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AG100D 100W Acoustic Guitar Amp with Digital Effects


AG100D Manual      AG100D Product Manual


The AG100D 100 watt combo amp delivers full, pristine sound through a tuned-port full-range speaker enclosure. The 3 input channels are individually designed: one for guitar, one for bass, second guitar or other electric instrument, and one for mic, keyboards or other devices. Each channel has a separate volume and EQ (3-band active on Channel 1; 2-band active on Channel 2 & 3), while Channel 1 also features a MID sweep control. A 5 band master graphic EQ allows you to further tailor your sound. Channels 1's voicing is designed for standard electric or acoustic guitars while Channel 2 is suitable for bass guitar, a second guitar or similar instruments such as an electric mandolin, electric violin, etc. You can play bass and guitar simultaneously without degrading the guitar signal, and the bass tuned enclosure and high frequency tweeter, combined with 100 watts RMS of power, is ideal for acoustic or electric basses. Channel 3 will also accommodate line level signals from keyboards, tape decks, drum machines or a balanced microphone, and provides phantom power for condenser mics. Channel 1 & 2 have standard 1/4" phone jacks for electric instruments, and Channel 3 has a 1/4" phone jack for tape/CD players, drum machines, etc., as well as a balanced XLR mic input with phantom power, which makes the AG100D well suited for a "One-Man-Band" stage set-up. 

The AG100D also features 24-bit digital effects, allowing you to add echo, reverb, chorus and flange to each channel. Each channel has its own effect send level that will adjust the amount of signal sent to the effects processor. An external effects loop (1/4" in, 1/4" out) allows you to connect external effects. 

The rear panel features a jack for the optional FS22 footswitch, which allows you to remotely turn off or on the two assigned effects. A post-EQ stereo line out jack can be used for recording, as a direct feed to a mixer, or as a headphone jack. A 1/4" speaker extension jack allows you to connect an additional speaker such as the 112AG speaker enclosure. The tweeter L-Pad control allows you to reduce the tweeter level if distortion is heard at excessive volumes. 

Carvin's AG100D is the ideal solution for performers who don't always need a full PA system or multiple amplifiers, but want professional features and lots of power. Ideal for small clubs & coffee shops, rehearsal spaces and other areas where quick and easy setup and a small footprint are an advantage. 


- Power amp: 100 watts at 8 ohms— THD less than .03% @ 90% output 

- Freq. Response: 20 - 20 kHz
- Speaker components: heavy duty 300 watt PS12 with horn tweeter and rear L-pad
- Tuned bass reflex enclosure response: 48 Hz to 16 kHz designed for bass guitar
- 3 Channels for acoustic guitar, bass and PA
- Channel 1 for acoustic/electric guitar with Bass, Mid-Sweep, Treble, Effects controls & Acoustic/Electric EQ switch
- Channel 2 for instr. or tape with Bass, Treble & Effects control
- Channel 3 with XLR & 1/4" inputs for Mic & instr. with Bass, Treble & Effects controls
- Phantom power on Channel 3 for use with condenser mics
- Effects Loop (send & receive jacks)
- DUAL Digital Effects Selectors and Parameters
- Master Level control
- Master 5 Band Graphic EQ @ 100, 250, 800, 6k & 12 kHz
- Built-in insert for speaker stand
- Forest Green covering
- 90-260VAC 50-60Hz
- Dimensions: 17" wide x 12" deep x 22" high
- Weight: 35 lbs


Jamie Rio 
"My first outing with the AG100D was at a typical club with my four-piece rock band. I plugged my 12-string acoustic into channel 1 and I had an excellent guitar sound...My next challenge was to try out a bass guitar... with the help of the five-band graphic EQ, we found a very good bass sound...I offered to play at a small local bar...I showed up with my 12-string in one hand and the AG100D in the other...I had a great vocal and guitar sound happening... All in all the AG100D fulfills all of Carvin's claims excellently and is very competitively priced". 

