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BR510 500W 2 X 10 Inch Combo Bass Amp

carvin br510 bass amp combo

adobe pdf icon  BR510 User Manual
*Product Discontinued*

- RMS 8 Ohms: 300w, RMS 4 Ohms: 500w, RMS 2 Ohms: 500w limited 
- 8 ohms Dynamic Peak: 600w 
- 4 ohms Dynamic Peak: 1000w
- Output Mode: High Efficiency CLASS D technology
- Power Supply: High Efficiency High Frequency switching
- Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20KHz
- THD: 0.1% @ 50% output
- 1% 20-20 kHz @ 90% output
- Damping Factor: >300
- Preamps: Three CLASS A
- Passive/Active Input: 10 dB gain switch - accommodates all basses
- Preamp Tube: 12AX7 switchable in/out
- Bass/Treble: +-10 dB at 100 Hz and +-12 dB at 8k Hz
- Contour control: Flat to -126 dB at 400 600 Hz
- 1 Mid Parametric: +- 10 Db sweepable 100 to 800 Hz
- 2 Mid Parametric: +- 10 Db sweepable 800 to 3k Hz
- Graphic Equalizer: 9 band +- 10 Db @ 63, 120,250,500,1k,2k,4k,8k,16k
- Compressor/Limiter: up to 30 dB - convenient one knob control
- Direct Out: - 50 to +4 dBV adjustable, Balanced 600 ohms
- Effects Loop: -10 dBV In/Out buffered at 10k to keep source constant
- FS22 Footswitch: Graphic EQ on/off, Direct Out MUTE on/off
- Soft Start: gradually turns the amp on to prevent surges
- Speaker Protection: protection circuit immediately disconnects your speakers
- Over-Current: protected, Under-Voltage protected, Thermal protected
- AC Voltage Input: 100-250V 50-60 Hz
- Rack Space: 2U adapter end-plates
- Dimensions: 23.8" high, 18.5" deep, 20.7" wide
- Net Weight: 56 lbs
- Made in San Diego, CA

The BR510 features Carvin's new BX500 bass amp, in a tiltable combo enclosure loaded with dual 10" drivers and titanium HF driver. 

The BX500 is a sleek head with easy to read instrument knobs offering an array of features - 3 EQ sections, high power and an ultralight 5.5 lbs chassis. It delivers 300w at 8 ohms, 500w at 4 ohms, plus it can be used at 2 ohms. The CLASS D power output section runs extremely cool and doesn't take much power from the wall. The 12AX7 preamp tube gives the warmth that bassists are looking for. Two switches sit next to the input jack: a conveniently located Mute switch, and an Active/Passive switch to tailor the input to basses with different pickup configurations. The BX500 has your standard Drive knob by the Input jack and Master Volume adjacent to the power switch. A single knob controls the optical compressor with an auto limiter, and a red LED show you when the compressor is in operation. The convenient front panel Direct Level sends the preamp signal to the mixer. 

The nine-band graphic EQ is footswitch-able, as well as via a switch on the front plate. But in addition to this EQ, the BX500 also has a four-band, two sweep tone control section that offers parametric frequency changes to the low mids and high mids, resulting in an almost unlimited number of options for dialing in your perfect sound. These features give the BX500 a truly versatile voice, but your tone shaping doesn't end there. There is a Contour knob that further refines your sound from Scooped to Flat. Two combination Speakon™ - 1/4" outputs, 2 ohm operation switch, foot switch, Direct Out balanced XLR, tuner/phones output, effects loop and tube bypass switch cover the rear panel. 

The BR series cabinets incorporate very efficient Low Frequency drivers-delivering accurate tone with high output. Expect a deep resonate bass from these systems along with a tight, punchy, slap & pop high-end. Extended mid range also makes your bass sound alive. 

Beneath the sharply-dressed exterior, the BX500 has unsurpassed versatility, great tone, and useful features to help you get any sound you want. 


Frank Casciaro Jr Woodstock, NY
"I got my BR510N after reading a review of the BX500 amplifier in Bass Player magazine. After a bunch of rehearsals and several gigs I have to say it's the combo I'd been seeking for the last few years. The tone is warm and present, the features are versitile and the portability is next to effortless. It was my first Carvin purchase and I am happy to discover the claims and endorsements in your marketing materials prove out. Thanks!" 

Raymond Kaping Duncan, OK 
"500 watts driving two 10 inch speakers in a combo that weights 50 lbs? You bet cha! This little combo thumps down some serious bass. I have a SB 5000 that I play through mine and I have it dailed into an "upright" bass sound. And if you want that "piano wire" kind of tone, just leave it with all the controls set flat and play. This is one clean and powerful little combo. And if your a metal player, you'll probably go for the extension cabnet or look to purchase a head and 4X10 cabinet. But don't underestimate the sound you can get from a 500 watt bass head, and this amp has a wonderful sound and it will push considerable volume through both the 2X10 and 4X10 cabinets. And you'll definitely not going to get this kind of quality in both sound and build from anyone else for the price Carvin sells their amps at." 

Derek S. Anderson Kansas City, MO 
"This amp rocks! I'm in a rock cover band in Kansas City and was a bit nervous at first to buy an amp off of the Carvin site without playing it. Needless to say it exceeded my expectations!. It took me a little while at find my sound when it first got here. I remained patient and found it. I hooked an Ampeg 15" extention cab up to it and it plays like a dream. It has dynamic High's, Mid's, and Low's. I am definately Carvin for life after my experience with the BR510N."