412VB 4 x 12 400W Closed Back Speaker Cabinet (Bottom)

carvin 412vb guitar cabinet


*Product Discontinued*

As used on the V3 Series amplifiers. Loaded with 4 GT12 speakers. Closed back design delivers superb bass punch. Rugged design constructed from quality multi-ply laminated plywood with metal corner protectors, metal grill and heavy-duty handles. Covered in black. Bottom model with straight front. 


- Frequency Response: 72-5k Hz
- Four GT12 speakers
- STEREO (8 Ohms) or MONO (16 Ohms)
- Metal corners-Metal grill
- Covered in black protective vinyl
- Constructed from heavy-duty multi-ply plywood
- Dimensions: 30" wide x 14.5" deep x 30" high
- Weight: 90 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California


"This amp shreds, it does two times the work of Mesa at 1/2 the price. This amp has been added to my arsenal, and I have bands fighting over it night after night. And on top of that it is made in the USA!" 

-Don Lithgow from DML studios has recorded top bands like Blink 182, Finch, Unwritten Law, New Found Glory, Off Track, Ike Turner. 

Christopher Nickels Everett, WA
"Been using it both for practice and regular live shows in some very large venues for almost a year now, and it is a very flexible, user friendly amp that is capable of getting quite a lot of great tones. It responds quite well to different tube swaps to get the right amount of gain from heavy metal to classic rock, to blues, and is reliable. The midi function is great to either mate it with a midi controller pedalboard, rack effects system or other on the floor effects processor so your floor device can change amp channels. 

I regularly have people come to the stage and ask what kind of amp I use. I highly recommend it." 

Levi Triplett East Helena, MT
"When I saw this head I knew I had to have one ,and it exceeded my expectations greatly. It is so versatile and simple to use that it is unbelievable. I play it with a variety of music that requires more specific guitar tones, and it works spectacularly well. Thanks Carvin for building such an awesome amp, I will use these amps forever!" 

Anthony Bennett Houston, TX
"I have used my V3 for about one year now with excellent results. In my opinion this head works well with low tunings as well as standard pitch. One of the main reasons I chose this head was because of the tightness of the distortion as you can hear on the samples. I was having trouble finding an amp that could handle low tones that didn't cost 2,000 plus dollars. This amp is the answer for me. It's shreddy and brutal. As far as the tubes go, I liked the EL34 tubes it came with and have also tried some EL34 Ruby tubes which are also good however more noisy than the tubes when the amp was at idle. I use this head with and ESP 7 string with active EMG's and an Ibanez 6 string with DeMarzios and an oversized Marshall cab. Overall I recommend this amp to anyone looking for a solid tube head to form their own tone identity. Great job Carvin." 

Tim Elizabethtown, KY
URL: http://www.myspace.com/abominant
"I bought this to replace my old 5150II. I didn't want to pay a large price on a new head. I looked at Carvin catalogs for years and saw the V3 and read and read up on it. Enough reading, lets give it a shot! Just BRUTAL!! I love it! No O.D. pedals necessary at all! The only pedals I use is delay and wah for solos. And w/ matching 4x12 cab w/ Celestion 75s, aggressive. I like things simple, and V3 does the job for me. The guys in the band loves my sound and at show everyone is impressed." 

Colombo Jilez Escondido, CA
"I've had mine for almost a year and the V3 head with the Vin30 4x12 Cab rocks. With features such as the serial and parallel fx loops, vol boost and (almost too many) EQ functions, you can't beat the 3 all-tube channels. This is my 2nd Carvin tube stack, starting with the MTS 3200 purchased in 2001 and has been rock solid ever since. I love Carvin, they are just down the road from me and I plan on picking up a Bel-Air 2x12 combo too....just to have :)" 

Bryan Lowery Hollywood, CA
"The Carvin V3 is amazing! This is the most flexible amp on the planet. Sound of a Marshall,Boogie, and Bogner mixed into one little Amp that can do it all. This has Tone to die for. Reliability and good client service. End your search today and just get the Best. The Carvin V3 is to guitar players as water is to life!!!!!! Rock on Carvin!!!!!" 

Matthew Alvarez Round Rock, TX
"This amp is a BEAST! I bought the V3 in hopes that Carvin could dish out an amp with not only tube power, but also tube tone that could make me stand out from the everyday tube amps you see out there. My band plays technical death metal, and this amp provides so much low end and clarity to our sound to be distinguished from the other bands in our genre. All American made, tank like structure, endless sustain, gorgeous tone and sustain, and looks to kill. This amp, for a lack of better words, is perfect. I have been converted to Carvin!" 

Bob Calo Frederick, MD 
"About two years ago, my wife bought me a 412VT with Vintage 30s that I told her I wanted, for some reason I just used it at home for messing around and kept playing direct to the board through my digital modeler, and monitored with in-ear system. Our band just played a big outdoor gig this week and we all decided to bring out the old amps to help out our PA's. I just sent the digital signal to a power amp and into the 4 X 12. I never realized how great that thing sounded once you send it some juice. This was the first time I've played live and felt great about my sound. My sound tech. said it all, "Dude, you sounded great, we're micing that sucker from now on". The low end punch and clarity were just awesome no matter what patch I used. My bass player is now having amp envy, and I'm loving it!"