Will Rennehan Sudbury, Canada
"Simply put, this amp does it all !!! Factor in the cost vs features and the quality of sound, Carvin has yet another winner in their amp line. I've done acoustic gigs with other acoustic performers and they've all been impressed with my sound and tone , and when I tell them how much it cost me they usually shake their heads in disbelief. I also use it for practicing at home with my basses and again the AG100D delivers the goods! 

Keep in mind that your not going to get earth shattering lows with it ... that's not what it was designed for. But what you do get is a very tight and defined sound with some considerable kick despite it's relatively small size. Here's something that happened recently at one of our rehearsals: 

Our bass player showed up for rehearsal and upon arriving he realized that he had forgotten his BX1200 head at home. Needless to say he was not too impressed. On top of that he lives about an hour and 15 mins (return trip) away. Due to a recent acoustic gig, my Carvin AG100D acoustic amp was still in the back seat of my car. I brought it in and he plugged in his Geddy Lee Jazz bass. Within a few seconds of playing he had this big grin on his face. I asked him what he was smirking about to which he replied, 'I cant believe what I'm hearing, this thing is AWESOME!' He was blown away with the sound coming out of this relatively small amp. And after a little more extensive tweaking with channel one's eq options, I cranked the gain setting and he was getting a very respectable Geddy Lee tone. Some additional EQ'ing with the master 5 band EQ and he was even more excited with the sound. We ran a line out from the back of the AG100 into a channel on my mixer and now with that great signal coming from the AG100D he had a wall of sound that was very impressive!!! 

These amps have a stand mount on the bottom so if the amp was at ear level you could play with this amp alone with a louder band ... considering that P.A.'s handle the bulk of the sound anyways. 

And again considering the low cost of the AG100D , it would be an excellent choice for any bass player who cant afford a bigger rig just yet. This is just another example of how excellent this amp really is ... And as a result of the AG100D's performance and all the other Carvin products I have, a lot of my musician friends are getting closer to purchasing some Carvin gear themselves. 

I've owned various equipment from other manufacturers but since I've discovered Carvin, I wont buy anything else ... they continually exceed my expectations !!!" 

Mike Gelski Aurora CO
"My wife purchased this amp for me a few years ago. I wanted an acoustic guitar amplifier and I was immediately pleased with the sound and performance. Since receiving it I have used it for bass guitar, my son has used it for lead guitar, and I've even used it for situations with 1 guitar, 1 bass and a shared microphone. I've been playing guitar and bass for over 30 years. I don't think you can go wrong with this amp." 

Lawrence Singer
"OK, so my scientific background and training has caused me to be a little skeptical about advertising hype. I also by experience don‘t expect much from what I call an "all in one" device. That is a product that is supposed to do the job of several stand alone products. Usually the manufacturer makes too many compromises and the end result is to say the least....disappointing. Not so with the AG100D. Carvin bills this amp as an acoustic guitar amp. So I plugged in my recently acquired CC275 and was delighted with the wonderful sound that ensued. It was full, rich, powerful and articulate while maintaining a good amplified acoustic sound. I would say this amp is as good or better than any dedicated acoustic amp I have heard. My CL450 nylon string and Yamaha acoustics sounded great too. As I mentioned, Carvin calls this an acoustic amp so great job providing an excellent one indeed. Well, Moshe at the Hollywood store said I would like this amp and he hasn't steered me wrong yet! But wait, there are two more channels left. The owner‘s brochure says channel two can be used for a bass or a drum machine, etc. so I plugged in a bass. OK, now you're talking. The emulating sound was powerful, punchy and quite good. Hmmm, how did they accomplish this apparent duality? I even plugged in a drum machine and low and behold a great drum sound emerged. But what about the PA, voice reproduction of channel three? Now I am pinching myself to see if this is some fantasy dream. No, it‘s real alright. The voice comes thru natural and beautiful with clarity and power. Well, this is changing my mind about what can be done with "all in ones" if good engineering and quality components and construction are employed. You even have some very fine sounding effects that can be used selectively on any of the three channels....outstanding!! At first glance, it seems that this little amp will be complicated to use what with all those knobs, buttons and the like. Not so. Each channel has some excellent dedicated sound controls and a 5 band EQ that works for all of the channels. Guess what.....these tone modifying controls actually modify the tone. Yes that's right they actually work. By tweaking and adjusting just about anyone can find a tone they will like. Alright Carvin, you guys have done your homework on this multi-talented amp, but I'll bet as it is an acoustic guitar amp, that if I plug in a solid body it will fall on its face and sound pretty bad and sterile. Wrong again! Thru some of the tweaking of the tone controls and reducing the tweeter output (located on the back chassis), I was able to get a decent, passable electric guitar sound without even using an amp modeler or effects pedal. Amazing. For anyone like me who wants an amp that can be used for multiple purposes without having to get separate units to take up space, lug around and necessitate taking out a second mortgage, check out the Carvin AG100D. You too just might be as pleasantly surprised as was I." 

