UX1200BGT Wireless Guitar/Bass System

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  • Package Includes:

    1 UX1200R Wireless Receiver (506 MHz - 542 MHz)
    1 UX600B Belt Pack Transmitter
    1 UXGT 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable

    Experience the freedom to move about the stage without the constraint of a wired instrument cable. The UX1200BGT Wireless Guitar System is the ideal solution for live music. One UX1200BGT can serve as 3 different workhorses in your inventory. Choose different accessories such as the PERFORMER 1T over ear headset microphone or the UX-LP1 lavalier microphone. Add a UX-DR dual rack mount kit for a complete solution.

carvin wireless guitar and bass system ux1200bgt

Experience Freedom with Wireless

The UX1200BGT package is the ideal solution for guitar and bass players looking to achieve more freedom on stage. Designed to faithfully reproduce every detail of your playing, the UX1200BGT delivers freedom without sacrificing sound quality.

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