Archive- Carvin Audio Slidelock T-Bar Fly Bracket for TRx3810A Vela System


SlideLock flyware ensures a solid safe quick deployment

Easy deployment

SlideLock™ flyware for solid and easy deployment.

Up to four cabinets can be hung and rigged using the SlideLock Tbar which uses the same SlideLock plates to connect to the top cabinet. Large holes for 5/8- inch shackles in the top bar allow the hang to be tilted forward or backward to target system to your audience listening area.

4 VELA elements hung at outdoor concert

Superior Audio Performance

Each VELA is a single cabinet full range system, and with just four cabinets forms an array of over ten feet.

VELA’s unique design produces fuller audio spectrum array projection with fewer cabinets than a standard line array

adobe pdf icon TRx3810A-VELA User Manual

adobe pdf icon TRx3810A VELA Data Sheet