Dallas Stamberger Small Town, IL 
"The AG100D is very versitile. It has enough power to do small to medium jobs & is a really nice all in one solution with great EQ, and effects. It is very well built & easy to carry. It really packs a punch with clarity and volume and could easly handle bigger outdoor situations but for the most part the 100 watts is plenty for lounge, hospitality tents, and other small venues. I run backing tracks through it with a vocal and acoustic guitar for nursing homes and dont ever get over 3 or 4 on the master and 2-4 on the channel and its plenty giving a modest 75-80db volume." 

Doug Michigan 
"Great Amp! I use this for everything! Quite a bit of power for a very light weight amp. While it shines as an acoustic amp, I have been using it as a bass amp at church and it sounds great (even slapping and popping). 

I am mainly an electric guitarist, but I have become a jack of all trades and have done acoustic camps and coffee house shows with vocals and an acoustic guitar. But what is really cool... is that I can run my Vox Tonelab LE into this and it seriously performs like a half-stack. Yes, it is that powerful! It is very clean power. No airy sounds. Effects are very good too." 

Dansby Volger Kansas City, MO
"Simply put, this amp delivers. I'm the owner of a first generation AG100D that I've had for many years. I haul it everywhere, along with an external speaker and a hot spot personal monitor. It powers both well while also driving a drum machine and a mic. The AG100D's versatility shows up time and again, everywhere I play. Indoors or out, on it's own or lined out, small venues and dance floors, this box is the real deal. A partner of mine recently referred to the AG100D as an "expensive" amp. Investing in quality is never expensive." 

Ken Beaumont Toano, VA 
"I purchased the AG100D to use with my SH275 and axon 100 Guitar Synthesizer for the piezo out and the synth. It worked perfectly for that. I then started using to power my keyboards and the guitar synth. I was also gigging with a nomad amp for guitar. I purchased a modelling pedal (ToneLab) and now the AG100D is the only amp I gig with. I just run everything, guitar/tonelab, guitar synth & keyboard straight into the amp. I then use line out to the PA. I am amazed at the versatility of this amp, it produces clean, well balanced sound." 

Steve Minnesota 
"The AG amp has been a really good purchase for me. It is very adaptable for many types of inputs and can generate lots of good effects without distorting. I run everything from a vocal mic to a Martin D-35 with a K&K miniwestern pickup to a Turner Model 1 via a Roland GR-20 synth. The amp handles it all just fine, and you can even throw a bass through it if you need to. The synth sounds are especially crisp, and the power this thing generates is surprising given the reasonable price. I plan to buy the matching satellite 12 inch unit in the near future. Great products Carvin." 

Wil Rennehan Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 
"Simply put, this amp has it all!!! Factor in the cost vs features and quality of sound,Carvin has another winner in their amp line. I've done acoustic gigs with other acoustic performers and they\'ve all been impressed with my sound and tone , and when I tell them how much it cost me they usually shake their heads in disbelief. I also use it for practicing at home with my basses and again the AG100D delivers the goods! 

