Archive- Carvin Audio PM5 Black Complete Party Pack with 4 Speakers

Carvin Audio PM5B Outdoor Speaker Package

Package Contains: 

4 PM5-B Loudspeakers

1 DCM200L Power Amplifier

4 C25S 25' Speaker Cables

2 Pair of PM5-UB Mounting Brackets



The PM5 is a high-end water resistant monitor that is manufatured for Carvin to our strict standards. It delivers reference quality sound for use in project studios, commercial buildings, schools, boardrooms, restaurants, and home theater/home stereo applications. The bass performance is superior to conventional 5" speakers due to the tuned port design. The OMNI tweeter provides fine adjustmens for directing the high frequencies to your listening position with its swivel design. The water resistant design allows for outdoor use in patios and backyards. Carvin has two optional mounting brackets available, however the PM5 comes with standard mounting slots built into the molded outer case. PM5 speakers are available in black and white. The speakers are also paintable to match your custom color schemes. The PM5-B is a black speaker, with stand mount and 1/4" jacks.


PM5B Specs: 

- The PM5 is not your typical spot monitor, but an onstage reference monitor.
- As a true 2-Way system, you get the full audio spectrum from 86 to 19.5kHz.
- Excellent top-end performance with superb dispersion allows you to hear what you have missed with other spot monitors.
- The PM5 features exceptional bass from a heavy-duty 5 1/4" woofer with a large magnet & tuned-ported enclosure.
- 125W capacity
- High output level is "big" sounding, not what you'd expect from a small enclosure.
- High impact molded enclosure (not plastic) incorporates mounting slots for hanging.
- The Black PM5-B features a mouting insert bracket to be placed on a mic stand for spot monitoring & dual 1/4" speaker jacks (so you can daisy-chain PM5-B's together) along with wire terminals. The PM5-W (white) features only wire terminals. 
- Impedance: 8 ohm
- Dimensions: 10.5" tall x 7" wide x 6.5" deep 


Carvin's DCM200L power amp encorporates a new switching power supply delivering more power for the studio with less heat and no fan. With a push of the rear impedance button, you get 100w at 8 ohms or 4 ohms. High power, uncompromised sound and maximum reliability is at its best for both touring systems and fixed installations. 

The DCM200L professional amp is designed utilizing Carvin's years of experience in power amp technology. The switchmode power supply not only takes the weight of this amp down to a mere 4 Lbs, but it also provides a full 100w per channel at 8 ohms! This amp is also compatible with 120/240v AC power so it can be used worldwide. It meets and exceeds every standard for professional amplification. 

Carvin considers the sound of an amp equally important as its reliability. To insure pure, uncolored sound, we designed one of the fastest responding power amps on the market today. High slew rates deliver superb transient response. High frequencies are transparent and open—even at high levels. Linear feedback circuits reduce distortion to near the theoretical zero limit preventing any type of harshness which would lead to ear fatigue. The DCM200L amp delivers flat, transparent, unaltered sound—especially important to the studio user. These amps are designed to deliver non-stop, continuous power and are completely protected from heat and short circuits. 

Every chassis is made from heavy-duty 16 gauge aluminum that is lightweight and prevents rust. All internal cabling is neatly tied and harnessed. Heavy-duty power switches, recessed knobs & machined aluminum front panels all give the DCM amps a "tank-like" ability to handle rough, touring transport. 

The DCM200L will use AC power efficiently with very little power wasted, this means it will function to its full capacity without using more AC power than necessary. This "green" efficiency is also a benefit when using the amp with a gas powered generator. Generators can vary in their ability to sustain a constant AC voltage, but a DCM200L will function without a problem on a small portable generator as it can function using 90-250VAC 50-60Hz. Switchmode power supplies are also known for reducing stray magnetic fields eliminating hum & noise. This is especially important for the recording industry. 

The concert stage is the ultimate test of professional audio and for the last decade the DCM has made its mark serving top artists and concert venues night after night, year after year. The DCM is a proven American made workhorse backed by over 60 years of manufacturing excellence.


