112AG Extension 12in. speaker, 300w, 8 ohms

112ag extension cabinet


*Product Discontinued*

A perfect addition to your AG100D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier! Covered in the same green tolex, and physically the same size, so it can be stacked with the AG100D, or mounted on a speaker stand with the built-in pole mount cup. Construction is the same as the AG100D - metal corners, poplar plywood, and a heavy-duty handle. The tweeter L-Pad control allows you to reduce the tweeter level if distortion is heard at excessive volumes. 



12" speaker
300 watts power handling
8 ohms
Pole-mount cup
Dimensions: 17" wide X 12" deep X 19" high
Weight: 26 lbs. 
Made in San Diego, California


Michael A. Sowers Sunbury, PA 
"I have been a professional bass player and guitar player for over 46 years. One of my bass rigs consists of two Carvin 112AG speakers, a stereo power amp and a Sansamp Bass Driver preamp. Of all my bass rigs, this combination is absolutely the most versatile rig I use. I also use David Eden (pre Washburn) rigs, SWR (pre Fender), Yorkville, Traynor, three old Sunn 2x15 cabinets (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation), and a 1975 Ampeg SVT. The Carvin 112 AG speakers driven by a clean stereo power amp and either a Sansamp or Avalon U5 preamp sounds absolutely fantastic and is actually my favorite rig. This rig went through a catastrophic fire last February (a million dollar club fire that I was to perform at the following night). The club was a total loss. A week later I climbed through the rubble to try to salvage, above all else, the Carvin cabinets. I did indeed salvage the Carvins. When I retrieved them, they were quite heavy. I opened the front and they were filled to the top with ice. The water from the fire hoses had flooded them. I took the speakers and tweeters out and chopped the ice out. The cabinets were put in front of a woodstove to dry out and then reassembled. Much to my happiness, they worked as they had before the fire. I was so happy. I was fearful that I could not replace them. Thank goodness you still make this speaker cabinet. I know that its primary purpose is as an extension speaker for the acoustic amplifier, but they are without a doubt, the sound that I had been searching for for bass. I play two Kevin Brubaker 5 string basses. These are extremely fine handmade basses and deserve the best sounding amplification equipment. These two Carvin 112AG speakers fit the bill perfectly. Boy have I been impressed. The David Eden 4x10 is gone. The SWR Goliath is gone. My main rig is the Carvins driven by a stereo power amp (either a Peavey or Crown depending on gig) and either a Sansamp or Avalon U5 preamp. I don't know how many people actually use these speakers for their main bass rig, but they sincerely have the sound I was looking for. A much tighter sound than 15's and more bottom than can be produced by 10s."