Our bass player forgot his bass head recently for a rehearsal and I had my AG100D in the back seat of my car. I plugged him in and he was immediately impressed with the sound. The five band EQ is a very valuable feature of this amp and in a very short time he was getting a tone that put a smile on his face. Our rehearsals are a little louder than what a solidstate 100 watt amp can compete with (especially for bass) so I ran a line out from the back panel and sent the signal to our p.a and it was unbelievable! 

I would have no problem using this amp for any sized gig seeing that you can mount it on a speaker stand and have it ear level. It sounds that good!" 

Robert Combs Maricopa, AZ 
"I bought the AG100D to run acoustic guitar and bass for our 2-instrument, two singer band, "Desert Breeze". Acoustic tone is awesome and the bass thumps with clarity. Indoors or out, this versatile rig does all we want and is stone reliable. I couldn't be happier with the performance. Next purchase is the matching cabinet. The green covering is refreshingly different. This is my fourth Carvin amp. Best bang for the buck, hands down! Thanks, Carvin." 

Chris Austin, TX 
"I use the AG100D more than I\'d like to admit. It's wonderful! I works for almost any location that I perform in. It's light weight, which makes it easy to get around with. I can easily add a monitor to it if I need one. I have used it to play for more than 120 people at a time and it sounded great everytime!" 

Scott Lancaster, PA 
"Used this small lightweight amp as our Main PA for a three piece rock band with drums on one gig. Ran the output to another 12" speaker and WOW! We could not believe how good we sounded that night. A bar gig yes but we didn't need anything more for sound. Suprising how loud and clear this thing is." 

Gene O'Neill Durham, NC 
"I have used this amp for several years. I am amazed at how this unit works with my classical guitar. I have used it for playing solo jazz guitar gigs, classical guitar for weddings, blues gigs and on several ocassions, recording work with a bass guitar. It does a great job no matter what I've asked it to do. I love the fact that it's light weight, too." 

Von T. Washington 
"This amp is hands down the cleanest and most acoustically natural sounding amp i have ever heard in my life. For the first channel, lows are punchy and full while the mid range and gain controls add a mix-cutting texture while the highs ring and sparkle brilliantly. I plugged my Takamine acoustic with a Fishman Infinity Matrix pickup into this little amp and my brother plugged a Fender Precision Bass into channel 2. With 10 seconds of adjustment, this beefy amp delivered clarity and tone of which i could not imagine in a multi-instrument setup. This is an all purpose rig but does not sacrifice capability for quality and offers astonishing effects to compliment all inputs. The optional footswitch seems very ruggedly built and the selector buttons work smoothly and do not feel like they are flimsy or poorly built in the least. For the money, no other amp on the market rivals this jack of all spades, and the quality of it puts all other competition to shame." 

Andy Averso North Haledon, NJ 
"What a versatile amplifier! I needed an amp that I could use for acoustic applications, and I needed a new bass amplifier. I also sing and play keyboard as well, so this seemed to be the best fit! My wife purchased it for my birthday recently, and I have been enjoying it ever since. I plug my mp3 player into channel 3, and dial in some great tone to play along on any instrument I choose! There are other portable pa/keyboard amplifiers on the market that are similar in specifications, but I couldn't pass up the American quality and craftsmanship that Carvin has built their reputation on!" 

Jerry McNabb Michigan
"I have been using this amp now for about 4 months and I would without a doubt buy it again. I use it as intended, I play acoustic and electric guitars through channel 1 and "looped" drum machine / bass guitar through channel 2. Ch 3 is for my mic and keyboard. This setup is fantastic!!! The sound is clean channel to channel and I get a lot of wow's from my gigs. The optional foot switch is a must! Buy it!! To be able to add Carvins built in effects like the chorus on acoustic guitar and adjusted reverb to my vocals really makes this amp a "clean all in one package". I plan to buy the external speaker for bigger floor coverage but with the ability to cable into the house main PA makes this amp a very present stage amp with every amp adjusted note going to the house. Carvin, I looked at EVERY other "acoustic" amp on the market.... you guy's really did your home work!! NOBODY offers this quality of sound for under a grand. Thank you, and thanks for made in USA equipment." 