- Hi power 8 ohms switch - same power as 4 ohms
- EQ Expand switch designed for the studio
- Quiet - no fan
- LED indicators: power, clip, signal, protect, bridge
- Balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs
- 1/4" speaker output jacks
- Heavy-duty binding posts output (bridging)
- Rear switches: bridge, channel paralleling, ground lift
- Recessed knobs offer better protection against damage
- Each amp is Audio Precision™ tested, which includes a burn-in under full load

Stereo, both channels driven with REAR IMPEDANCE SWITCH "IN"
- 8Ω: 60/60 Watts
- 4Ω: 100/100 Watts
Minimum 4 ohms per channel

Stereo, both channels driven with REAR IMPEDANCE SWITCH "OUT"
- 8Ω: 100/100 Watts
- 4Ω: not used
Minimum 8 ohms per channel

- 8Ω: 200 Watts
- 16Ω: 120 Watts

- 16Ω: 200 Watts

Peak Power: 300w (2 cycle pulse power) 

- Frequency Response: +0/-5 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- THD 20-20kHz < 0.5%, (8Ω typical) < 0.05%
- Output Topology: CLASS G
- Power Supply: Switchmode
- Damping Factor: >400
- Sensitivity (@ 8Ω): 1.4 Vrms
- Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 106 dB
- Input Impedance: >20K ohm balanced
- Soft-start power-ups
- Over-Current: protected
- Under-Voltage: protected
- Thermal: protected
- Shock-proof SMT construction
- FR4 fire retardant circuit boards
- Aluminum chassis
- AC generator friendly
- Fuse: 5 amps
- 1RU rackmount
- Dim: 19" (48cm) wide x 9" (22.9cm) deep x 1.75" (4.5cm) high
- Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
- Made in the USA 
- 3 year warranty

PM5B Reviews:

Lawrence Tritel New Jersey 
"A high quality product and a very good value." 

Robert Ingram Shreveport, LA 
"Wow!!! The first time I hooked these little guys up, I couldn't believe the sound considering the size and price. I'm planning to buy at least 4 more, two for my van and two more for my home studio. This is the best deal I've made since I bought my 2 new DCM1000L Power Amps. Carvin ROCKS!!! 

P.S. Carvin Customer Service is absolutely the best!!!" 

Ernesto Nevada
"I had used 4 of these PM5 monitors in a custom made portable karaoke I made about 5 years ago. I use this unit as a commercial rental for my karaoke business. They have been very good for the quality and size I needed. They have held up very good up to now while pushing them with 75 watts @ 8 ohms each. 

I have never had a customer complain about the quality of sound these speakers." 

Kevin Bradford Wichita, KS 
"I bought the package set of these with the speaker cables for use with my Carvin AG100D guitar amp. These speakers are fantastic for this application and sound Great. They really fill the room with warmth and crystal clear, articulate sound wit this set up. Another great product and deal from Carvin!" 

Frank Latchford California 
"Since more and more clubs are giving bands smaller areas to play, we decided to give up our old floor monitors for a pair of the PMs. The clarity and power is amazing. I do not do reviews, however, if you are a working bar band I would recommend these for vocals. If you don't like them, Carvin's return policy is excellent, but I really think you will keep 'em..." 

Doug Williams Xenia, OH 
"I have used my PM-5s for about ten years now and have been more than satisified with their performance. I currently use them as studio monitors; however, I have used them as spot monitors on stage and even as monitors for my computer. I power them with a Peavey M260 amp which delivers about 100 watts to each speaker cabinet. They have proven to be well worth their cost! I highly recommend these speakers!" 

Jeff Woods Oklahoma 
"Wow! These little guys sound GREAT! I'm really impressed with them! I've used Carvin for years and will continue to do so. Thanks Carvin!" 

Denny Park Norman, OK 
"Very happy with these. I have a large listening area (30'x50') and the PM-5's fill that nicely. Sound is rich and natural. I do have these paired with a powered subwoofer, its an unbeatable combo!"