors and Speaker Guard HF driver protection are just part of the top quality design. 

The LS1503 is designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker and to couple with our LS1801 for a four way extended low-end system. Effective for both permanent and portable applications, it comes with handles, rubber footpads, and a 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup. Covered in black DuraTuff™. 

Applications include:
- Club system
- Satellite system
- House of Worship
- Band PA

The LS1503 is our premier 3-way system that delivers studio quality sound to the audience. The added mid frequency 6-inch driver enhances the clarity and throw of the mid frequencies leaving the 15-inch woofer and 1-inch exit 1.5-inch diaphragm titanium HF driver to work in their optimum frequency ranges. The enclosure is constructed of CNC machined multi-ply Hardwood with heavy gauge steel powder coated font grills. The crossover includes 4 pin NL4 Speakon and 1/4" connectors mounted on FR4 double sided circuit boards for solid construction and durability. Carvin's exclusive Speaker Guard™ HF Driver protection uses a self resetting relay circuit to dim the HF driver 10 dB protecting the voice coil from excessive power. The benefits are the driver is not turned off losing all the high frequencies, the circuit resets as soon as the high frequency content is back to normal levels.


XP1000L Mixer: 

Frequency Response: Mic or Line Inputs 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than .1% at nominal levels 
Equivalent Input Noise: 150 ohm source: -117dBu 
Output Noise: -90dBu Master Line Out (All Levels Minimum) 
Output Headroom: +20dB 
Maximum Gain: Mic in to Master Line Out: 70dB 
Crosstalk: Adjacent channels -60db at 1KHz 
Common Mode Rejection: -78db at 1KHz 
Phantom Power: 48 volt @ XLR Mic channels 
USB Power Port: 5 volt, 200mA for LED lighting or MP3 charging 
Channel EQ 3-band active: LOW: 80Hz ±12dB, MID: 750Hz ±12dB, HI: 11.5KHz ±12dB 
Power Output: 1200w (3x400w@4ohms) 
Power Req.: 120VAC  60Hz 
Dimensions: 10.3" high x 17" wide x 10" deep
Weight: 15 lbs 

LS1503 Speakers: 


System Type:

15-inch 3-Way, bass-reflex
Frequency Response: 46 Hz - 20 kHz (-10DB)
52 Hz - 18 kHz (-3 dB)
Coverage Pattern:

90H x 60V

Crossover: 3-Way with Speaker Guard™ HF protection
Crossover Frequency: 500 Hz & 3.3 kHz
Power: Full Range 400w continuous /800w program /1600w peak
Recommended Amplifier Power: 600 - 1200w
Sensitivity (1w @ 1m): 101dB
Maximum SPL: 130dB
LF Driver: 15-inch woofer
MF Driver: 6-inch woofer
HF Driver: 1-inch titanium
Nominal Impedance Full Range: 8 ohms
Bi-amp LF: 8 ohms 400w /800w /1600w
Bi-amp MF/HF: 8 ohms 200w /400w /800w
Enclosure: 18mm Multi-Ply Hardwood
Suspension/Mounting: 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup
Finish: Black DuraTuff™
Transport: 2 Recessed Handles
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel

Two NL-4 Neutrik Speakons, Two1/4" phone jacks


730mm (28.75") high, 480mm (18.75") wide, 380mm (15") deep

Net Weight:

26.4 kg (58 lbs)