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Archive- Carvin 112E 1 x 12 100W Vintage Open Back Cabinet

carvin 112E vintage extension cabinetcarvin 112E vintage extension cabinetcarvin 112E vintage extension cabinet

- Power Handling: 100W, 8 Ohms
- One GT12 speaker
- Dimensions: 19.5 inches wide x 10.25 inches deep x 17.5 inches high (same size as 112 Nomad, stackable)
- Weight: 26 lbs.



Ethan Burch Illinois
"Just bought your Nomad amplifier with the extension cab... this amp absolutely sings. It has a beautifully tight low end, with a shimmering high end. If you turn it up you can get a natural clip, and this is all on channel one! Switch over to channel two and turn up the SOAK knob and the most wonderfully vintage sounding overdrive waltzes into the room and takes your breath away. I've played guitar for almost ten years, and never have I heard anything like this. It makes my guitar sound like never before! The tonal qualities of this guitar make every Marshall, Fender, Mesa, Bogner, or Matchless that I've ever heard sound like a solid-state piece of concrete. Carvin, you have absolutely blown me out of the water with this piece of art. Many Thanks!"