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Carvin Audio LS1801 Subwoofer

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LS1801A 18-inch 1400W active subwoofer
Massive bass in a compact enclosure. Easy, intuitive controls for quick set up.
American designed and built quality
The LS high-end loudspeakers are American made in San Diego, CA. Each enclosure is designed, tuned, and tested using computer software for optimum system performance. Multi-ply Hardwood offers the strength for professional service. Professional active modules with crossover, limiters, and protection are just part of the top quality design.
Powerful subwoofer performance
The LS1801A is a very compact high Q subwoofer design to add extended low frequencies to any system and plug right into the mixer. The single 18-inch woofer provides solid low end punch. With its included top pole mount, systems such as the LS112 or larger LS153 can be elevated using an SS4 optional pole to the optimum height. Even the low-end of LS2153 can be extended down to the 30 Hz range by placing the LS1801A underneath. The LS1801A active module features selectable 80 Hz and 120 Hz crossover point for optimal top cabinet matching, level control, internal active limiter, and a 18db/octave low cut filter for a smooth low-end optimized to the enclosure. The enclosure is constructed of CNC machined multi-ply Hardwood with heavy gauge steel powder coated front grills. Effective for both permanent and portable applications and covered in black DuraTuff™

  • medium club systems
  • House of Worship systems
  • larger event drum and side fills
  • Band systems
  • DJ systems

  • Rugged and light weight poplar cabinet ready for a beating on the road
  • Black steel grill
  • High SPL performance
  • 1400 Watt active module with crossover, limiter, and protection
  • 2 metal handles with round bar grip
  • top 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup
  • Small foot print
  • Jack plate features in and through balanced XLR jacks and input 1/4-inch jacks
  • Built in San Diego, CA.


System Type: Internal Active SubWoofer system
Coverage Pattern: omni
Speaker Protection: Active Sub Limiter
Crossover Frequency: 80 Hz or 120 Hz switchable
Internal Amplifier Power: Full Range 700w continuous /1400w peak
Sensitivity (1w @ 1m): 98dB
Maximum SPL: 129dB
LF Driver: 18-inch woofer
Nominal Impedance Full Range: 8 ohms
Enclosure: 15mm Multi-Ply Hardwood
Suspension/Mounting: Top: 1-3/8-inch Pole Mount Cup
Finish: Black DuraTuff™
Transport: 2 Recessed Handles
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel
Connectors: Two Bal. XLR, One Bal. 1/4" TRS phone jack
Dimensions: 600mm (23.5") high, 505mm (19.75") wide, 580mm (22.75") deep
Net Weight: 64 lbs

David Accomando Rochester Hills, MI 
"Awesome product. Still using my first Carvin products purchased 20 years ago." 

Jeff Johnson  Grayson GA 
"Excellent quality sub woofer delivered quickly. Good value as well." 

Steve Long Wilmington, DE 
"I bought a pair of these sub to go along w/ my pa system and they sound awsome and add the much needed punch that I was lacking. Incredible low end hi-end sound for a great price." 

Robert Cross Colorado Springs, CO 
"Outstanding product in every way! Audio, performance to weight ratio, efficient size, physically attractive, powered ease of setup and ring out - You guys got everything right! 

Personal experimentation lead me to discover that by overlapping the cross-over on the driverack, the sound warms up my (other manufacturer) powered 12", 2 way mains, while remaining tight and clear. Great bottom end. Built like a tank. Suprising light for a powered sub that moves so much air. I am proud to show the Carvin label when I set up at a gig." 

Kevin Klimek Long Prarie, MN 
"I ordered an LS1801A as the final finishing touch to my pair of LM15A powered Carvin speakers. I do a full time solo show in a large club as a guitarist with my own MIDI backing tracks and wanted some additional low end thump. This cabinet is unbelievable with tons of power and amazing response. This system has replaced my pair of Bose L1 systems that I had been using at my club prior to this! My Carvin system is bulletproof and unequalled in sound quality. Thanks for another award winning product Carvin!" 

Mike Kozmer Wisconsin 
"Very happy with this purchase. I have Italian made RCF equipment, so my expectations are pretty high. This sub is very lightweight and compact but yet still hits hard. I DJ’d a gig with one these and my RCF ART 705AS (15") sub. The RCF is labeled as having 800watts and a max SPL of 130 but in real world conditions. The RCF would clip (limiters on protect mode) and the Carvin never got to clipping (Carvin also has limiters built in). To me that tells me Carvins specs are true, not inflated. I like my RCF but when you can buy (2) Carvins or (1) RCF makes my decision it a lot easier! Bang for the buck, hard to find products that compete." 

Levi McGee Kansas 
"These subs are as good, if not better, than 500 to 800 dollar JBL's. I play drums and also bass so I am a bit picky about my low end. When I use my double bass pedal, the second hit is just as loud as the first (most subwoofers die off on a second quick beat). I have also ran from my direct out on my bass amp to one of these and used it as a bass cab, it worked well for this too. One of these was also left on for 7 days because it was forgotten about....the next Sunday morning it worked just as good." 

Clay Hallberg Iowa 
"Have been using this powered 18" cab for over a year to extend the low end for a pair of Mackie cabs as they were not covering the drums when miked. Works great! No problems, the bass drum kicks well, people dance (important), and nobody knows the difference, except the sound man, who says it sounds better than the Mackie sub and we need to get another one soon!" 

Frank Gonzales Odessa, TX 
"Can't say enough about the professionally built, and excellent quality of Carvin Pro Audio. Purchased the LS1801NA as a need to fill in the low end performace of my LS2153's at smaller gigs for punch in certain types of music. Success! The single LS1801NA is great improvement in medium size venues, and saves time and energy versus hauling around the amp rack and having to load it up at the end of the night. Plans are to purchase a second one to utilize for smaller gigs, or DJ services. Thanks Carvin!" 

DJ Malarky Albuquerque, NM 
"First of all, ordering from Carvin using their online credit app is simply awesome. Now for the juicy stuff. Big Boom in a little package is what this powered sub will do for your mobile dj set. I got mine with the vinyl speaker cover and would recommend the dolly board for easy transport of this very nice subwoofer. Give it a try DJ's as this really is the best bang for your buck!!!" 

Keith B Swanton, OH 
"I have been in the band business for 40 years so I've had the opportunity to use tons of sound gear over the years and I recently purchased a pair of these subs for my live band. I had shopped for subs for nearly a year before purchasing these. Here's the reasons why Carvin got the nod........VALUE! No one sells a comprable sub that can come near these beauties. They have great sound quality, are realtively light in weight, compact in size, handle huge power, are made of high-grade materials and American made. I really like the option of having a switchable crossover built in. Great job Carvin! I'll buy more of your products." 

K. B. Toledo, OH 
"I have recently purchased 2 of these subs for my little working band. We do small to medium size rooms. They're compact, light and handle tons of power. In comparing the specifications with other brands I was really impressed, especially at this price point. All that aside, These little boxes really make a ton of clean low-end. I was quite surprised at how well they work for me during a live performance. I'm very satisfied. Well-done Carvin! I'm buying 2 more soon." 

Jon T. Evans Abilene, TX
"Just bought this, what a great powered sub. Easy to use and real clear lows. Matches perfectly with all my Carvin gear." 

Drew Burasco Kansas City, MO
"Wow the best deal on Subs EVER! I have been running sound since the 70's and theses are the most bang for the buck I can ever recall."