Archive-112V 1x12 100W Cabinet

112V 1x12 100W Cabinet

Discontinued 2016. See VX112

Extension cabinet for V3M Micro Head. Loaded with a GT12 12 inch speaker. 


- Strong poplar plywood enclosure - not particleboard!
- Covered in black vinyl
- Premium components and solid design for years of reliable performance
- Open or closed back design
- Made in San Diego, California

Open/Closed Back Design


- 100 watts
- 8 ohms
- GT12 speaker
- Open or closed back design
- Covered in black vinyl
- 17 inches wide X 12 inches deep X 19 inches high
- Weight: 32 lbs.
- Made in San Diego, California


adobe pdf          V3M Product Manual


Steven Burlington,KY

The speaker cabinet is SOLID. There is no rattling and nothing loose. The vinyl is wrapped on perfectly. The corners were done perfectly and there was zero excess vinyl jutting out from anywhere and it was free of air bubbles. None of the screws were stripped or chipped (I've had a couple guitars and amps with that very problem, it makes maintenance such a hassle.). The metal grill is a nice touch. The carry strap was lined up perfectly (again, I've had cheap-o amps before where parts were not lined up correctly). Excellent quality at an affordable cost! Plugged into a Peavey 6505 Micro head, this cab sounds fantastic! This is the first Carvin product I've ever owned and I must say that I am extremely impressed! I play mostly metal and the Celestion V30 upgrade was an excellent choice. I love the option to be able to remove the back as to have an open cab! This sounds much like a Mesa Boogie 1X12 and costs half the price! Not to mention, I got my cab in grey digital camo that no ones else that I'm aware of offers! I'm blown away with this speaker cabinet! This is my first Carvin product and I will certainly consider Carvin the next time I need a new piece of gear. I will suggest to my friends to take a look at Carvin the next time they're looking for a new guitar, amp, or cabinet. Keep up the excellent work! You guys are awesome!


Eddie St. Louis, MO
"Got my new V3MC and my 112V set up not too long ago, and all I can say is WOW! I get more compliments on my tone now than I have ever gotten with my other Amps. The sound tech that we work with love the fact that I can crank this thing to get my tone, but not be so loud that it drowns out everything else stage. The craftsmenship ie second to none. I have only had one issue with the amp so far, and that was losing a couple of the pre-am tubes not long after I recieved it. HOWEVER, Carvin sent me a COMPLETE new set of pre-amp tunes, and even included a couple of different ones so I could change my tone a little if I wanted. I purchased the upgraded Celestian speaker with my combo, but did not on the 112. Kinda wish I had now, but the combination of the two differnt speakers, and cab configurations gives a great tone on stage. I got mine with the Python cover, 4 button footswitch, and the amp cover. I'm hoping they decide to make a cover for the 112V as well. Purchasing this rig has easily been one of my best investment decisions. Right up there with my decicsion to buy a Heritage Guitar! Thank You Carvin for an excellent product!"