Bruce Pepin Pacific NW 
"Have bought several Carvins in the past, they were always rock solid. I bought this as in my old age now I'm going all acoustic. This amp although new to me so far seems solid and the sound is as good as anything I've heard in music stores, at a lesser price! I'm looking forward to many years of playing with this amp. I ordered it in white and it looks great. I play Taylors through it and the sound is crisp, clear, and as loud as I wish. Good Job on this one Carvin!" 


Patrick Smits Sister Bay, WI
"A friend of mine was in need of an acoustic amplifier. He plays guitar, electric bass and sings. He occasionally performs with a banjo player. He also hosts an open mic/ music listening parlor. After researching many acoustic amps, I recommended the Carvin AG100D. I was also looking for an acoustic guitar amp for my personal use, so I ordered two of them. After playing his bass guitar through the AG100D, Lloyd said "That is the sound I was looking for..." 

The AG100D is excellent for indoor and outdoor gigs. The 12" speaker projects really well in outdoor venues. The AG100D has plenty of clean power even at high volume settings. Bottom line: We are both delighted with them!" 

Jerry W. McNabb Michigan 
"Ok, it's me the person that the AG100D amp was built for. I've played music for over 40 years. I made lots of friends over the years on and off of the stage. One thing that my fellow musicians agree on is you can't skimp on quality. From the early 70's I bought Carvin equipment because of the fact that I knew that when the GIG was on so was my Carvin gear. Made in the USA means a lot to me ....Thanks Carvin. This little amp is what I needed for my one man shows, I miss the sound of a backup band so now I use a Jam-man looper to stack bass guitar and drum tracks into channel 2 on the AG100D, with so many options on this channel the sound is very easy to "mold". I love the bass out of the amp. Channel 1 makes my acoustic 6 and 12 strings sound outstanding. For some songs I switch to my electric axe and rock out. Channel 3 blows my mind, the ability to fine tune the effects over my mic vocals is wonderful. I use a Digitech vocalist 3 to give me harmonies of my voice and the AG100D has the ability to reproduce the "vocals" with outstanding results. Audiences wonder where the band is?? I used to lug a lot of heavy gear around, not now!!! This little amp is what I need for my "one man Band". Right on Carvin!!" 

Mike Sutton Bellevue, NE 
"Bought this little gem to use with my acoustic electric Alvarez. Liked it so much I went ahead and ordered the extension cabinet. Sounded so good as a bass amplifier that I gave my SWR LA8 practice bass amp to the kid across the street. Even my jazz archtop guitar sounds awesome through it (the bass reflex cabs give it a nice round bottom end). Worth the money. It does everything they say it will. BUY ONE!" 

Joe Matvey Minnesota 
"I've had a few weeks to use my new AG100D, what clarity, what power, this unit delivers, what an amp. I've had many comments about the sound and mix I'm getting using this amp for my guitar synth and my strat. Just ordered a SH575, can't wait to utilize all three channels." 

Vaughn Kavon San Diego, CA 
"I purchased the AG100D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier a few years ago. I usually play acoustic guitar and electric guitar but wanted something that I could use to play keyboard with also, and maybe plug in a mic, and sing some of my original songs. The amplifier is so very versatile, with so many features I may not need anything else. With all of the various effects, and ability to modify them infinitely it simplifies everything. Now I can concentrate on composing. 

This is a list of what I use the AG100 to amplify and make my music with. 

1) Dean Espana-Classical Nylon Acoustic Electric Guitar
2) Carvin - AC375 Acoustic Electric Guitar
3) Carvin - H1 Allen Holdsworth Electric Guitar
4) Carvin - DC 800 8 String Electric Guitar
5) Roland JV-2080 Synthesizer for Keyboard sound 

Clearly this is a well designed and manufactured amplifier. Having lifted the 100 watt amps that are made for keyboards, by other brands, this is a lighter, Great sounding amp that works so well for guitar as well. I am very happy with its output, sound quality, and versatility. Thank you Carvin Staff." 

- Made in San Diego, California