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200AGE 300W Extension Cabinet

Discontinued in 2016. See 300AGE

A perfect addition to your AG200 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier! Covered in the same brown marvelon vinyl, and physically the same size, so it can be stacked with the AG200, or mounted on a speaker stand with the built-in pole mount cup. Construction is the same as the AG200 - metal corners, poplar plywood, and a heavy-duty handle. Built-in stand allows you to tilt the cabinet upwards. 


Frequency Response:  70 Hz - 18 kHz
Low Freq Driver: Dual 6.5-inch drivers
High Freq Driver: Titanium 1" horn driver
300 watts power handling
16 ohms
Pole-mount cup
Built-in tilt-back stand
Dimensions: 12.75" wide X 11.5" deep X 18.5" high
Weight: 27 lbs. 
Made in San Diego, California